Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji missing to take the letter, as the car arrives. He hears the sound and goes out to see. Jayshree asks the man not to tell anyone about it and takes the letter. Dada ji sees Jahnvi’s friend Pooja sitting in the car with boys. He is shocked seeing Jahnvi getting down the car. Jahnvi enters home and Jayshree asks why did she come late. Jahnvi gets tensed seeing Dada ji. Jahnvi lies. He asks Jahnvi to reply, and when she can’t meet his eyes, it means she is lying. He says he is not worried as he did not tell them, but he is worried as she went the guys.

Jayshree asks who are those guys. Jahnvi apologizes to him. He says he did not like this, why did you do this. He says I have not made the rules to trouble you, but to protect the girls. He says girls should be back home before 6pm, as I have seen the world. I know girls are not safe, many incidents happen in nights and I don’t want any such thing happen to my grand daughter, please be careful. Jahnvi cries and leaves.

Suhasini and Sudhakar have different opinions about Radha. She says if he wants to know a mum’s reply, then question as a father. He says I know you will think good about Radha, but is it good to push her in such life which she is not ready from heart. She says when kids are adamant, does parents not force them for right thing. She explains him. He hugs her. Radha comes to them and cries hearing their decision to accept this marriage. Jayshree roams around in night and makes silly excuses to Dada ji. He asks her to take care of Jahnvi, its her work, as she is her mum, Jahnvi is growing now. He says if Jahnvi gets diverted, then it will be big problem. He leaves. Jayshree hides the letter.

LD is in train and smokes. He imagines Radha coming and stopping him from smoking in train. She gets closer and says I hate smokers. He asks is she here for real. She asks what do you think, I will keave you alone when you will support me in my fight, I m not so selfish, I will keep this relation. He asks will you come Mathura with me. She says when you said you love me infront of everyone, I was shocked and felt you are lying, then I saw in your eyes and saw truth, I realized I have fallen in love with you. She smiles. Music plays…………. I love you…. Plays…………….. LD can’t believe it. He says I m very happy, I feel I will jump out of train and fly. He holds her hand and thanks her. He kisses her hands and says I love you Radha.

The TT comes and LD realizes he is kissing his own hands. Radha tells Renuka everything and says LD made fun of her, he said his parents that he started loving me. Renuka says I m sure he is in love. Radha says no, its all lie, not anymore, you have to help me in this. Renuka says she knows how to deal with this, do as I say. Radha asks will everything get fine. Renuka says yes, relax, my driver will drop you home. Radha is on the way and thinks to focus on work, no more LD nonsense. LD says sorry to TT and says he can’t explain him, thanks, we will meet later. The TT takes cigarette packet.

Jayshree asks Jahnvi to open the door. Jahnvi asks her to leave. She says she should not stay here as she is not free to do anything. Jayshree says she wants her to read this letter and asks what does she want. Her husband comes there and holds her. She gets scared. He asks what is she doing. She says she was talking to Jahnvi. He says let her sleep and leaves. Jayshree says she is excited to know what is in this letter, I know it has something really big. LD smiles saying I love you Radha. He wishes they were together and he would have pulled her hand as in films.

Radha feels it was punishment for her and she is sure Renuka will make everything fine. She feels sorry for Sadhna, but she accept this relation at any cost. LD wishes Radha says yes and Dada ji says yes in Mathura, I will talk to him after birthday party. Radha thinks Dada ji will never say yes and scold LD. Radha thinks we can never unite LD. Jayshree holds her husband’s nose and wakes him up. He wakes up and says will she kill him. She is irritated and asks him to sleep. He says he is sleeping and she scolds him. She says there is something fishy in this letter, else why would the college send letter before LD comes here.

Govind and Sadhna bring LD home. Govind is tensed. Ld is happy seeing Dada ji and hugs him. Jayshree looks on. Dada ji blesses him. He asks how was the journey. Govind says it was fine. He sees LD and says he will come. Jayshree gets suspicious.

Dada ji says there is no complaint about LD from Mumbai. Jahnvi reads the letter and tells Jayshree that a girl complained about LD. Dada ji says he will shine our name one day. Jhanvi says LD is rusticated.

Update Credit to: Amena

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