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THIS stroy start from when raglak did shard of swasan …!! Nd didn’t listen them for a bit..!!

At badi

Raglak is doing swasan shard Nd swasan staring them with teary eyes..!!

Dadi is also there Nd so Happy to see swasan like this as she win to separate swaragini Nd sanlak from each other Nd shkr Nd shomi also..!!

Seeing this swara can’t take it any more Nd said to ragini..!!

Swara- (while crying) Ragini plz do this like this..!! You knw na parish only want this Nd now you are doing what they want..!!

Ragini-( stop Nd said to swara) Oo really swara you think I’m fool who doesn’t understand what is wrong Nd right (obviously you are?) I knw sanskar very well he only k w how to use people first he used me for his REVENGE Nd also ready to marry kavita if you didn’t not come he will marry her. !! I don’t knw how you trust a person like him..!! Who only knw how to u. .( Before she complet her word she felt buring sensing​ on her cheeks not one time more then three time yes swara slap her three time .. !!)

Swara- (slap first) what did you said my sanskar used you Nd in return what you did with me you also pushed me in river…!!(again slap her) Nd this for saying bas thing about my sanskar..!!(again slap her) this for pointing finger on his love..!! He is not like you who change colour in a scn he is a person who knw how to love you blo*dy b*t*h …!! Thank god you broke our rlsn ..!! Now onward If you come to knw the truth of that blo*dy​adarsh Nd pari then also i will not forgive you..!!

(Whole badi first time saw swara like this they knw she is bold Nd fearless girl but she naver use such word Nd ..!! Naver get angry this much. But all are really shocked to saw her like this Nd raglak Nd dadi feel insulted they want to say something but swara holding sanskar hand who is looking her with teary yet proud full eyes .!! He smile Nd happy to see that he is not alone like before someone is there for him to support..!; Nd last but not least to love you she is his love
(SHE IS THE ONLY ONE) for him)

At Bose house

Swasan is sitting in Thier room..!!

Sanskar’s head on swara’s lap Nd swara is caressing his hair..!!

Sanskar- swara I’m that much bad as nobody love me..!! Huh is ragini said true ..!!

Swara- sshh you are the best person sanskar..!! You don’t knw the place you have in my life ..!!! Is not for anyone..!! You are my heart beat sanskar..!!! In all the way wanna say you one thing again Nd again .!! I LOVE YOU..!!THE WAY YOU ARE..!!

Sanskar overwhelmed seeing her love toward him..!! He smile but suddenly something struck in his mind ..!!

Sanskar- swara where is ma..??

Swara – she is in her room after whatever happened in hospital..!! She broke totally sanskar…!!

Sanskar- swara if you don’t mind can i tell you one thing..!!

Swara- from when you need my permission..!!

Sanskar- sorry Baba..!! Okk listen swara i want a promise from you that now onward you will not try to unit our family..!! Plz Nd ma to that shkr sorry but he is not worth of ma’s love he is so selfish..!! Dadi k kehne pr he give divorce to ma..!! Nd badi Nd bade Papa Nd raglak Nd parish unse yehi umid ki jai Sakti h..!! Nd I knw mom didn’t done anything​..!; Soo if you don’t mind can we go far away from here!!! I feel suffocated here​..!! Kya calo go mere sath..!!

Swara- ankh band krk calugi sanskar..!! You are the only one now for me..!! Nd hope ki na bhi recover kr paye yaha se Jane k baad(saying with teary eyes. )

Sanskar- (console her) everything will be alright…!! I’m here naa..!!


Sanskar-( hug her back) I LOVE YOU TOO MY PRINCESS ??

Swara- okk you wait here I bring Ayush here..!! As maa is sleeping..!!

Sanskar- okkk..!!

(Swara left to bring Ayush ..!! After some time she come with ayush Nd checking shomi before..)

swasan room (badi)

Swara come and start playing with ayush Nd Nd talking him with baby language …!! Nd Sanskar staring them with so much love he come back to her Nd back hug her Nd start playing with ayush..!! In such a way >>> like this …!! Ayush is on swara’s lap ..!!

Swara- ale Mela baby …!! Ayush KO kya chiye ice cream..!! Huunn..!!

(Ayush laughing Nd swasan staring him with love..!! Sanskar plc his hand inside her saree from back Nd caressing her tummy..!! While swara wide her eyes ..)

Swara- Sanskar what are you doing..?? See ayush is here..!!

( Point toward ayush who is staring them with her big big eyes Nd laughing …!! Without understanding what happening around him..!!)

