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hi frnds… how r u…? i missed u all. nd no more late… lets start our episode.

recap: ishu is connected with her bst buddies… raman’s sweet surprise to ishu with the help of vidyuth. ishra had a cute talk aftr 3 yrs.

the episode starts with raman going to office…. mr. bhalla calls him to the conference hall.
mr. bhalla: raman.. call a meeting… wanna discuss abt the american project.?
raman: haa papa.

in the meeting…. aakash is explaining the presentation abt the american project.
mr bhalla: well done aakash…!!! so now..( aakash is seated nd mr. bhalla came to the center) i’m gonna say u guys one thing… u must be thinking y i ve called u 5 memebers here. this project is world wide one… so i ve a news to u that u r selected for the business tour of one week. i must say that u guys shld gone there nd manage the work there in our branches in other countries. (all were looking with a smile.) now the meethong is dispersed nd u guys go for packing nd leave tom for the tour.

one was sent to australia, other to russia, another to canada ,aakash was sent to london… nd raman to new york.
in raman’s home….

shagun: what….???!!! u re going to new york…? really..? u r not joking right.
raman: see i’m not a joker like u to joke always… i’m serious.
shagun: oh god… bhai bhai… plz bhai… take me with u.
raman: arrey u remember that i’m ur bhai… ? nd by the way i’m not going for a holiday… it’s a business tour. how can i take u there.

shagun: i dont know i want to join u.
raman; yaar… even aakash is going to london… ask him to take u along.
shagun: no no… i dont want to go to london… i want to go to new york.
raman: whats there there?

shagun: ishu….!!
raman smiles nd then remembers that: oh acha… i forgot.
shagun: ha ha… plz bhai take me along…
mr. bhalla who heard this: shagun… raman is going there for handling business.
shagun: but papa plz… i too want to go with bhai. plz papa.
toshi: jaane do na ji..bachi hai maza karlegi. (let her go na … she’s a kid let her njoy)
mr. bhalla nd raman looks at shagun who put a pout face.
raman: maa aapko kis angle mein yeh bachi lagthi hain…? (maa in which angle did she look like a kid) (shagun looks at him)
toshi: chup kar raman…(shut ur mouth raman)

mr. bhalla: see shagun… raman is going there for n important project… if he take u there he will get distracted in taking care of u.. so let him go alone. i’ll plan another trip for u nd akhi aftr ur marriage. get that. nd no more discussion abt it. ok.
he goes saying this. shagun puts a sad face. toshi also goes. raman looks at shagun.
shagun: i wish i could come nd meet ishu… i’m badly missing her…wanna hug her share many gossips with her.
raman looks on: yaar im helpless. even ishu is comin nxt month na then u can spend time with her. ok.

shagun: but…
raman: ok fyn… i’ll convey ur regards to her … make her talk to u. ok.
shagun: ok done.

sry for giving u small episode… the nxr will be the bigger one. promise. nd ve a nice day.

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  2. nice one…waiting for the bigger one with ishra meeting….

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  4. Rashita

    Very cool wow ishra going to meet???? Grt I’m super excited update soon akka with a bigger episode waiting for it

  5. Kumud


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