Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD saying it seems you will miss me. He says you might be getting senti and applying balm. Radha says she is not getting senti. LD says if anyone sees us and tells something. Radha says why anyone will say. She remembers keeping halwa on the gas stove. She sees her halwa burnt. She thinks Jayshree would have done it and wonders what to do now. Suhasini praises Sadhna. Sadhna says we have to take care of everything for aarti. Dadi Bua calls Sadhna for the halwa. Sadhna says it must be ready. Jayshree thinks let Radha come. Dada ji asks them to bring bhog. Sadhna asks LD to bring Radha. Radha comes there with halwa bowl in her hand. Jayshree looks at her with curiosity. She takes the bowl and says what did you bring? She says she made sooji halwa and we can’t keep it for bhog. Dada ji and Dadi Bua question Sadhna. Sadhna is about to say. Radha asks her not to hide her mistake and says the almond halwa got burnt. She apologizes to them. Jayshree says we keep only almond halwa for bhog. She says I think for the first time, we can’t do aarti. Dadi Bua scolds Radha. Suhasini takes her side and apologizes on her behalf.

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LD says aarti’s time is ending. She asks everyone to think of Radha’s presence of mind. She says Radha accepted her mistake and made sooji ka halwa when the almond halwa got burnt. Jayshree says it is mother’s responsibility to teach her daughter. Radha says her mother taught her well. She says she made sooji halwa in a hurry. LD says Kanha ji will like sooji halwa as he might be bored eating badam halwa. Dada ji agrees. Everyone get happy. Radha and LD smiles. Radha gives the bowl in Dada ji’s hand. Dada ji does the aarti. LD asks the God to help him. Dada ji then asks Shyamali to give aarti to everyone. Radha stops LD while he is going. LD thinks please don’t talk about divorce. Radha thanks him for taking her side in front of Dada ji. She says frankly I am surprised. LD says he always supports truth. Radha says you are fraud, but honest fraud. LdD thinks he can’t control his heart seeing her smile. Jayshree thinks LD is getting bowled by Radha. Chameli gives her halwa. Jayshree asks her to give more. Chameli says it won’t be digested if you eat more. LD takes the halwa bowl from chameli’s hand and starts eating. He likes it and thinks he will eat the halwa for the first time and may be last time. Radha is going from there and smiles. LD says superb.

Radha talks to Suhasini and says she gave her best. Suhasini says we have to ignore the bad people. Radha says LD’s Dada ji is a reasonable man and accepted a change else her halwa would have gone to dustbin. Suhasini laughs. Jayshree tells Shyamali that new drama is happening day by day and your mother in law is supporting LD and Radha. Shyamali says Maa supported Radha as she is right. Jayshree says I am worried for you and Murli Dhar. He doesn’t speak even now. Shyamali thinks why Murli Dhar doesn’t speak to her well. She thinks Murli might have written in the book.

Bhole Nath comes home with his son and daughter in law come to meet Dada ji. Dada ji greets them. Dadi Bua asks them to bring kachori with kesar milk. Dada ji asks Jitesh what is happening. Jitesh says they are shifting to Delhi. Dada ji asks what is deficit in this city. Jitesh says it has many. His brother says we want to give better life to our kids. Dada ji asks you should have asked your dad. He tells that your dad will not be alive if you migrate to other city. Jitesh says you can’t understand us and tells about the age gap between the old and new generation. Dada ji asks Jhanvi to call LD, Govind, Banwari and others here. Chameli says shall I take kachori outside. Jayshree says lets wait for the drama. She thinks to send the kachori’s with Radha. Dada ji tells LD to tell about new generation thinking and asks what they want. LD says first of all, I can totally relate to them. Jitesh and his family smiles. LD says but he don’t agree with them. He says I agree with Dada ji. He says we don’t get to spend time with our family in the city. Half of the time is spend in traffic. You can’t go anywhere if runs fastly too, but here you can reach to your goal. Jayshree asks Radha to take kachori outside. Radha agrees. Jayshree laughs and thinks bullet is fired from the gun.

LD tells Radha, you want to end our marriage, then why didn’t you tell me before clearly. Why did you insult my Dada ji outside and says you can’t insult my family for your advantage.

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