Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 41) season 2

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Sorry dears for this short and delay update.. I was busy with my marriage shopping.. hope u lik this… don’t scold me for this bad update…pls forgive me…..

Episode 41
Recap: Suhani smiles and getsup, and says,lets v go, yuv- “suhani, no one can beat u in idiotic talk, u r d queen of idiotic talk!!’I smiled teasing her, Suh- ”ha ha very funny, but I smile later” she gets up and changed her dress,saying “yuvraj see its getting late, maa will get tensed , come lets go…” he too getup and thy left from there…fb ends…

Yuv (pov)- I came out of series of some flashbacks… I saw suhanis pic which I kept in my car, i drives my car fast to see her, I continuously getting soumya call, I ignore her,just then I parked my car near temple , I took tat leter from my pocket and read again,
“yuvraj, I know u may confused y I am giving this letter to u, but its necessary to share my feeling to u, which I cant hide in my heart, because my heart itself has no place to fill my love for u, u can think anything about me I don’t care, I know u r married and going to be father, aftr u and suhani mrg, I was lost, I get jelous on suhani wen u and her getting close infront me , but in way of friendship I get a chance to close to u.. I don’t want to lose this option also left from my hand, ur charming behavior, ur carfree romance with her , ur unconditional love , make me realize wat kind of fool am to lose u, I know its too late…but now also I have a hope..

Do u remember , one day u said, u search for a life partner to me beter than u, but no use yuvraj, no one in this world lik u, if anyone is there, then also I choose only u…I care for u and ur child too…. I don’t mean u to left suhani and marry me… i just ask u to give one place for me in ur life…..yes yuvraj I love u… I wish to marry u ,only!! i ask u strightly, “will u marry me again?” and I promise u , I wont tel this to suhani r anyone.. waiting for ur loving soumya!!”

I just fumed in anger.Itightens my hand grip on tat leter, increas my speed of walking..I entered into temple, seeing somu standing holding pooja plate…she comes to me, I look around for suhani..she was standing near idol holding her light big stomach…(she was pregnant 5 months…)she signs me for wait few mins, she needs to complete her last round.. I noded…she left to round temple..

Somu gives me Prasad, I refused to take it from her..she was completely acting infront of suhani. She acts lik she did not wrote any leter.. Really I must go class to act to compete with her. I grained inside..i don’t want to talk about tat leter infront of suhani..
I too behave normal ”soumya, have u lost ur mind, y u took suhani with u.. u know she was pregnant.. she may feel tired…” I burst out in tension… but she did not listen to my words she asking me “yuvraj… did u read tat letter?”

I start walking away from her, she comes behind me and block my way”yuvraj, I ask u, did u read tat letter or not? ”before I rply her I make conform suhani not hear our talk, then I give one tight slap to somu….saying “it’s my answer! Get tat! ”
She was going through the edge of insult. I don’t care about..
She continued- no yuvraj u have to accept me, I waiting for u n terrace u must come aftr suhani sleeps..I want to talk more. If u r not come , sequences will not good for suhani. Mind it. She nudge her finger to me.

I saw suhani coming to us. Somu left from there. I walk towards suhani and slightly hugs her.. I asked her y u took such risk to come here. She smiles nd told”only for u!” I kissed her forehead, which makes her blushing and looks around the croud.. I took her to the cacar
Somu standing near car waiting fr us. Somu about to open front door, “suhani sit front near me”-I said, she too obeyed. Somu smirks seeing me..and gets inside back. V left to home.
————++——– at night,

Saurab nd sharad play wit golu nd Anita(saurab child) .. I too joined them. They teasing me not handle baby properly.. I saw soumya comes to Hall.
I goes to suhani nd maa cuts Apple for her..Istart feed her. Somu seeing and reminds me to come at 11pm. I Ignore her. Suhani- maa it’s enough, I eat much, even Ican’t walk…
Yuv- no prob mein hon na..suhani ! I lift u in my arms…took u to room.. wat say? I widens my eyes to her. Mom sees us and bless her..
Suh- yuvrajjjjj…I feel sleepy. Shall v go!

Prat- haan beta, if u need anything Cal me OK, yuvraj took suhani to room. Stay with her.OK

I noded and wrap her shoulder lik protecting shield…somu sees clock nd smiLes. ——————
It was 10.50 PM. I saw suhani sleeping next to me..I took my hands from her and covers her with blanket. I thinks about somu words.. Suh moves in sleep..I too lay nxt to suhani hugs her. i have d feling of mising her n my life…I Hugs her tight..


