The next two months was a realization time in Sanchi and Kabir’s life. They had literally acted like a young teenage couple immensely in love. There were sweet hidden kisses in the corridors or in the kitchen. Their mornings would witness them being tangled to each other. Sanchi felt a bit awkward at first but later on it became a habit to wake up with arms around her and the feel a tough body against her soft one. They would cuddle on the couch of their balcony whenever they used to talk. Sanchi would blush immensely whenever Kabir would wink at her or just come close to her with the naughty expressions playing on his face.  Sanchi just liked being close to him and Kabir admired the fact that god had bestowed him with the most precious gift he would have ever thought about.

Sanchi was finding it difficult to study with her job. She was given the chance to leave her job but she stayed behind for her students. Veer had offered her the option of attending one paper at a span of two months so Sanchi would not have a difficult schedule. She was grateful to him and had readily accepted his offer. Today was her first paper and she was very nervous. Kabir also had that fluttery feeling in the pit of his stomach from the morning. He unsure of what this feeling was. Sanchi was over anxious about the paper and her performance. Kabir calmed her down and assured her that she would do well. He dropped Sanchi to SDCH and kissed her head before she went to give her paper.

K: Best of Luck Sanchi. Please don’t panic and write well. You will do excellent, just have trust in yourself.

Sanchi nodded and gave him a last hug and disappeared in the crowd that surrounded the hospital. Kabir still had that feeling in his stomach which was tugging at him. He felt like a tenth standard kid who was going to appear for his boards for the first time. He ignored it and went to his office. He was not able to concentrate on his work due to the new feeling. Soon it was 1 o’clock and Sanchi’s first exam was over. He drove to her college and met her at the college’s cafeteria. She straight away ran into his arms and gave him a huge hug. She was not the type to display affection in the public, but now it just did not bother her.

K: How was the paper? He asked without breaking the hug.

Sanchi pulled apart from him but still held him close.

S: It was very good.

Kabir was instantly relieved from that unknown feeling. He was his usual self again. He smiled down at her. A hearty smile.

K: That’s like my girl. I told you not to worry too much. You will do well.

Sanchi nodded and again hugged him. They stayed like this for a few minutes. Sanchi was resting her head on his chest and he had his arms around her shoulders. They then had their lunch and Kabir went back to work. He was much relaxed now and was able to work properly.

At night Kabir lay down with Sanchi on their bed. He had his arms around her and she was in a peaceful sleep. He was however not able to catch even a wink of sleep as he had this thought nagging in his mind. He had never experienced this feeling before. Never in his life. He was just so foreign with it that it was now making him worry as to why he was having such feelings and from where did these emerge? He stared at the blank ceiling for many hours before realization struck him. HE WAS IN LOVE. His mother told him that whenever two people were in love, they could feel each other’s emotion and that was what had exactly happened to him today. He had felt the way Sanchi was feeling because he was in love with her. A vast smile broke on his face as the realization of this new feeling soaked in him and he tightened his hold on her. He placed at kiss on her head and went to sleep, satisfied with his life. He would soon tell his wife that he loved her.

After a few days it was time for Sanchi’s result and she had passed her first exam with flying colors. Kabir was very happy and decided that today he would tell Sanchi that he loved her. Today they were to attend one of those many parties that Sanchi had learnt to graciously come around with. He thought of telling her after the party. He was practically nervous and pacing around his cabin. All his meetings were handled by Karan as he was not able to concentrate on any of them. After having a busy schedule with four consecutive meetings, Karan made his way to Kabir’s office.

Ka(Karan): Kabir, what happened? I have never seen you this nervous!

K: I am going to tell her today.

Ka: Who are you going to tell and what are you going to tell?

K: I will tell Sanchi that I love her but how will I tell her? What if she rejects me? What will I do? He was practically freaking out.

Karan burst into rounds of laughter accompanied by Kabir’s death glares.

K: Get out of my cabin. You find all this funny?

Karan calmed down and took deep breaths to regain his composure.

Ka: Relax Kabir. You are behaving like a teenage boy who is going to do this for the first time.

K: How will I tell her?

Ka: Just tell her whatever you feel from your heart. She is not that type of girl who needs fancy setups when someone is proposing her.

