Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sadhna informing Radha about LD’s condition. Radha says she accepts LD’s condition and says she will change this house within 2 weeks and will get the house back to past run. Sadhna says yes. Radha smiles. Jayshree sees Neha washes the utensils. Jayshree asks Neha to wash it properly. Dadi Bua sees her scolding Chaturi and asks Chameli to take her. Everyone gather for Sandhya aarti in the morning. Jayshree says owner madam is late. Radha says I am here. Everyone looks at her with amazement. Radha brings Dada ji for the aarti. Dadi Bua is happy and says he is attending the aarti after many days. Sadhna takes Dada ji’s blessings. Jayshree sees Dada ji trying to move fingers and thinks he might get well seeing Radha. Dada ji is happy. Dadi Bua asks Jayshree to do the aarti. Dada ji is shocked. Jayshree says Sadhna bhabhi is fine now, so she can do aarti. Sadhna says it is one and the same. Jayshree is about to take the aarti plate, but Radha stops her and says Sadhna will do the aarti. She says aarti will be done by badi bahu of the house and will follow old rules of the house. Dadi Bua smiles and handover the thali to Sadhna.

Sadhna does the aarti and sings Kanha bhajan. Dada ji gets teary eyed. Govind comes hearing the bhajan and attends the aarti. Radha thanks Kanha ji for giving her strength to keep her family united. She asks for strength to reach her goal. Jayshree is irked. Banwari and Murli come to attend the aarti. Radha reminiscence old days. Neha thinks Murli came hearing the aarti, but might be suffocating inside. He tries to go, but Shyamali asks him not to leave aarti in between. Neha thinks this is happening because of Radha and thinks to ruin her happiness. Jayshree thinks Radha is making everyone dance on her tune like a circus master. I have to do something big. LD comes there drunk and stands far. Dada ji takes the aarti and so as everyone. Sadhna feels his presence. She gives aarti to Radha and asks her to give aarti to LD. Radha smiles and takes the plate. She goes to LD and asks him to take aarti. LD goes without saying anything. Radha thinks LD didn’t take the aarti and is drunk.

Neha comes to Radha’s room and thinks to find out the house papers. She hears someone coming and hides. LD comes, lie down on the bed and sleeps. Neha thinks he is drunk and she can do her work. Radha gives prasad to Jayshree and says it was burnt, but you will learn slowly. Jayshree asks what you are doing? Get your money and go from here. You can’t be the owner of the house. Radha asks her not to worry about her, rather than focus on work. She says next time it won’t be good, if halwa gets burnt. Jayshree thinks to twist Radha’s neck. Radha thinks Jayshree won’t get a chance now and I will get her right. Neha gets property file and hides in her room. Radha comes and sees LD sleeping. Neha thinks how to leave from the room. Radha makes him sleep properly. Neha leaves from there silently. Radha feels presence of someone. She turns to LD and gives pillow. She sees cupboard open and closes it.

Neha comes to Jayshree and says I brought balm for your headache. Jayshree asks her not to mess with her. Neha says we have to fight with Radha now. She shows the house papers and says she brought it from Radha’s room. She says we shall burn it and throw. Jayshree looks surprised and says we won’t get money then. Neha and Jayshree start snatching file from each other. Radha comes and sees falling near her feet. Neha hides her face seeing her. Radha picks the file and looks angrily.

Radha tells LD that she can also have a cigarette and tries to light it, but couldn’t. LD helps her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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