.. Somu was siting in sswin (i dont know exact name for tat in montage pic)
Somu comes and see their room hidenly, she gets angry bcz yuvraj did not come . she gets up from swing nd goes ..

Precap:Yuvraj sees somu broke the swings, he gets anger and slaps her for broke. He bends n his knees near broken swing nd thinks how he gift tat to suhani. He cries badly..somu standing infront of him..and smirks..

Authors note: I hope u lik this frnds and sry for delay..and short update.
Let me know it’s worth to read or not!?

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  1. Awesome di please give me link from 1 please di

  2. Avanikamdar

    Its awesome …

  3. Avanikamdar

    Where do you live ??

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      in Chennai avani.. tum!?

      1. Avanikamdar

        Ohh i live in gujarat

  4. wow di superb! love yuvani bonding a lot… sowmya is jus a fool… its so nice..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks abi dear… fr ur constant support.. u r one cmnd n all episodes… thanks a lot dear.

  5. how could u call it bad epi di? its a very sweet epi.. I like yuvi’s concern for suhani.. and that shameless soumya is too irritating.. Btw, what’s that sswin? I didn’t get it..

  6. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    montage pic mei Hi na di.. in South v call it as oonjal.. swing

    1. Oh.. In ur montage.. I thought ssel ka montage.. Its called swing..

  7. Haiiiiii. I am ur ff silent reader… Iam from South this is my first comment also… But I follow ur each and every episodes.. And In this part Its really took the twist.. Then I feel it’s little bit tamil Arya movie correct? U wrote a nice and lovable parts. Tank u

  8. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    yes dear. it’s Tamil movie…tats my fav movie.. which I admire most and having trust in.. love…

  9. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    and before I Tamil it’s one Telugu movie…I think…

  10. superb episode di.. nd this saumya na.. too much selfish…
    when will she out from yuvani’s life????

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      nxt or nxt to nxt…dear….I end this session in 43,44..dear.. 🙂

  11. Superb…. Loved full epic… Yuvraj so caring husband… So sweet

  12. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    yes dear…. he s really caring Raj… I love sahil very muchhhhh…

    1. Good wishes for ur marriage n hope u ‘ll get like yuvraj, a caring hubby

      1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

        thank u somi dear… waise aap ko shadi hochuki hi ya nahi…

      2. Ya I see… Thnq dear

    2. Nai hua…. I’m a student… In may month my university exam will b started

      1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

        oops!!!!! here am only elder than u all I think so………. k all d best dear…fr ur exams.. nd ssel mei bhoat kuch drama aane wala hi.. my frnds send me offscreen pics… suhani s wearing Marathi style saree covering her head with palu…. it seems interesting..

    3. Now I want to see that pic

  13. very lovely epi. yuvraj is so caring abt suhani its so sweet.but this saumya she will never change .how can u say this epi have no worth to read ,it is superb nd take us to yuvani’s world.i love yuvani so much nd i love also sahil so much.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks sri…. I really scared.. u ppl lik this r not…. but now am.happy..

  14. Awe its nice.but i am afraid what wii sowmya do to hurt suhani.pls update nxt update asap dear.

  15. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    I post nxt soon radha… don’t took tension abt somu.. she s just used to spice up the drama….

  16. di u too end ur ff.. sad 🙁
    but its ok ur mrrg is on d way 🙂
    i hope u will also get hubby like yuvi (loving nd caring).. once again congratulation di… 🙂
    our good wishes always with u…

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks anshi sharma… soon I wil b back with new ff…aftr my mrg… don’t forget me…. I hope u al remember me..

  17. i like yuvraaj behaviour for suhani and somu different different way

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      yes dear..u said right…

  18. sarita sharma

    šuperb epi i like caring yuvraaj .congrates for your marriage .kab h aapki shaadi .hm yuvaani fans ko nhi invite karoge & u r ri8 yuvraaj and sahil both r caring hubby

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks dear Sarita sharma.. I invite u all in my nxt update..sure….

  19. sarita sharma

    aapka fb par subha yuvaani ke name se a/c h.thanks upcoming information dene ke liye &don’t worry m v aapki hi line m hu

  20. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    yes tats my fb account.. wat’s ur name n fb…

  21. sarita sharma

    sarita sharma or fb a/c v sarita sharma ke name se h

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