K: What if she rejects me? What will I do?

Ka: If at all she rejects you, you will always find the doors of my farm house open for you if in case she kicks you out of the house, I will not allow my friend to sleep on some footpath. He said making a solemn face.

Kabir smacked him in the arm and he laughed playfully. Kabir gave a weird look and Karan stopped himself from laughing further.

Ka: She will not reject you Kabir. Her love reflects from her eyes. Just relax and tell her that’s it.

Kabir took deep breaths and stared out of the window of this cabin. This was going to be much more difficult then he thought.

Soon enough Kabir found himself standing in front of the mirror in his walk in closet and staring at his reflection. You can do it. Just take deep breaths and calm down. He said to himself as he fidgeted with his tie. Sanchi, who was getting ready in the room, stepped into the walk in closet and saw her husband fidgeting with his tie. She walked to him and stood in front of him. She began to complete the work her husband was doing previously. Kabir saw Sanchi standing in front of him. She was wearing a red gown with matching accessories and very less make up. Simple but royal. He loved her simplicity and her beauty lay in her simple, sweet, innocent and caring nature. He stared at her as she concentrated on the tie. He quickly wrapped his arms around her waist lightly to not spoil the dress and bent down so his mouth was near her ears.

K: You look beautiful. He said in a very husky whisper.

Sanchi blushed furiously giving her cheeks a natural color of pink. She had goose bumps all over her body due to his slightly seductive tone. She shook her head and continued doing her work. Once finished, they headed to the party venue. Sanchi and Kabir were with each other most of the times. They had their arms looped with each other loosely as they meet the hosts and other guests. Kabir reluctantly let go of Sanchi’s hand as he went with some of the men to attend a business get together. Sanchi made her way to the bar counter to get some lemon juice. On receiving her order, Sanchi went to one of the tables and sat there in silence which was soon disturbed as someone joined her without her permission. Sanchi frowned as she racked her mind to know who this woman was. She was roughly around her age and Sanchi had never seen her before in any of the parties she had attended so far.

S: Excuse me, do I know you?

G: Unfortunately no.

S: Who are you?

G: I am Riya Sareen.

S: Hi. I am Sanchi. Sanchi Kabir Kapoor.

R: I know. You were quite in the news for a long time about your mysterious affair with Kabir and the sudden low profile marriage.

Sanchi was used to such a sophistically rude comment as she had met many jerks like her before so she took it easy.

S: I have not seen you in any of the parties earlier, have I? She asked uncertainly as she tried to remember even a glance of her but the result was still negative.

R: I just came from New York. I was there since the last one and half year. I was getting over a really pathetic breakup. She stated as she faked some tears.

Sanchi just sympathized with her by nodding her head. She was not interested in knowing someone’s bad love life but Riya was not going to leave her that easily.

R: You know he left me to marry some other girl just to save his family’s reputation. It has been one year now and he still sends me messages about how much he loves me. She said showing her the messages of her mobile phone. Sanchi’s eyes soon caught up the number from where these messages were sent. Her face turned as white as a ghost’s and she stared at Riya dumbly. She then regained her composure and asked Riya in a soft voice.

S: Who was the person?

R: It was Kabir Kapoor. Your husband. I just came to tell you that he is not a good person. He never loves anyone else than himself. He is very stone hearted. She said as she shed two or three crocodile tears. After wiping her cheeks with the manicured fingers, she kept a hand on Sanchi’s shoulder and gave it a light squeeze and then turned on her heels and left Sanchi alone with her thoughts running wild.

Sanchi felt her vision blur with hot tears that were threatening to fall at any instant. She rose from her seat and went to the rest room. She felt utterly humiliated and deceived. All the memories of Kabir from their time of marriage flooded her mind. She felt all of them to be delusional. She thought that the Kabir she had learnt to know and love was a façade hiding the real one somewhere deep down. She started doubting her abilities of looking past the superficial nature of a person. Fresh tears made their way down as she thought that she was such a fool. All this love, care and attention was a public show and nothing more. I thought it to be love! How ridiculous of me! I thought that he loved me but no I was wrong! I was so very much wrong. How could he do this with me? How could he hurt me? He is so much caring about me. He is also helping me complete my dreams, then why did he send messages to Riya that too after marriage? He cannot probably do that but then the messages are a solid proof against him. The battle of her mind went on as the flow of tears never stopped. She pulled herself together as she realized where she was. She washed her face with cold water and did her make up to hide the stray marks of abruptly whipped tears. Her eyes were a bit red but one could only notice it when one came too close. She made herself presentable and left the rest room to join the party. Just as she was walking through the corridor to get down the steps that led to the party hall, two arms snaked around her waist from behind and she felt herself being pulled into a strong muscled chest she knew very well. Kabir rested his chin on her shoulder.