Sanskar-( smell her perfume Nd buring his face inside her neck..) hhmm..!! He is so small to understand this ..!! JAAN

Swara-(controling her moans..) uuummhhh Sanskar plzzzzzzzzz aaHhh..!!

(She let out a sweet scream As sanskar bite her neck..!! Ayush here her scream Nd start crying…)
Swara- aallee kya hua baby ko..!!?? This your Jiju is so bad baby ko rula diya alle..!!

(She start claiming him Nd Sanskar mouth open in O shape..)

(Soon ayush clam Nd he sleep on her shoulder..!! She make him lying on her bed Nd lay beside him..)

Sanskar- this is not fair swara you forget me ..!! Being with ayush you always forget me..!!(he said feeling jealous of chotu ayush ???).

Swara-sanskar don’t shout Nd Don’t tell me that you are jealous..!! That to with ayush..!!

Sanskar-( innocently Nd Nd lay beside her.. putting his hand inside saree Nd making circle ) ha toh you forget me na..!!

Swara- Sanskar ayush is sleeping plz try to understand..!!

Sanskar- he is sleeping baby..!! Nd I’m not gonna make any noise it’s you who gonna make..!! So control your self..!!????

(Saying this he come top of her as it’s big large bed it’s not disturb ayush sleep..!! )

Swara- sanskar…!!

Sanskar- i need you swara jokes apart..!! I really need you today whatever happened i just want to feel you ..!! I just wanna forget everything i knw. Only you will help me. .!! Plz swara …!!

( He having a tear in his eyes swara can’t see him like this so place his lips on his rough ones Nd start kissing him he too response equally..!! Biting Nd chewing each other lips..!! Soon sanskar undo her clothes Nd his two Nd both get intimate..!! In whole love making swara control her loud moans because of ayush..!!)
( After a that night both swasan Nd shomi Nd ayush Nd ram sujata Nd uttra who is also come with them As sanskar knw that his family can’t do like this..!! All left badi ( Kolkata ) that night..!! Left Thier sorrow ..!! No one knw where they left But no one even try to find them ..!! All are blind in Thier so called f### trust to that adarsh Nd pari..!!)

After five year..


A big mansion show writing khanna on name plate..!! The mansion is shown so beautiful from out side white Nd blue colour from out side ..!!

Four AUDI standing out side black..!! White ..!!

In Side the mansion..!!

Soo many rooms are shown more then 6-7 in middle a hall with a large sofa in which many people can sit..!! Side way Thier is a beautiful royal dinning area..!! With so royal furniture…!!
Thier is photo of a ppls..!! In one couple are shown..!! Nd 2nd full family..!! So cute..!!

Other side is temple ah. !! We can see A lady mid age of 27 doing aarti Nd other is standing folding hand..!! Nd one little boy around Five one eye close Nd one is open Nd trying to steal A laddo..!! Some one stop his hand Nd glare him..!! He give million dollar smile..!! To that person..!!

Person- Ayush…!!!(says angrily)

(Other members of a house staring them..!! Nd smiling seeing scean in front of them)

Ayush- Oh god again you cought me..!! I don’t knw how Jiju handle you..!!
(He said worriedly )

(All start laughing hearing this but person’s mouth open a O shape)

P- you little devil what you think of himself..!! I knw your Jiju..!! He don’t have any problem with me it’s you who always behind me..!!

(Ayush look other person A man age of 30 ayush give him it’s is true look..!! While man controling his laugh)

Ayush- see he is laughing that means I’m right..!!

(A lady turn to the person side Nd give him angry look..!!)

Man- swara let it be..!!( Yes it’s swara who is fighting with ayush Nd the second person is sanskar)

Swara- how let it be..!! He said you handle me like I’m a monster..!!

( Sanskar control his laugh not to laugh in front of her otherwise​he is gone..)

Sanskar- he is joking yrr..!!

Other- yes swara he is joking..!!

Ayush- yes I’m joking..!!

( All again laugh Nd swara too)


All are sitting Nd Having Thier breakfast..!! Just then Sanskar tell something which shock them as well sad Nd angry ..!)

Sanskar- umm Wo k want to tell you guyz something..!!

Swara- say na why you are asking our permission..!!

Sanskar- um swara mom dad ma we have to go Kolkata for a my project with a Kolkata’s best company…!! Nd it’s really important..!!

(Listening this all are shocked Nd Angry Nd sad)

Ram- but sanskar that place which stench everything from us..!! Again that place Nd that people..!!

Sujata- Haa chore va log humese humara Sab Kuch let liya or humara bishwas bhi nh kiya fir se waha Jana..!!

