Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD asking Radha, if she is worried about the 5 film deal with Kabir. Radha says she don’t care about the contract. LD assures to support her and says he will wait for the day when she will be freed from the contract. Radha gets emotional and hugs him. Banwari asks Jayshree to get out of the house. Jayshree apologizes to him and asks him not to ask her to go. Banwari says you have broken my trust, I can’t trust you and give you a chance. Jhanvi says whenever we were in trouble, this family supported us and you have betrayed them. Banwari asks her to take the bag and leave in the morning. He says they will take care of Jhanvi and asks her not to worry. Jayshree cries and says I deserve this.

Next morning Jayshree is about to leave and thinks she couldn’t recognize true love amongst the family members. She thinks she has to leave and it will be her repentance. She touches Dada ji’s feet and apologizes for her doings. She says she is going to her brother’s house and will not be able to do her daughter’s kanyadaan. She apologizes to Sadhna too. Dada ji stops her and says he also did a mistake. He says when you people can forgive me, give me respect, then why not forgive my bahu. He says if we don’t forgive her then we will be guilty too. He says Jayshree is our house grah lakshmi and will also be. Jayshree gets emotional and hugs Sadhna. Dadi Bua asks her to stop crying and says she will punish her if she do any mistake.

Sudhakar, Suhasini and Rupa come there. Radha gets emotional and happy seeing them. She says I called you many times, but you didn’t answer to me. Suhasini says we knew that you are safe here. They love you so much and that’s why you have so attached to them. Sadhna greets them and says it is good that you come. Sudhakar says LD called them. Dada ji says we shall forget everything and make a new start. He requests Sudhakar to give Radha’s hand for LD. Sudhakar agrees. Dada Bua asks someone to bring sweets.

Kabir comes and reminds of the 5 film deal contract and that neither Radha can marry nor can have any relationship with anyone. Sudhakar says we can talk later. LD says she can work with you and we will wait until contract gets finished. Kabir says it is not needed and tears the contract papers. Radha is surprised. Kabir says your Dada called me and told the truth. The first thing comes to my mind that what will happen to my contract. When I talk to LD, he was ready to wait for you. I realized your true love and don’t want to be villian. He says you are free and asks Radha to call him in her marriage. Radha says ofcourse.

Shivani hugs her and says you got what you did deserve. She says this is real happiness and everyone will welcome you when you get married again. She asks her to take care of family. Dada ji tells I won’t let you go from this house.

Later Dada ji calls groom LD and bride Radha as they get ready. Sadhna brings Radha dressed up as a bride. Dadi Bua asks LD to fill Radha’s maang with sindoor and make her his wife. LD happily fills her maang with sindoor. Radha gets emotional and smiles. Everyone claps. Govind and Sadhna does the aarti while bhajan plays in the background. All the couples does the aarti, and at the last LD and Radha does the aarti. Radha recalls her moments at the house and a flashback is shown. Dada ji, Banwari, Govind and other tell about the myths and sayings. LD and Radha also tell about the sayings and life. Everyone tells about importance of family and the sayings. Sadhna says it is not difficult if three generations stay under one roof, but they need to understand each other. She says may be their thinking is different, but their soul is one. Dada ji asks the viewers to accept the change and keep changing with time to balance the relations.

The show with Radha and LD’s happily union with Dada ji and family’s blessings.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    thank u Amena.

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  13. Will miss LD , Radha and the whole cast of MRMRW….love u all

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