K: Here you are. I was wondering where you went all of a sudden. Let’s go down.

He turned her around in his arms and noticed her blank face and slightly red eyes. He became concerned immediately as he saw her.

K: Were you crying? What happened?

Sanchi did not answer and began going. She was stopped when long fingers captured her wrist in a strong but protective hold.

K: Where are you going?

S: Home.

K: Come let’s go home then.

S: No you stay and enjoy the party. I am going home.

K: You will not go home alone. I am coming.

Kabir dragged Sanchi with him towards the hosts of the party who were in the middle of the large hall. They bid their farewells and Kabir took their leave. He gently hushed Sanchi in the car and sat next to her in the back seat. The driver started the car and Sanchi sat at the farthest end of the seat, away from Kabir. He noticed her changed behavior but did not react now. He thought of asking her once they were home.

As the car was pulled in the porch of the house, Sanchi opened the door of her side and got down. She went away without casting a glance at Kabir. He soon followed her inside the house. They were in the hall when he caught hold of her wrist again and turned her around to see her face fully messed up with tears. It was late night and the servants were fast asleep in their quarters and Kailash had gone for a business trip to Canada with Karan. Kabir glanced at Sanchi as she looked extremely hurt and sad.

K: Sanchi who hurt you? He asked oblivious to Sanchi’s meeting with Riya.

Sanchi look him in the eye with hurt written all over her face.

S: You. She said in a low whisper. Kabir was utterly confused. He had not even proposed her yet, how did he hurt her?

K: How did I hurt you?

S: I thought that you respected me enough to tell me that you were in love with someone before our marriage.

K: How do you know?

S: Not only that, you also sent her messages after our marriage that you still love her and you want her back in your life. How could you do this Kabir?

K: What are you talking about? Which messages? I honestly have no clues about them!

S: Please don’t lie now for heaven’s sake Kabir! I know everything!

Kabir made his way to her and cupped her cheeks gently. He whipped the tears away from her face with his thumbs.

K: Relax Sanchi. Just calm down. Okay.

Sanchi harshly showed his hands from her face. Her sadness now replaced with fury.

S: Stop acting now. We are not in public anymore. She shouted with the anger overtaking her every rationally thinking sense.

Kabir was shocked by her sudden outburst. He stared at her blankly. He had never seen Sanchi this angry before. He knew he had to keep himself calm. Sanchi was in some sort of very big misunderstanding.

S: You played with my emotions. You hurt me Kabir. If you were not happy with me then you should have told me Kabir. We would have found a way out but being with me and messaging someone else was very hurtful Mr. Kabir Kapoor. I never expected this from you. You even hide a fact from me that you loved someone else and you left her just because of that fake news of our relationship. How could you be such a cold hearted person Kabir? How could you?

K: Sanchi what are you talking about? Who told you all this?

S: Riya told me all this. She came to tell me your truth which you have masked too well. I could not recognize your real self from the past one year. How stupid of me?

K: Riya, you mean Riya Sareen?

S: Yes, your girlfriend.

K: Sanchi, what did she tell you? He asked as he left an exasperated sigh.

S: She told me about your reality Kabir.

K: No Sanchi. It is not true. I will tell you what is the truth just come with me.

Sanchi did not want to go with him but a part of her was telling her to trust him. She reluctantly followed Kabir to a room she had never noticed before. It was one of the storerooms that were locked and she had never got the key of it. Kabir unlocked the door and Sanchi entered the room. It was clean and well maintained but it had a pile of photo albums with a trunk and nothing else. Kabir sat down next to the trunk and motioned Sanchi to sit across from him. She sat down a little unsure of what was going to happen. He removed one of the photo albums and gave it to Sanchi. She opened them and saw Kabir’s childhood photos. She had always wondered why there were none of his childhood photos anywhere around the whole house. She stared at them in awe as she momentarily forgot the pain she was through right now. She was brought back to reality when she heard Kabir speak in a very low voice which was a bit shaking from the unshed tears hanging in his eyes.