Swara- No mom i think sanskar is right..!! Jab humne Kuch Galt NH kiya toh hum Kyu dare Nd first thing is in Kolkata humara koi bhi nh hai koi bhi nh..!! Ye hai humari family…!! Or koi nh..!! So hum waha jarur jaye ge..!!


( Swara said determinion ..!! All understand her pain .!! So keep quiet)

At swasan room..!!

Swara standing near Window Nd Sanskar come Nd back hug her..!!
Nd rest his chin on her shoulder..!!

Sanskar- what my wifey thinking..!!

Swara- nothing just thinking about how your hard work ..!! Nd our family support give us this place​ today you are no. Business of this world..!

!You are having many brench of your company..!! I proud of you..!!

Sanskar- i available to do everything because you are with me MERE HUMDARD MERA HUMSAFAR ..!!

Okk now stop being emotional Nd start Packing..!! We have to leave tomorrow..!!

Now wait and watch swara how i will take Revenge of my family..!! From them..!!

(Soon they sleep in each other embrace..!! Nd day after tomorrow they left for Kolkata..)


In. Mm

Everything is normal but something is missing but what?? Yes they glow Nd happiness of this house..!! The house used to lighting whole time now used to live in dark..!! Darkness of Thier deeds..!! Darkness of hurt someone feeling darkness of guilt…!!

Dp and Ap sitting on sofa in middle hall..!!

Dp- everything Change aanpurna..!!Our both son cheat us they used us for just property Nd make our life hell..!! I still angry on my self that i didn’t trust sanskar that day..!! I hurt him so much..!!

Ap-(while crying) Jiju ap theek bol rahe ho us din sanskar be kaha tha ye Sab jhut bol rahe hai..!! Par humne NH suna..!! Nd aaj humare dono beta bahu humko nokro ki trha treat krte hai..!!Jab swara thi tab Sab acha that yaha pr ab..!! Hume abhi bhi yaad hai us din jab ragini or laksh yaha bapis aye the..!!

Both raglak return from badi with aanpurna..!! But something change in them yes it’s Thier attitude..!! Yes it’s Thier plan to stench e everything from swasan they make a plan to destroy swasan ..!!
Aadrsh Nd parineeta offer raglak money.!! That if they will leave swasan Nd broke rlsn with them then both give them a 50% share of a property to them..!! Soo being a greedy both raglak said yes Nd do as par parish plan..!! And that police and beating it’s just a drama of raglak..!! For fall them in front of AP and Dp..!!
Nd it’s happened when they return MM
Ragini Nd laksh treat them as parish treat them..!! Nd they insult them that what you done for us..!! Nothing they naver feel ashamed on Thier deeds..!!Ragini Nd pari always busy in Thier beauty parlour and kitty party
Nd aadrash Nd laksh in business to how to make busy more successful but it’s true na ..!!
It’s happen Thier business share fall low Nd low..!! Nd Thier attitude not..!! It’s being 5 year but they are still same..!!
blo*dy dogs.. !

When Ap Nd Dp come to knw everything they understand the value of our swasan..!!What the meant for this house ..!!

***Flashback end***

At airport

All swasan ramta uttra Nd somiush.!!
Come to Thier car of course they are most rich people in Kolkata ..!!
Nd sit Nd left to Thier mansion ( oohh noo MM no they go to khanna mansion which sanskar buy before coming to Kolkata..!!)

At khanna mansion (Kolkata)

It’s also beautiful mansion like Thier London house..!! But it’s small …!! Beautifully decorated..!!

All come in house Nd take some rest

Swara come to shomi room..!

Swara- maa..!!

Shomi- ha shona..

Swara- ma wo I want to ask you something..!!

Shomi- h bolo beta..!!

Swara- ma wo i want to tell you if you meet that shkr again then plz mom..!! Don’t trust him..!! I knw till now everyone come to knw the truth of them..!! Also that raglak you knw na how Sanskar find the truth that both raglak did drama for money..!!

(Yes swasan come to knw everything about raglak that day itself when they left from there…!! Sanskar’s power fullness Nd one person who knw this tell all truth..!!(person will tell you later)

Nd that shkr also a blo*dy mother dog..!! He knw only run behind her mother..!! Ma plz don’t go with him again..!! I can’t afford to loss you ..!!

(She start crying..)

Shomi- (hug her ) beta how can you think i will again go to that spainless man..!! I’m with my daughter Nd son..!! So now you all are my family not others..!! Okk now go Sanskar must be waiting..!!

