Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha, LD, Sadhna and Suhasini coming to the temple. Radha looks at her mum while she is busy praying. They meet the pandit ji. He asks about Radha. LD says she is his wife while Radha refuses. He asks them to do the parikrama. Dada ji tells Bhole Nath that he will talk to his son and make him understand that it is not right to sell the ancestral home. It is not good to settle down in city leaving the family house. He assures Bhole Nath. LD shows the temple to Radha while they were doing the parikrama. They do the parikrama. Radha tells him that you gave 5000 to Panditji. You would have given that money to the poor and needy. A woman thanks LD and tells him that his Dadaji sent books and clothes for her child.

LD tells Radha that Dada ji is sponsoring the education for their kids. He says he likes to help the needy as his mothers do that. He himself enjoys doing something for people and his mum too. Radha gets impressed with his words. A servant tells Jayshree about Bhole Nath’s son Kapil thinking to go to city. Jayshree tells Shyamali that everyone will leave from Mathura one by one and they will only be staying in the house.

Suhasini says sorry to Sadhna. Sadhna says Radha is not at fault. Suhasini says we can’t change the truth. Radha has to accept the truth. She says she is head strong girl. It is not an easy decision to come here. She hopes that Sadhna’s family accepts Radha. She tells Sadhna that people will start talking about them else. Sadhna asks her to leave everything on God. LD asks Radha to buy vegetables. Radha asks him to buy it. LD asks the vendor to give the vegetables. LD asks for Radha’s favourite vegetable. She says cauiflower. LD says he can eat cauliflower all his life if she cooks for him. Radha taunts him saying that’s why you don’t have any girl friend. She tells him that she came here with a motive. She wanted to give these papers since many days, but didn’t get a chance.

LD asks what is in it? Radha says it is divorce affidavit papers. LD is taken aback and shock. Radha says we have to end it peacefully. I hope you understand. LD takes the papers and is disheartened. Radha sees an elderly couple crossing road and helps them. She comes back to LD and tells him that they can have concern and love for each other. She can’t accept this marriage. She says you spoiled everything. You said I love you jokingly. LD says I really love you. Radha says do you accept me to believe you? She says marriage and love is not a joke. She says she wanted to end this marriage legally. LD says you are telling me now about this. Radha says she didn’t get a chance to talk to him.

Radha tells that she agreed for Dada ji’s test as she knew that she will definitely fail and this matter will end. She holds his hand and says you all are good, but I am not right for you. I have to be financial stable for my family. I can’t forget my responsibilities. LD gets sad. Radha says she can’t think about any relation. LD asks what are you expecting from you. Radha asks him to help her without hurting their mums. She says my mum won’t be able to take it. I gave it a chance as my dad suggested, She asks him to appoint a lawyer for their divorce and says they shall divorce legally. Sadhna and Suhasini come there. LD is teary eyed. Sadhna asks them to come. Kaise Bataye Kyun Tujhko Chahe plays…………….. LD recalls their romantic moments and walks unconsciously. Radha sees a bike about to hit him and saves him. They sit in the jeep.

LD’s family dance on some song wearing modern outfits.(May be Radha’s imagination).

Update Credit to: Amena

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