K: You might be wondering why I am showing you all these? I want you to know my past. I decided to never tell you anything as they are closed chapters but now it is the necessity to save out relation.

He took a deep, long and quivering breath before resuming.

K: As a child, I always got the best mother’s love any person on earth could get but I always craved for my father’s love. I used to give my hundred percent in every activity I used to do so that my father would notice me and comprehend me. He never did that. I tried harder every time and did much better but he never noticed me. My mother would always be happy with my achievements but I also wanted my father to be proud of me as my mother. She loved me but I always wanted my father to be the same with me. I would see the fathers of other children in school and I would miss him. He never hugged me or never even patted my back as a mark of appreciation. He just shook my hand that too when I joined the company and cracked a successful deal. He would forcefully drag my mother to the parties with him leaving me all alone in this big lonely house. I was afraid of darkness and I used to cry but none came to relieve me.

Sanchi was having tears in her eyes as she thought of her childhood which was far better that his. Her parents loved her equally and she also had a sibling with her. Her father would be so happy with all her little achievements and he would always encourage her whenever she lost something. She would never understand the amount of pain he had gone through in such a tender age.

K: I grew up and my phobia of darkness was no more because by that time I was accustomed to it. When I was mature enough to understand relations, I knew that my parents were not like the normal parents. They were very much distant with each other. They never used to talk to each other, let alone talk to me. Mother still used to ask me regularly but father never turned up. He kept himself distant from us. He was too much engrossed in his work to even remember that he had a home, let alone family.

Sanchi recalled her times where she used to have a hearty conversation with her family and how her father made every attempt to come home early and spend time with them. They never used to stay at home on Sundays. Her father always had plans for them.

K: Then when I was in college, I came to know about his extra marital affair. I asked mother about it and she said that she knew about all these things from years. I was dumbstruck but then I understood the distant between my parents. They were never happy with each other but they stayed together for the society according to my father and for me according to my mother. I then stopped calling him Dad. I started calling him Mr. Kapoor and he did not even seem to be affected. I learnt that day that he would never care about us. I stopped caring about him from that day onwards.

Sanchi now came to know about Kabir’s cold behavior towards his father. She then realized that her asking the same questions again and again would have hurt him so much. She instantly felt guilty. She had seen three albums till now. One contained his childhood as an infant, the second one had his journey through the school and the third one was about his college days. She then took hold of the fourth book and she opened it. She was shocked beyond anything when she saw Kabir and Riya’s photo. They were smiling at each other and they looked so happy just like a couple.

K: Then one day Riya entered my life. She was my business partner’s daughter. We met on occasional parties and became good friends. Then slowly we started to fall in love, which was what I thought until I saw her with someone else. She cheated on me. She was with me just because she wanted money. She already had access to my credit cards and hence she had spent enough so now she was ready to leave me. She left me and went away. I stopped trusting on anyone from that day and I became like a machine. I only lived because my mother was alive. I had thought that I would die the same day she was leave me. Then that day came soon after Riya left me. My mother died in an accident and that day I lost all my spirits.

A lone tear escaped his eyes. He tried a lot but was not able to stop that one tear from escaping his eyes. He whipped the corner of his eyes as he continued to speak.

K: Then when I was about to end my life, you came and saved me. Then we were married because of that fake news. I thought that I got a new chance to live and so I tried my best to give this relationship a chance. Then we became friends and slowly you became a very important part of life. Sanchi, I have always know how a person feels when he or she had been betrayed in a relationship. I have seen my mother’s pain and struggle very closely. The last thing I would not even think of doing will be cheating on my wife. Trust me on that, please.

Sanchi felt guilty of doubting him but the messages still came in between of her trust.

S: What about the messages? She asked in a very low voice still looking at the pictures.

Kabir took his phone out and gave it to Sanchi. She saw the same messages that she had seen on Riya’s phone. She frowned and just as she was about to ask the explanation, Kabir replied in a humorous tone.