(Swara left to her room)

At swasan room

Swara come Nd see Sanskar standing near Window..!! Nd seeing out side..!!
She come Nd back hug him..!! He smile Nd keep his hand on his hand..!!
Swara- What are you thinking..!!

Sanskar- just waiting for tomorrow because tomorrow is a last day of that raglak Nd parish..!! Both of them will be on road..!! Swara i knw what behave they did with Mr.and Mrs. Maheswari..!! But still i can’t forget them it’s Thier punishment..!! Nd they have to bear it..!!

Swara- i knw Nd I’m not gonna stop you from doing anything..!! It’s all up to you..!!

Sanskar- Swara tomorrow all will be there plz i don’t want that you become weak seeing them..!! I knw when thoer truth come out..!! All try to asking forgiveness Nd all..!! But don’t forgive them..!!

Swara- i naver ever gonna forgive them..!! Because i hate them ..!! I only love my Baby..!!

(Saying this she kiss his back…)

Swara- love me Sanskar..!! It’s being a many days we didn’t make love with each other you was busy in your work you forget me..!!

Sanskar- (he is staning his wife’s bold talk but then smile brightly ..!! Seeing her love for him) As you say my princess..!!??

He turn Nd staring her with love Nd only love Nd she also..!! Both are lost in each other that they forget when Thier lips meet..!! Both kiss each other hungrily Nd widely that there is no tomorrow..!! Sanskar biting her lower lip while she is his uper..!! Both are testing each other lips..!! Nd exploring each other mouth..!! Sanskar is sucking her both lips together…!! Like it’s his favourite candy..!! Both broke the kiss maximum after 25 Min when both out of breath..!!)

Pal do pal ki Kyu hai ye zindgi
Iss pyar ko hai saadiyaan kafi nahi
Toh khuda se maang loon
Mohalt mein ek nayi..
Rehna hai bas yaheen..
Ab door tujhse Jana nahi…
Jo Tu Mera HUMDARD hai..
Jo Tu Mera HUMDARD hai
Suhana har dard hai ..
Jo Tu Mera HUMDARD hai…

(He lift her in his arms Nd make her lay on bed..!! He come top of her and start give her wet kisses while swara only Moaning his name making him go crazy..!! With her..!! This love is after a week soo He is little wild with her but he will not hurt her..!! He throws her saree somewhere in room..!! Nd his shirt also Swara is half naked in front of him..!! Nd he too..!! Seeing swara like this he buried his face in side her curve..!! Nd give wet kisses there..!!)

Tere muskurahatein hai taaqat Meri..
Mujhe inhi se umeed mili..
Chaahe kare koi sitem ye jahaan..
Inme hai sada hifaazad Meri..
Zindgani badi khubsurat hui…
Jannat ab aur kaha hogi kahin..
Jo Tu Mera HUMDARD hai
Jo Tu Mera HUMDARD hai
Suhana har dard hai
Jo Tu Mera HUMDARD hai….

(He soon undo there clothes..!! Nd start thrust into her giving her unlimited pleasure..!! Which she carving from many days..!! She feel complet with him..!! He is her strength being with him she no need any other one in her life .!!
She naver that the person who come to her life for his mere REVENGE from his family will become a person without whom she can’t live..!! Now he is her life..!! If he is with her she is alive if he is not with her she is nothing..!! Only a lifeless body…)

Wooooo ….
Teri dhadkano se hai zindgi Meri…
Khwashein Teri ab duaaien Meri..
Kitna anokha bandhan hai ye…
Teri Meri Jaan Jo ek hui…
Lotunga yahaan tere pass mein haan..
Waada hai Mera mar bhi jau kahin..
Jo Tu Mera HUMDARD hai
Jo Tu Mera HUMDARD hai
Suhana har dard hai
Jo Tu Mera HUMDARD hai

( Soon both reached Thier climax..!! Nd sleep each other embrace..!! Because tomorrow is a end of every bad thing end of someone’s bad deed end of a ravan of Thier life..!!
Tomorrow brings some new happiness in swasan life which..!! They will keep with them life long..!!???)

Hhhmmm.. HUMDARD hai
Hhmmmm.. HUMDARD hai
Hhhmmm.. HUMDARD hai
Hhmmmm.HUMDARD hai..


All are ready​ to go..!! As today is Sanskar gonna start new project with Mr. Shergil ..!! Nd the project is on Swara’s name..!! SWARA’S MUSIC SCHOOL her dream he gonna fullfil her this soo .!! Today he keep a party..!! In which he will disclose raglak Nd parish..!! Truth doing something which shocked everyone..!!


