Mere dil ko teri dil ki zaroorat-Bepannah Si Mohabbat-FF, Ep 2

>Recap: Zoya and Aditya are two heartbroken strangers whose strange connection keep them connected to eachother. What will happen when they find constant connections with eachother?

He looked up, blood shot eyes too, and with hands shaking, took the photo, for it took a lot of courage to embrace the mark of such a person who he was not sure whether he wanted to continue his future with. She panicked, apologised, almost threw the photo down, and hugged yash’s one, for she wanted to maintain the value of loyalty even if he had abused it. Zoya believed that even if a person did wrong, you shouldn’t do the same thing, as you would be regarded as someone who could stoop equally low as the culprit. Yash had cheated on her, fallen in love with someone probably more understanding, selfless and obviously, who just coincidentally fell in love with Yash Arora, the hot married boss of a successful company. She, till date, didn’t want to find out who that third person was, who entered Yash’s life magically, until the day, his corpse was found in a pool of blood, recovered from a steep hill on a late, dark, cold night in musoorie.
How she did know; that the person who ruined her happiness, was connected to the person who she was going to fall in love with? She didn’t. Zoya never knew many things. She was naive. An innocent and over protected 25 year old baby, was now facing the repercussions of the true society, which the men in her life never let her get hurt by. Now it was time. To face it. Be brave Zoya Siddiqui; she often, falsely encouraged herself. Never knew, whether it was that encouragement which brought her to this success today, or was it someone else…
she didn’t want to break down more. She didn’t want to fall. She wanted to fly, live and laugh. But her story was so confusing! Yesterday, she was on the verge of wanting to die, rolling herself in a negative ball behind her sound proof toilet door, where no one could hear her sobs. But today, she was strong, she was courageous, she was the true Zoya Siddiqui. On the other hand, Aditya was confused, he was deep in thoughts… “Zoha Siddiqui”..what a weird name. But in the first place, why was he thinking about Zoya? Every time he closed his eyes, he thought… those fearful, pain stricken eyes, for which, he felt for. That timid, but joyful heart, he beat for…and that soft, scared but charming voice he yearned for. He yearned, felt,beat for a person, whose name he found eccentric. Whose presence would bring him no joy! Only Aditya knew, whether Zoya’s presence, would be the start of a love journey, or just additional pain to Aditya’s depressing life?

Tick Tock..Tick Tock.. went the clock as Zoya exchanged looks with the clock on the wall and her appointment letter. She had booked a therapy session with Dr Mathur again, unhappy she had to go through such a thing. Her over protective parents seemed a set of people who were the most selfish person on earth, and were unsupportive of all the decisions she took from her subject choices in standard 10, to her marriage from Yash which she had to carry out secretly before facing the wrath of her Father, to all the way to her coping with the betrayal her husband had given her as an anniversary gift that fateful night.she hoped, would that be someone who let her made her own decisions. Yes, there was.
Fate brought together the heartbroken souls. Sometimes on a crowded night along a dirty railing, falling over eachother, sometimes struggling and landing in eachother arms. And then the ultimate: working in one office, but different goals!
Every day, his charming coffee LIKE eyes lovingly adored her, unknowingly, and when he came to his senses, he buried himself in the pile of files that brought him no joy like Zoya did.
what was this weird relationship? A stranger, who was heartbroken, timid and uncertain, held some significance in his life in a day. He smiled at every laugh that coordinated with her brown hairlock, he shed a tear for every tear she shed. For every pain she went through, said or unsaid, he felt the pain.
That night, that Tuesday, had a mystic effect on Aditya. On his journey home, he felt the calming breeze soothing, relaxing his stressed pores that he had to control Infront of Zoya!
What was the magic connection that that eccentric girl held on him, he wondered. Little did he know, their fates were connected. That calm Breeze turned into a violent storm, with his white curtains uncontrollably flying in and out, as the servants struggled to close it with all their might. It didn’t affect him. The rain was his companion, supporting him with happy droplets when he was happy, and downpours when he was broken. He remembered, as he slid up his hand on the wooden shiny railing, his marriage, under the flowery themed mandap, with the playful rain visiting to bless his joyous milestone. He then came back to reality, faced with dark doors, up he had to go, and spend another night, alone. Dreams. Reality.
He dragged his feet unwillingly to his bathroom, almost having slept on the way to the cold white tiled bathroom. But today, Aditya was attentive. Something told him to be. You know why? He was going to discover the biggest secret of his life. With the locks of windows not being able to pacify the storm, Aditya had no choice but to rummage for thick ropes to mend their relationship. In his search, under the rope he found, he wanted to use, he saw a burnt file. A burnt file? He took it out, the file he had not seen this far, blew one layer off, to see a much clearer view of the components of that isolated file. Aditya struggled to take out the thick envelope which was glued into one of the folders, and when he finally did, the paper flew to the side of his balcony, wetting itself. He rushed, blew water off the already soaked document, getting annoyed.
And what he witnessed below the striking lighting, was divorce papers.
From thereafter, Zoya Siddiqui and Aditya Hooda are no longer considered Husband and Wife.
This shocking statement was supported by 1 signature, but it wasn’t Zoya, it looked more like Anjana Hooda. More like… Mom’s signature. Aditya couldn’t wait more. He messily handled the bunch of papers, flabbergasted. Dropping the papers, he quickly picked up the photo, a burnt side of Zoya and his’s marriage photo, dated 2008. It was 2018, 10 years, how, what, why…was what he overwhelmingly stomped out of his room to confront his selfish Mother, who was involved in the apparent conspiracy. Shocked, Anjana Hooda denied at first, but to justify the apparent love she had for her dear Son, she spilled the millions of truths with every drop of tear. She pacifies Aditya with a story which started 10 years ago.
Inside, was decorated arrangements of beautifully bright flowers, just as she liked it! But Zoya, was sitting on a white bench in the midst of a lonely garden. It was bright and positive, but somehow seemed
TO also give negative vibes. There in her heavy red lehenga, she questioned her decision on the name decorated on her hand. “Zoya Arora”…was it worth it? No;she uselessly encouraged herself arrogance. Then came a crying woman, and behind her was this young man, anxiously panting for breath.
“Puja Wait!”..he finally said. Zoya felt weird. Seemed to be interfering between a husband and Wife. Down she sat, in her crumpled blue saree, twisting and turning it even more.
her jet black hair charmed Zoya, with Zoya subconsciously comparing her brown curly hair with hers. Her eyes, like two black round bullets, smart, round, mature… her kajal, falling perfectly on her Long eyelashes… her smile, 1 in a million.
Who would ever leave her. But now that didn’t matter. What mattered was the blackened tears, and the consolation which were responding to those tears lovingly.

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