Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi Bua asking Dada ji why he agreed to make Radha bahu of this house. Dada ji says he can understand her confusion and says one thing is clear that his troubles will not end if he throws Radha out of house. He says LD loves Radha very much and until she gets out of his heart, it is impossible for us to make her leave. LD comes. Dada ji hugs him. LD says he wants to say something. Dada ji asks him not to say anything and says he wants to accept Radha forgetting all the difference. LD says he wants to say something. Dada ji stops him and asks him to rest. He tells Dadi Bua to make the arrangements well, so that Mathura people will remember the marriage. LD thinks you made me silent, but Radha’s yes is remaining. Radha is lost in thinking. Shyamali comes and asks what happened. Radha says nothing. Shyamali says Dada ji took a right decision and asks her not to worry about her marriage. She says she is very happy for LD. Radha is sad though.

LD comes to the lawyer’s office to get the divorce papers. He asks about Lawyer Gupta. His assistant says Gupta asked me to take out your file. Gupta comes. LD says he wants to talk to him.

Suhasini calls Radha and says I am very proud of you. I knew that you would win everyone’s heart. Radha says but…..Suhasini says I knew what is going on in your heart and it is very normal. She tells that she got only positive wipes for this relation and says she will talk to her once she comes to Mathura. Gopal is tensed hearing LD. LD says he has decided and the time has come. Sadhna is happy and shares her happiness with Shyamali. Jayshree comes and says love is always love. My marriage is decided by Dada ji, but I started loving Banwari even before marriage. Sadhna says this is love. She tells about love effects. Radha looks on. Maasi ji tells about her love story with Mausa ji. Sadhna says love can happen anytime, but sometimes we are unable to express our love.

Radha thinks what to do? She thinks why she is getting confused. Whether you love it or not? She thinks marriage? She thinks to talk to LD to clear her confusion and thinks how to go to his room. She opens the back door and finds LD standing there.

LD comes inside. Radha tries to speak. LD stops her and says I don’t know what you are thinking hearing about marriage. One thing is confirmed, we will marry if you agrees. Radha says I wanted to say………LD says he was very happy hearing about marriage, but he is not selfish. He says I don’t want you to take this decision forcibly. I promised you that I won’t let you lose and will support you. He shows the divorce papers and says he can’t see her lose. He signs on the divorce papers shocking Radha. LD says I fulfilled my promise, rest is your decision. They are in tears.

Radha tries to talk, but LD asks her not to worry about him. He says his life will be normal after six months. He pin points his mistakes and says our life can’t run on a fast pace. He cries and says our journey will be exciting if we walks together, because I won’t leave your hand till the end. I can give you guarantee, I will jump happily from the water tanker for you. I promised to give you all the happiness which you deserved. He says whatever happened in Mumbai is because of me. I wants you to decide about marriage thinking about your wish. I loves you very much, but can’t force my love on you and won’t let our friendship affected. He says he will wait for her decision. Radha is confused. LD says I can’t die, but won’t be able to live without you either.

Later in the night Radha thinks about LD and reminiscing the moments with him. She gets teary eyed and wipes her tears. She opens the file to sign, but stops. She recalls Dada ji and Govind’s words. She signs on the divorce papers.

Radha tells LD to check the divorce papers and says she can’t bear fake marriage. LD checks the signatures and throws the file in shock.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. v.ramkhelawon

    So sad!!!!!

  2. I am guessing probably in tomorrow’s Radha will say I can’t bear fake marriage and day lets divorce and get married for real. That would be the best thing to happen and that should happen. Radha shouldn’t let her feelings for LD be crushed forever she has to realize them Nd hopefully she would.

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