K: Sanchi you forgot to see the date on them. She then scrolled up and saw that they were four months before her marriage. She felt relieved as well as guilty at the same time. She would never be able to make eye contact with him ever again. Fresh tears made their way down her cheeks as she pondered over the way she had talked with him few moments ago when she was very angry.

K: You must be wondering that why I sent her messages even after knowing her truth? I wanted her back to me. I just thought that my love would be enough for us and I would never mind if she used me for my money. I was being selfish but I had loved her selflessly. One day when she insulted my mother, I could not take it and hence I cut all ties with her. I flushed her out of my heart and I deleted all her memories from my mind. Then you came in my life. I saw your behavior which technically reflected your nature. Then I started to like you and you made a very special place in my heart. I would always think that I wanted my wife to be like my mother and God sent you to me. You are just like my mother and I am thankful that he gave you to me. I told you Sanchi that you had became an important part of my life but now I want to tell you that you are my life. I love you Sanchi.

Sanchi was stunned as his words echoed in her ears. Sanchi lifted her head to meet his dark brown eyes which were very moist and constrained as they were holding a big dam to prevent the flow of tears. She could only see honesty and hurt in them. She instantly lowered her eyes and covered her face with her hands as low sobs left her mouth and she shook with the intense crying. Kabir closed the distance between them and placed his hands on her shoulders. After a few moments came a very muffled and low voice.

S: I am sorry Kabir.

Kabir took hold of her hands and lifted her face to look straight through her eyes. They reflected guilt and pain. He whipped her tears away and gestured her to stop crying.

K: I am glad. I am glad that you asked me and did not choose to walk out of my life. If you would have left me like everyone else then I would have surely died.

Sanchi shook her head as she hugged him tightly. Her head rested on his chest and she mumbled to him softly.

S: I love you too Kabir. I will never leave you alone. I will never doubt you. I am sorry. I am really very much sorry.

Kabir just tightened his hug and they stayed there for a very long time. The trunk had all the memories of Kabir when he was a child. It consisted of his toys, his drawings, his trophies and his letters that he had written to his father whenever he missed him. They sat there and savored all his moments that he had buried somewhere deep in his heart. Sanchi had persuaded Kabir to break through all the emotions today as it would make him much stronger. Kabir laid his head on Sanchi’s lap and then he cried for what seemed like forever. He cried for three long hours of his life. They had been the longest hours of his life. He had not cried even an ounce on his mother’s death because he was happy that his mother had been freed from this horrible life. He let all his emotions flow that day and Sanchi sat there listening to him patiently and caressing his hairs to let her know that she was with him.

After a long and eventful day, they called it a night. Sanchi came out of the shower and was in her night gown with her hair wet. She was drying her hairs when she saw Kabir walk in the room through the walk in closet with only his pajamas. Sanchi blushed when she saw him topless and averted her eyes to the ground and she continued drying her hairs. She then felt his hands around her waist and his head dug in her neck as he took in her sweet body odor and complimented her smell with small mischievous kisses. She crocked her neck to one side to give him more excess of her skin. He then turned her around and picked her in his arms and carried her to the bed. He slowly undressed both of them and started kissing her lips slowly. Then she responded and it turned passionate and wild. He slowly moved down to her neck, collar bone and her torso. Waves of pleasure ride through them as they became one soul.

Soon they were lying beside each other as they felt complete. Sanchi had her head on his chest and he held her close to him with his arm on her waist. They were hearing each other’s wild heart beat as they tried to calm down. Once their hearts were beating normally, Kabir said slowly.

K: I thought that I lost you today.

S: Why you didn’t want me to know about your past?

K: I know you are a very sensitive woman. I could not just tell you all this and make you sad and remove the respect you have of Mr. Kapoor. I don’t want you to go through any pain but today as I saw you going far away from my life, I just could not stop myself. I had to say this to you or else I would have lost you and I could not afford that.

Sanchi placed a soft kiss on his lips and smiled to him while she pulled back. She again rested her head on his chest, her favorite pace in the whole world.

K: I never thought that I would propose you like this. Kabir added as an afterthought to which they chuckled lightly and slowly fell into deep dreamless peaceful slumber.


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