mere Pagala Gamva Ki Laraki~ EP-2

“Your daughter? This is not part of the contract.” He says

“I know, but you look like someone that can teach her to take things seriously.” He thought

Raghav thought about it. He knew his mom wants this deal, besides it will be a big help to his company. He signs

“Ok I will do it.” He says

“Thank you, thank you” he says

After Raghav signs the paper, and walks out the room. Just when he was about to leave the mention his phone rings.

“Yes mom, I’ve made the deal.” He says

“Good, I want you to start tomorrow. Destroy anything that’s there.” She says before hanging up.

Raghav walks to his car and drove to the nearest hotel to sleep.

Scene 5

Kalpi walks in her house. Her mom saw her appearance. She walks to her and says “what happened to you kalpi?”

“I fell in the mud, while on my way home.” She says not telling the whole truth

“Thank goodness, I was so worried.” She says

Vitthal comes to her and check if she was hurt. When he saw no injures, he smiles.

“You have to be careful kalpi. Anything can happen when a girl walks alone.” He says

“Don’t worry dad, I’m a big girl. I can take care of them.” She says

Kamla told her to take a shower for dinner. Then she walks away.
Kalpi goes to her room and thought about the guy that saved her. Than she remembers paki question about the type of guy she likes. Smiling she thought about her savior.

After dinner she went to her room. When she saw a shooting star she made a wish. Not knowing that Raghav was walking right by her house.
To be continue…

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