Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha and Sadhna coming to the temple and seeing Abhishek’s dad singing the bhajan. Radha enquires with Panditji about the bhajan mandli. The pandit ji is about to tell them about Abhishek’s fake dad reality, just then Ratna comes and diverts Pandit ji’s mind. She thinks what to do? Radha asks Pandit ji again about the bhajan mandli. Ratna diverts his attention again and asks him to see other side. Pandit ji asks what is there? Ratna says that lady is waiting for you since long. Pandit ji says okay and leaves. Radha thinks something is fishy as Ratna stopped Panditji to talk to them. Ratna makes an excuse and thinks Abhi’s dad sings bhajan. Radha says I saw a trustee sing a bhajan for the first time. Ratna says what is the big deal? She says he has a good voice too to sing a bhajan, one shall not waste talent. Sadhna says yes, but….

Ratna thanks her and says lets go home. Sadhna says okay. Ratna gives the money to beggars. Sadhna says it is good to do charity. Ratna asks them to go as she will come. She asks the beggars to return her money. One of the beggars ran away. Abhishek meets Neha. Neha tells him that she is coming from bank after breaking her last fixed deposit. She tells that they need more money for roka, and other functions. She asks about Manoj and Ratna. Abhishek tells that Manoj went to temple. Neha asks him to keep an eye on them. She prays to get a lottery. Abhishek asks her to ask a money loaded bag from God. Neha gets an idea about Radha’s money bag.

She asks Abhi to go and asks him to push for roka. He says he will talk to Jhanvi and asks her not to take tension. She thinks she didn’t get this idea before. Abhi waves her bye and sees Radha, Sadhna and Ratna coming towards the car. He hides. Neha drives off the car and splashes dirty water on Sadhna and Ratna. Radha sees Neha in the car and informs Sadhna. Ratna gets shocked and asks who? Sadhna tells we know her. They leave for home.

LD and Radha are in the room. He asks did you get any clue. She gets shruti’s call and asks her to give her gown. Radha says okay. LD asks where are you going? LD says she is going to Mathura home. She says she doesn’t want Kabir to doubt her. LD says I will take you there. Radha smiles and thank him. LD says it is my work. He says what will Abhishek’s parents will think. Radha thinks she has to return home fast. She can’t tell anything to LD. Jayshree asks if Radha and LD will return here. Sadhna says yes. She suggests to go on an outing. Abhishek and Ratna get tensed. Jayshree says we will see their land. Neha watches this and thinks she will teach a lesson to her. Mohan says we will plan, but weather is plan.

Neha smirks as the goons get ready. Dadi bua asks Chameli, did you make soup less spicy. Chameli says she made less spicy soup today. Dadi bua tells that she talked to Sadhna and they will come back soon. Neha tells the goons to get whatever they see, and asks to kill the person whoever comes in their way. After they go inside, Neha thinks her motive is to get the money bag, which Radha is having. She says I will return to this house, with respect. The goons enter the house. Neha asks them to go upstairs and goes to LD’s room. She thinks where would have Radha kept that bag. The goons are walking in the house and something falls.

Dadi bua asks what is broken? She is shocked to see the goon. LD and Radha reach the house. He asks her to get the dress first as they have to go back. Radha argues with him. She steps down the car and walks inside. The goons tied Dadi bua’s hand. Dadi bua cries for help. Dadaji falls off the bed. She asks Dada ji not to get tensed. Radha is walking towards her room. Dada ji gets tensed. Radha thinks everyone might be sleeping. Neha thinks where to find the money bag. Neha hides seeing Radha and wears the mask. Radha sees clothes on the room and gets suspicious. Radha calls Chameli. The goons hear Radha and try to go. Dadi Bua holds his feet. Radha tries to call Radha, but Neha throws rod on her hand. Radha asks who are you and what do you need? Neha tries to slap her, but Radha holds her hand and asks who are you. She tries to remove her mask and almost succeed.

Neha holds Radha while the goon is about to attack Radha.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think this is the moment when LD and RADHA will come more closer as may be LD will come there to save RADHA 🙂 🙂

  2. I have a feeling that Neha will run out of money and will not be able to pay her loan to goons and Abhishek and will end up in prison
    Hope my intuition is right.

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