Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha being shocked to know Sadhna wants to accept her. Sadhna says she is not forcing her, she wants to make her bahu and asks her to think once, and sometimes its smart to accept what Lord has done. She says if you accept us, they we will be very happy. Sudhakar says its good if LD and Radha take this decision. Sadhna says LD wants this. Radha looks at LD. LD says actually, I love Radha. She is shocked. She thinks what is he saying, what does he want. LD says I know you will think what I want and why am I saying this, I know this will sound strange. He says I know this happens in private, and then dating and then marriage. But in our case, its all opposite, I did not know I will tell any girl about my love, you have to trust me. She thinks she is controlling her anger seeing Sadhna. Suhasini says we are lucky that Radha is getting a chance for Radha to become your bahu.

Sadhna says Dada ji does not like city girls and lifestyle, when he is ready then we will come Mumbai. Radha thanks God that he will ever agree. Sadhna says trust us, we will convince him, its tough, but not impossible. She gives the shagun bangles to Radha to show she is serious about this. She says my mum in law gave this to me, and now I m giving this to Radha. Suhasini smiles. LD apologizes for his mistakes and says he will give freedom, respect and love to Radha which she deserves. He says I will make her dreams mine and will fulfill it, I promise I won’t do anything to bring tears in her eyes. He alologizes tp Radha for hurting her so much. Radha gets angry. Suhasini asks LD to forget everything now.

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She smiles and kisses his forehead. Radha asks what is she doing. Sadhna says we should leave now. Radha says what should I say now, the thing is I respect you, you know the problem. Sadhna says whatever I told you, think once about it, can we make a new start. She greets them and leaves. LD tells Radha that his valuable thing is left here. She thinks if he names her, she will slap her. He says you think I will take you name, no, my phone is there under the table. She gives the phone. LD leaves. Sadhna says he convinced her, but he has to fulfill his commitment, give time to Radha and respect her decision. Govind comes to them, and they get tensed seeing him.

Jayshree works in kitchen. She gets angry seeing the arrangements for Dadi bua’s birthday. Govind says he always supported Sadhna and she took this big decision against his wish. Sadhna stops Ld from saying anything. She says I have always taken decisions by your wish, I did not decide anything, I request you to see as Govind, not as son or father. Govind gets angry and says his thinking and wishes does not matter to anyone. He says they have to leave for Mathura. LD waits to see Radha once and asks her to come at the window. Govind asks him to sit in the car. Radha comes at the window. LD sees her and smiles. Music plays………….. They leave.

Jayshree tries avoiding work. Dada ji goes for rest. She gets glad. She gets a courier for LD from Mumbai college. She signs it and takes it. She thinks it will be in English and she will make Jahnvi read it. Suhasini gives green tea to Radha and tries convincing him about LD. Radha asks her to say any one quality aboyt LD. Suhasini says he loves you, what else you want, the family is so loving, you can do anything in your career, you just see negative. Radha says no, I m seeing logic, what happened that he fell in love with me. Suhasini says it happens in minute. She says love is same as before, and requests her to think again. Dada ji comes to a Muneem/manager and is shocked seeing Jayshree there. He asks you here? She says I came to invite him for birthday party. dada ji says yes, its good and asks him to come. He asks her to leave now. She leaves and signs the Muneem/manager not say anything. Dada ji asks about letter and she gets tensed. She signs him not to give Dada ji.

Radha tells LD that she was shocked when he said he loves her, but his eyes has truth and she has fallen in love with him. LD smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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