Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 13)

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thank you dears for ur cmnd…

Episode 13
In suhani home:
Suhani and yuvraj enters in suhani home. They see bavana crying.. Lata and pankaj tries to console her.. Rohan sees suhani and yuvraj.. Says suhani name…suhaniiiii !!
Suhani seeing all in confusion she gets panic and walks fastly to bavana suhani : di aap kyu ro rahi ho..(di y u r crying?)
Bavana hugs suhani and cant control her tears.. Suhani ask lata pankaj and rohan also but no one answer her. Yuvraj sees suhani with teary eyed.
Lata :ssuhani. Amit KI ghar se phone aaya wo bologi accident hua amit ko he died..(amit died in accident!)
Bavana runs from her room. Yuvraj s shocked.. Suhani s speechless and cant react for tat news.. She was lost her balance.. Yuvraj hold suhani..his hand was fully covered her. Rohan sees this and try to hold suhani from yuvraj hand..but yuvaraj was not letting suhani tat much tight he hold her..
Yuvraj: suhani dont cry. U have to b strong now.saying tthis yuvraj hugs her.. Rohan lost his patience ask yuvraj to give her suhani.. Yuvraj realised that he hold her..and move his hand from suhani.. Rohan hold suhani and make her sit.
Pankaj : beta ab bavana Ki tumare zaroorat hi jao.(bavana needs u go.)
Suhani: haan pappa..mei di KI saath hoon hamesa. Suhani rushes to bavana..and console her..
Bavana: mei kya karon suhani.. Amit NE muje chod kar chaligai.. Wo muje promise Karthi hain.(suhani he promised me. He won’t left me. Now wat I do..).she shares her feling to suhani… Suhani hugs bavana and makes her normal.
Suhani : di font cry..u knw na amit jiju don’t want to see u r crying. he hate tears from ur eyes. He wil watch u now..pls don’t make him sad by ur crying… Yuvraj sees suhani consoles bavana with courage.. he goes from there.

Yuvraj goes to BH.. Sharad :guru kahan wo tum ?(whr u yuvraj?).
Yuvraj : u tel me where u go without telling me.?
Sharad: wo sab chodo. Kya hua tum itini tension mei kyu? (Leave tat y u r in tension?)
Yuvraj : suhani KI jiju ko acident hua. Wo death hogi. Uski bhen bhoat ro rahi.. Sharad gets shocked and ask wat amit ko accident?
Yuvraj haan par tum kuy shock hogi? Tel me truth wat u try to hide from me.
flashback:1 month before..
pratima: yuvraj come with me to Temple.. Yuvraj: (playing video games) no maa aap jao. Sharad aap ko drop karogi.. Sharad takes pratima to Temple.
Sharad sees one girl rounding Temple.. He was slip in steps. Tat girl turns and run to him and gives him water.. Her dupatta fals on sharad face..BG plays..Sharad says thanks and the girl ask him to take care leave from her.. Pratima thanks tat girl fr helping. Thy leave..
Sharad daily comes to Temple with pratima.. Sharad notices tat girl regularly..and impresed by her silent nature.. starts loves her..
Sharad tels yuvraj guru i see one girl in Temple tum mere sath aajo i wil show her to u. .
Yuvraj: i wont come with u. u go nd see tat grl. In fact u ddon’tknw tat grl name. v wil get insult. U say to her love u. Thn I wil come.

Sharad thinks yuvraj s corect.. I wil propose her today.
Sharad goes to Temple he hides behind tree and see bavana s siting in steps..
Sharad was walking towards her.. Before he talk. Bavana gets up… Amit came with his parents and intro bavana and want to mary her.. Amit parents also says OK and agree to talk with her parents..
Sharad feels heart broken and left from there.. Next day sharad came to know about bavana encgmnt he left to village fr some days.fb ends.
Yuvraj: wo ladki bavana?? Sharad says yes..
Yuvraj says now it’s not late amit dies u can tel bavana u loves her.
Sharad: no it’s though time fr her. I will tel aftr.
Yuvraj: take care..but u must tel her. sharad agrees nd thy go..
All stop preparation of suhani mrg function….. Things getting normal.. Few days later….. yuvraj and sharad goes fr jogging. thy slowly reach one place to sit .. Yuvraj ask sharad wen u going to tel bavana… Sharad: guru I wil tel her..ab nahi.time dedo muje.
Yuvraj: wo jansi KI Rani ab mere dost hi. I wil tel her about u.. Nd she will help us.. sharad says r u sure..she help us ??
They hear one girl crying sound and rushes there..

precap : both rohan and yuvraj hold suhani each hand…and puls towards him suhani rolled in yuvraj arms and rest her head in yuvi chest.. yuvraj ask rohan to leave her hand..

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  1. Aqsxxh

    Amazing Episode Darling, I love it x It was fantastic, a treat for us all x

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u aqsxxh di

  2. Avani kamdar

    Its amazing!!

  3. u r writing fabulously it was superb n precap nice

  4. Amazing epi with killer precap.. Previous epis were also awesome, I read them yesterday at once.. Plz update asap.. 🙂 :*

  5. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u di… am really happy to hear this from u… bcz am not a gud wen compared to u r ff….

    1. I feel the same, that others write better than me.. Its natural.. All that matters is that the readers should love it..

  6. So sad fr bhavana today.anyway both the love birds are joining together becaus of this incident.i am very much excited abt orecap.i want to see yuvani together.napsha said right when ur ff loved by someone that itself shows urs is a beautiful ff.ur improving very well day by dad and i like ur twistsin d story very much.all d best fr future episodes

  7. Yaar its too good.ur making amazing twists in story.ur improving very well day by day.all d very bst fr future episodes.pls update nxt episode.

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u radha fr cheering up…

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