Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhishek playing truth or dare game with everyone. Abhishek starts with Banwari and asks what he would do? Banwari says he is daring since childhood. LD says it is difficult to join the broken bones at this age. Jayshree asks him to accept that he has grown old. Banwari tells that he will show his honeymoon pose, and poses romantically with Jayshree. Jayshree gets shy. Sadhna praises Banwari for daring act. Murli is sad and looks at Neha’s photo, saying where are you? Radha is asked to dance. LD says she won’t dance being a heroine. Radha challenges him. They participate and stares each other without blinking their eyes. Mere Rang Me Plays…………………Jayshree thinks what happened to them, if their eye lashes are stuck. The family members tell that Radha will win, others says LD will win. LD signs her and she blinks her eyes. Radha says it is cheating. LD says everything is fair in love and war, and this is war. Jayshree and others applaud for them.

Sadhna tells that our family got a chance to stay together again because of you. Radha recollects the neighbors telling that they didn’t see anybody staying the house. She asks Abhishek’s parents. They lie again. Radha thinks to find out. Jayshree drinks water. Jhanvi waits for her to go so that she can meet Abhishek. Jayshree collides with Radha and they start talking. Jhanvi gets a chance and leaves from home. Jhanvi meets Abhishek. He touches her lips and makes her feel his love. Neha thinks she will take revenge from Jayshree and make her rub her rose on her feet. She thinks Chaturvedi’s respect is in my hands now.

Jayshree comes to the garden and thinks they might have buried the gold here. Abhishek is about to kiss Jhanvi, but Radha comes and stops them. Jayshree couldn’t see them and goes inside. Radha tells them that she didn’t expect this from them, and says they are not married yet. Neha watches this on the CCTV footage. Radha says you have to be patient until you get married. Neha gets angry and thinks Radha spoiled her plan.

Abhishek leaves from there. Radha and Jhanvi talk about love. Radha says when we are in love, we want to be with our love ones, but we have to keep patience. She makes her understand about different love definition for guys and girls. She tells that a true lover never does anything against her lady love’s wishes. Neha sees Abhishek coming and switches off the camera fast. She thinks Abhishek shall not know about the camera in the garden. Abhishek comes there and tells Neha that Radha splashes water on their plans. Neha starts acting and tells that she has broken. Abhishek promises to help her get her rights and promises to make Chaturvedi accept her as their bahu.

Next morning, Jhanvi tells Abhishek that she sent him many messages, but you didn’t replied. Abhishek seems to be angry on her and tells that he wanted to make her realize about his love. He was very excited, but your Radha took out wrong meaning. LD listens to them. Abhishek tells that Radha thought me irresponsible. Abhishek gets angry on Jhanvi. LD thinks why Radha is interfering in their matter. Abhishek tells that as Radha is the owner of the house, he can’t let her get upset. Jhanvi goes angrily. Abhishek thinks Radha would have to bear her hatredness. Sadhna and Radha come to the temple. Radha tells that Abhishek’s family are the trustees of the temple. Someone tells that that famous bhajan mandli are here. Radha and Sadhna see Abhishek’s parents singing bhajan.

Some goons attack Chaturvedi house and asks Dadaji to give locker keys. Dadaji gets shocked. Radha comes there, just then and is attacked by the goon. Radha tries to uncover the goon mask.

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