Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir asking Radha, are you trying to be oversmart. Radha says no and says isn’t it looking beautiful and fresh. Designer says it is looking nice. Kabir says it is a glamorous shoot. Radha says a girl can look sensuous and beautiful even without a skin show. LD smiles. Kabir smiles and says you did what you wanted, that’s why I like you so much. He says lets start the shoot. LD fumes. Dadi Bua, Sadhna and Chameli look at Jayshree’s pic and laugh. Chameli says she made Jayshree remember the money bag kept with Radha. Dadi Bua says she is sad as everyone have been blinded by money. Sadhna says yes, but…..just then they hear Murli and Shyamali’s voice. They go outside and see Murli demanding divorce from Shyamali. Shyamali says what did I do? Murli says truth is that I never loved you, and will never be. This marriage is a burder for both of us. I frees you from this marriage and hopes the same with you. Shyamali cries.

Sadhna interferes and says you can’t do this. Murli asks her to show her right when she fulfills her responsibility. Sadhna is shocked. Dadi Bua comes and scolds Murli for disrespecting his mum and wanting to divorce good wife like Shyamali. Murli says you all didn’t see love in her doings. What did I do for her. I couldn’t stand even for her. Sadhna asks him to understand Neha’s trick. Murli says Radha is right in your eyes and Neha is wrong. He claps and says what a justice. Shyamali asks him not to argue with his mum. Murli demands divorce again. He gives the papers asking her to sign. Shyamali looks on tensedly.

Radha’s photo shoot begins. The photographer asks Radha to smile, so that love can be seen in her eyes. LD gets jealous. Kabir says he wants to see Radha as sizzling and hot. He asks Radha to give some different poses. Shivani thinks something is wrong, Kabir is doing this deliberately. He asks LD to bring Radha’s shoes from upstairs. Radha looks on shocked. Kabir says I am talking to you. LD goes. Radha says LD is my security. Kabir asks her not to waste her brain in all this. LD brings her shoes. Radha looks on sadly. Kabir thanks him. LD stands far. Photo shoot starts again. Kabir interrupts the shoot and says problem is with her dress. He says he can’t make her heroine look tacky and asks her to change her dress. Radha says we will try with this dress and says she is uncomfortable in revealing clothes.

Kabir says what’s a big deal. You should not have signed the contract, if you have problem. Shivani intervenes and takes Radha to a side. She says LD will know that you signed the 5 film deal with Kabir to save Chaturvedi House. She asks her to wear. Kabir asks Shivani to take Radha to room and change her dress. LD switches off the lights silently. Photographer says call the electrician. LD says he can repair and goes to see the electricity box. Radha sees LD cutting the circuit box wire. Kabir comes running and asks what happened? LD says short circuit. Kabir scolds him. LD says I tried atleast. Radha scolds him for ruining the photo shoot. She says who will make up for the loss. LD gets angry and says enough. He says don’t try to make me feel small. I just tried to help you out. I don’t want to work with you. I quit. He asks Kabir to find another security for them.

Radha thinks Kabir insulted him and that’s why she fired him to save him from insult. The photographer says we shall plan this photo shoot some other day. Kabir is surprised with Radha’s behavior. Shyamali thinks she never did anything wrong. Sadhna asks her not to sit silent. Shyamali asks her, why you didn’t stop my marriage with Murli. Sadhna says circumstances was something else. Shyamali says she will not understand now.

LD comes to Dada ji and says he is going through a bad phase. He doesn’t know whether he will be able to take care of himself or not. He asks for his blessings. Dada ji blesses him. LD says he thought to stay far from Radha, but everything is ruined. Dada ji cries. Sadhna comes and asks where is Radha? LD says he doesn’t know. I refused to give her security. Dada ji cries again. Sadhna wipes his tears and says she will talk to LD. Shivani says you did the right thing for LD. Sadhna calls Radha and tells about Murli demanding divorce. Radha says how can he do this. I will end the photo shoot and reach home. Kabir comes and hears her.

Radha tells that she is lucky to have got a chance to dance with Kabir. They start dancing. LD gets jealous.

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