Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sadhna asking LD to come. LD says he is going to repair something which is broken. Sadhna asks what is it? LD says don’t know if it will be repaired or not. Suhasini asks Radha, did you fight with him. She says no. LD looks at Radha and leaves. Jayshree talks to the servant. The servant says they have come home. Chameli thinks to provoke Jayshree further. She asks her about Radha. Jayshree asks her to talk in low tone else Dada ji will parcel her. She says since she entered this house, Dada ji’s mouth is locked. The servant says may be everyone is changing. She asks her to think. Jayshree starts thinking…….A flashback starts. She imagines herself dancing and then Dada ji joining her wearing western clothes……on the song Tu hogi what to do plays……………She imagines her whole family dancing on the song.

Jayshree splashes aata on everyone while dancing. Everyone get shocked. Dadi Bua asks did you get mad? Jayshree apologizes to her, Murari thinks she will make him die one day. Dadi Bua scolds her. Jayshree gets irked.

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Dadi Bua asks Radha to make halwa for bhog. She says Sadhna will help you. Radha gets worried. Dadi Bua says we make almond halwa for kanha ji. Radha thinks how to make almond halwa, she heard it for the first time. Jayshree thinks she will flop the halwa. LD wonders what is happening? He thinks Kanha ji messed his life. Who will save him from getting drown. He imagines himself as Kanha. He explains to him to bear the shocks and move on. Kanha ji asks LD to find a solution. LD says Radha doesn’t believe on his love. How to make her believe on his love. He imagines Ram ji asking him to leave everything on Radha. He asks him to do as Radha says. LD comes out of his imagination.

Suhasini asks Radha to be attentive and listen to her. Radha says she is an amazing teacher and hugs Radha. Suhasini says you changed the party. Radha says we are one party. She says lets see Radha’s jalwa. Suhasini tells Shyamali about her cooking skills. Shyamali says I knew cooking before marriage. She says no one taught me cooking. Radha asks Sadhna, why don’t you buy a grinder. Sadhna says the food will be tasty if we use hand grinder/silbatta. Suhasini says she will use it too in Mumbai. Radha thinks her mum is transform.

LD comes to the lawyer. Lawyer recognizes him as LD. He says I took this office with your Dada ji’s help. He asks him about Radha and says he saw his marriage video. He asks him to sit. LD thinks if he tells him about divorce, then he will tell Dada ji. The lawyer asks him to sit. LD sits down. Lawyer says I understand that you don’t want your problem to be known to Dada ji. He promises. LD shows the divorce papers. The lawyer sees the papers and asks did you register your marriage. LD says he accepted Radha as his wife, but haven’t registered the marriage legally. The lawyer explains that you have to register the marriage first and then file for divorce. If you don’t agree for mutual divorce then she will file a fraud case against you. LD is in tears. The lawyer says if you say then I will file a defamation case against her. LD takes the divorce papers and says stop it. He thinks Kanha ji’s idea was better. I couldn’t let Radha go.

Sadhna and Suhasini go to make the arrangements for the aarti. Radha hears Jayshree talking to LD and thinks he must have talked with the lawyer. She lowers the flame of the gas stove and goes to talk to LD. She collides with Jayshree while leaving. Jayshree thinks what she is going leaving kitchen. She comes to the kitchen and keeps the flame on the high flame and thinks the halwa will spoil. Radha comes to LD and sees him holding the cigarette. She says I won’t stop you. LD says I will not smoke if you tells me. She asks did you meet the lawyer? LD says yes. Radha thanks him. He lights the cigarette and thinks Radha doesn’t feel for him and even doesn’t realize his love. He burns his finger. Radha runs to him and makes him keep his hand in the water. LD says it seems you will miss me in Mumbai.

Jayshree opens the halwa utensil and pretends to gets shocked. She asks what did you bring for bhog. Radha is clueless.

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