Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jayshree giving money loaded suitcase to Radha and says she saved her money. She says she saw Neha following Radha and followed her. LD says why you haven’t called us. Jayshree says her mind was not working. Sadhna asks her to stop it and says we know you very well. Dadi bua says Neha was an outsider, but you are bahu of this house. Radha says you gave the gyaan of truthfulness here. Jayshree says she didn’t do it deliberately. Sadhna says we are giving you one last chance to rectify your mistake. Jayshree says she won’t do it again and goes to her room. Sadhna thanks Radha and hopes Murli sees truth. LD goes to his room. Neha promises herself that she will get Radha out of the house and she will enter the house.

Sadhna tells Shyamali that they are going through a bad phase. LD says problems are increasing and nothing seems to be fine. He asks her not to give false hope to Shyamali and says this family is broken. He tells Shyamali not to cry for these people and make herself understand that whatever happened is right. He asks her to move on. Sadhna says Radha initiated to get our house on right track. You gave her two weeks time, it is her first move towards it. We can appreciate her for this. She asks Shyamali not to cry. She says Murli will understand her value now. She tells LD that she wants her old joving, fun loving, playful LD back. LD goes back with a sad face.

LD is smoking in the garden area. He recalls the recent happenings because of Radha. He recalls Sadhna’s words that Radha is bringing home on the right track. LD thinks he should thanks Radha. Radha is sitting in their room and thinks about LD. Mere Rang Mein………….plays……..She recalls LD saving her from accident. He stares her from far. He comes and says actually I want to say………just then Radha’s phone rings. She looks at LD. He signs her to pick the call.

Kabir asks who is the lucky fellow near you? Radha asks what do you mean? Kabir says I am just joking. I am upset as you keeps your personal life secret from me. He asks her to say “ I am your heroine”. He says he wants to hear excitement in her voice. Radha says yes, I am your heroine. LD gets angry and leaves. Kabir says tomorrow is your photo shoot. Radha says she will come. She turns and sees LD gone.

LD thinks about Radha’s words that she is Kabir’s heroine. He thinks about Radha’s closet with Kabir, and thinks he can’t be weaken again. He thinks to distract himself away from Radha and eats green chilli angrily. Radha comes and sees him eating chilli. She asks him to drink water. LD asks her to go. Radha says if you wants to spend time with me, then don’t drink water. LD drinks water and asks her to go. Radha takes the chilli plate and leaves.

Shyamali comes to her room and sees Murli tensed. She massages his head, but he asks her to go away from him. He says you won’t get a place in my life. He says his love for Neha is not weak and he won’t come back to her (Shyamali). Shyamali says mu love is not weak that it would end with your bitter words. Murli angrily goes. Shyamali cries.

Chameli asks Jayshree to do the work. Jayshree says Radha’s mannat is fulfilled today. Sadhna says did you give any work to Jayshree. Radha says she won’t refuse. She will make 500 rotis fast. Dadi Bua laughs and asks the reason about her mannat. Radha says she did the mannat to trap Neha. Jayshree says you should make rotis. Radha says you have helped me, so you should fulfill. Jayshree curses her. Radha says her next mannat is of 1000 rotis. Radha says she is smelling something. Sadhna says it is coming from store room. Radha asks her to clean store room after she finishes making rotis. She then asks Chameli to click the photo. Jayshree says she will do all the work. Radha thinks I will get you right, but now I have to reach to the shoot.

Radha hugs LD and says something while crying. Kabir comes there and sees Radha hugging LD. He shouts LD. Radha and LD are shocked.

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