Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha signing on the divorce papers while LD is reminiscing the happy moments with her. He looks at their photo and waits for Radha eagerly. He thinks just don’t keep me waiting and starts counting 1-10, while closing his eyes. Radha comes and smiles. LD smiles too, but it was his imagination. Radha finally comes. LD thinks whether real Radha come or not. Radha says there is no difference between dream and reality. LD touches her. Radha says she is really standing there. She gives him papers and asks to check the signatures. She says honestly speaking she can’t live the fake marriage and everything. I am done. LD takes the file hesitantly and gets teary eyed. Radha leaves from there. LD is shocked. He opens the file and is shocked to see I love you Mr. Leela Dhar, instead of Radha’s signatures. He couldn’t believe it and throws the file in shock. He then realizes and smiles. He picks up the file and happily cries.

Radha comes back and tells you have won LD. She says within 1 month, Mr. Chipko has won Ms. Ladaku’s heart. LD says he can’t believe. Radha asks him not to give serious expressions as he is looking like Devdas of old era. LD says he doesn’t know what to say. Radha asks him not to say anything. She reminds him that his life won’t be simple with her as she gets angry fast. LD says I knows everything about you. I am not perfect and you also. Radha says you are perfect LD as no one knows me well than you, not even me. She asks can you stay your life with………LD says with you. I love you……They hug each other after the love confession. Radha asks can you hug this much tight only. LD smiles and takes her in his arms. Mere Rang Me plays………………….LD kisses on her forehead. Radha smiles. They tear the divorce papers happily and throw it in the air. Radha hugs LD again tightly. Mere Sawalon Ka plays………….

Sadhna thanks Radha for agreeing. Radha thanks Sadhna and calls her Maa, then mummy and maaji. Sadhna looks on and laughs. Radha finally decides on Mamma. Everyone laughs. Sadhna shows the saree to Radha. Maasi ji comes and asks Dadi Bua to give her jewellery. She asks for locker keys. Dadi Bua tells Sadhna to come with her. Radha tells that she doesn’t like to wear gold. Maasi ji asks her to keep quiet and asks Dadi Bua to get the jewellery. Maasi ji tells that she wants to see what is hidden in Dadi Bua’s locker. Sadhna brings the jewellery. LD peeps in the room. Jhanvi tells Radha. Radha signs him to go. LD hides. Shyamali makes Radha wear the jewellery. LD selects her jewellery from far. They see LD There. Maasi ji asks him to leave. She tells Jayshree not to let Radha and LD meet before marriage. Jayshree says what are you saying? They will not get time to meet even after marriage for 50 days. They have to go to temples and see the relatives.

Maasi ji says new Bahu have to take a dip in the river. Radha gets shocked and asks whether I have to do this. Everyone laughs. Radha says are you pulling my leg? Everyone smiles. Sadhna asks her to decide. Radha looks out for LD. Radha says she will be right back and goes to LD. LD stares her lovingly. Radha says you are romancing like Shahrukh. LD says he is far ahead of Shahrukh in romance. Radha says anyone can see us. LD says let them see. Radha says I am not like you. He tries to kiss her. Radha laughs. LD pulls her closer for a kiss. Radha tries to go. They are about to kiss, when Chameli comes and interrupts them. They hide. Radha laughs on LD. Radha says she will leave. She says they shall not meet. LD says his inlaws are coming. Radha says she will also come to receive them. Maasi ji comes and says where are you going. Jayshree says she will keep an eye on them. LD says they are going to receive Radha’s parents. Maasi ji asks LD to go alone.

Dada ji talks to someone and asks him to do his work carefully. He says if any mistake happen then it will be problem. Jayshree hears him talking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow. LD & radha rox. lovely jodi re.

  2. i know right

  3. Awesome I love u both 🙂

  4. vaha vaha raam gee jodi kya banaaee

  5. Plz upload d vedio…

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