Swara wearing beautiful. Gown which is backless..!! Nd she is looking damn beautiful Nd cute..!! Nd Sanskar wearing black suit in which he is looking damn hot..!!

All khanna family come..!!

( Sanskar keep his surname khanna because he don’t want any thing from maheswari..!! )

Raglak Nd parish seeing them shocked to the core they look them horrible..!!

Swasan ignore them ..!!Nd goes from there..!!

Shekhar and Dadi also there ..!! All shocked to see them…!!

Soon sanskar toke mike Nd said something which shocked everyone..!!

Sanskar- hello lady and Gentlemen..!! I want tell you sorry show you something the great maheswari’s true face..!!???

( Sanskar play some video were they show Lux Nd ardash doing some illegal work supplying drugs..!! Nd other work..!! How ragini Nd pari go club Nd doing bad thing..!! Nd last but not least they have video how ragini push swara ..!! Seeing this everyone shocked..!!)

Seeing this shekhar come to shomi Nd asking from her like always bit this time shomi give him tightly slap..!! Making him numb..!!

Shomi- you always do this first bad mouthing my daughter Nd son..!! Nd still thinking after doing soo much with us still you think for your deeds i will forgive you ..!! No Mr. Shekhar I’m not gonna forgive you..!! You are deas for me..!! Listen dead..!! I don’t have any man in my life..!! I’m happy with my daughter son Nd son in low..!! I don’t want man like you..!! Who is his mother’s puppet..!!

( Saying this shomi left with ayush..!! Nd swasan come to raglak Nd parish..)

Swara- How was the surprise lovely sister.. !! Ohh i miss you so much..!! But for this day I’m waiting for this day since five year five year we are collecting all proof against you all..!! Nd see whatever you did..!! With us now same happen with you..!! Congratulations to you..!! Hope jail’s food you will like..!! That day you did drama of beaten laksh..!! Now you will see the hell..!! Ragini maheswari…!! A hell..!! That day you said na leave sanskar ..!! Nd he did this Nd this..!! Now turn is your..!!

(Raglak parish staring them angrily..!! Nd soon police come Nd take them with them..!! Nd soon party also over )

At khanna mansion..!

All are sitting Nd enjoying Thier togetherness..!! But suddenly swara run to washroom..!!

She is poking .!!

All run to her .!!

Sanskar- what happened to you swara is you are okk..!!

Swara nodded but suddenly fall on Sanskar unconscious..!! All are shocked to see her like this..!!

Everyone is worried sanskar call doctor..!!

Doctor come Nd examine her ..!! Nd said something which make them happy. .!!

Doctor- she is fine Nd plz don’t give her any stress Nd all now you all have take care of her..!!

Sujata- aryyy par hua ke hai Mari bahu ko..!!

Doctor- nothing Mrs.khanna your baby is PREGNANT she going to be mother..!!

( All start jumping Nd sujata start dancing Nd ram stoping her doctor left Nd all congrats sanskar Nd left from there..)

Swara open her eyes Nd Sanskar hug her tightly..!!

Sanskar – thank you swara for giving this big happiness to me .!! We are going to be parents ..!!

Swara blush Nd Sanskar kiss her forehead..!!



After a nine months..!!

At city hospital


Swara screaming Nd crying because if a pain..!! Nd all are walking here Nd there..!!

Soon swara give last loud scream Nd soon they hear baby’s crying sound..!!

Nurse come Nd give baby to sanky..!!

Nurse- congratulations mr.khanna it’s a baby boy..!!

Sanky take baby Nd kiss his forehead..!!

All take baby Nd kiss him..!! Soon swara also shift to normal ward..!!

Sanky give baby to swara Nd side hug her..!!

Sanskar- swara thank you..!! So much..!!

Swara- when you are my HUMDARD AND MY HUMSFAR so i have to give you best gift of your life..!! It’s all because of you..!!

( Both kiss each other endlessly ..)


Pen drop huuhh..!!

Hope you like it..!!
Nd Don’t give raglak Nd parish scean as it’s swasan Nd i want to give like this punishment to them..!! Nd if you find it boring then it’s up to you guyz..!! It’s take my 3 hours my hand is paining like a hell..!!
It’s full 4000 words..!!

Shoot your comments and likes..!!

Love you all..!!???????

Part is not checked so If any mistake Nd any spelling mistake then for give me..!!

Nd the person who told truth to sanskar is dadi he give her good lesson Nd. She speaks all truth..!!

(I forgetto add this sorry)

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