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Thank u ZAIRA… ur comment gave me some energy to write this episode . Hope everyone loves it. Plz comment na… nd give me every to upload next episode. Thanks everyone for commenting. OK let’s go into the episode

The Episode  starts with Raman nd Ishita going to Sara nd George.
Ishu: congratulations… My dear Sara…!!!! I m so much happy for u yaar.
She hugs her.
Sara: even I’m happy. Thank u so much.. its becoz of u
Ishu: r u stupid . What did I do?
Sara: it’s u who made me fall in love with him.. u know na.. I don’t ve a family… But u became my family nd gave me this family too. Love u so much.
Ishu: love u too.
George: if u guys love each other then what r we standing for..?
Raman: these girls r senti George.
They both laughed.
Ishu: k guys.. u njoy ur wedding… We’ll leave.
Sara: arey y this much fast… Wait till I come home.
Ishu: actually we are having other plans.
Sara: ohh that’s ok… U go. Bye.
Ishra were going in the car.
Raman: what r ur plans ishu ?
Ishu: let’s go home.
Raman: is this ur plan..?? Going home ??
Ishu: my plan is in home.
Raman: what’s that ??
Ishu: u’ll get to know.
They went to ishu’s flat. Raman gets surprised seeing the home decorated with Jasmin flowers.
Raman: what’s this ??!!
Ishu: today is pongal Raman..for us.
Raman: ohh, I thought something else ??
Ishu: what ?
Ishu hugs him: thank you. (He hugs her back) actually I ve another thing.
She goes to kitchen nd brings something in a bowl.
Raman: what’s this?
Ishu: payasam… I made it for u… For first time.
Raman: first tym..?? R u sure I shld eat ?
Ishu: Raman… Don’t wry I know how to cook.
Raman: okay.. (he eats) hmm..
Ishu: how’s it… Did you like it ??
Raman: loved it..!! So yummy.
Ishu: hmm.. so now I wanna say u something.
Raman: what ?
Ishu: seeing Sara’s wedding, I imagined our wedding.. (he looks at her smiling) which is not going to be… (His smile fades away) Until my Amma agrees… Nd my Amma will never agree our relation Raman.
Raman: y do u think like that ? I will make ur Amma impress na.
Ishu: she won’t accept even if Lord came to her nd asked to do so. I’m so worried abt it… Whether she will make me away frm u again… I can’t go away from u again Raman..
Raman: shhh..!! Don’t wry… Trust me, u will be with me… No one can separate us. (He hugs her)
Ishu: Raman.. will u make any of my wishes come true ?
Raman: u jst ask first.. I will give u anything.
Ishu: then will u marry me ?? Now ??
Raman gets shocked: what .??!!! R u joking??
Ishu: I’m serious Raman… My Amma won’t accept our relationship…nd I can’t marry anyone except u. If u become my strength.. we both together can win her heart Raman.. plz marry me… Plz !!!
Raman: ishu but.. r u sure.. u wanna marry now..??
Ishu nods: yes
Raman: then what will we say to aakash nd shagun? Mom dad..?? Ur Appa??
Ishu: we will say everyone when we reach India.
Raman: ok.
Ishu: then come with me.
Raman: arey where??
Ishu: for marriage…
She takes him to a mandir nearby​ (guys there is a temple in New York for Hindus..I guess u know. so ishra went there) she brings sindoor nd mangalsutr from the goddess nd ask Raman to put it on her.
Raman: where did u get this mangalsutr??
Ishu: it’s my mom’s… My Amma can snatch anything from me… But not this one. I will keep this with me every time. I want u to put on me.
Raman: ishu..what’s that much hurry… We can fight with ur Amma without marrying also na.
Ishu: do u think I’m stupid, she can separate us if we don’t marry. Y r u thinking so much, don’t u want to marry me?
Raman: I would love to do that, but I think it’s much fast.
Ishu: it’s not like that Raman… Trust me.
Raman smiles nd takes the sindoor from her hand… He sees God nd puts sindoor on her forehead. He puts the mangalsutr around her neck. Ishu sees it nd gets emotional… She smiles seeing him. Raman smiles too.
” How dare u ishu…??!!!” A voice came. Ishra turned to find George nd Sara. Ishra smiled.. but Sara came to them with utmost anger.
Sara: how dare u marry with out me…????
Ishu: actually..
Sara: jst shut up !!! (Ishu puts finger on her lips. . ramna laughs) u said u ve another plans.. nd is this ??
Ishu: voh..
Sara: don’t open ur mouth..?!!
Ishu: arey will u let me say y I did this…?
Sara: I don’t want ur stupid reasons for marrying.. I jst want to know y didn’t u say me.
Ishu: it was a sudden decision… I thought not to spoil ur wedding.
Sara: but… I was hurt.
Ishu: vaise how did u guys know abt us.
George: we came to take Sara’s luggage, then saw u guys nd followed ur car while u guys came from ur flat.
Ishu: I’m sry yaar..!!
Sara: ok fyn.. but before , exchange these garlands.
Sara gave the cover to ishu.
Ishu: u brought it for us… How do u know.
Sara: I know u need this in ue weddings na.
Ishu smiles: thank u.
Sara hugs her. Ishu gives one to Raman nd she picks the other.. ishra exchanged rose garlands.
Sara: so now I think ur wedding is completed right.
Ishu: yeah.
George: congrats Raman… We have same anniversary date !!
Raman laughs: yeah u r right George..!!
Sara: happy married life !!
Ishu: same to u.
They all smile. All went to ishu’s flat.
Sara: I’m going to miss u ishu.
Ishu: u r Changing ur home not home town na.
Sara: but by next week u r going back to India na.
Ishu: then u can get emotional… No go.
Sara: bye. (Hugs her)
Raman: bye Sara… Bye George.
George nd sara: bye.
They went. Raman sat on sofa.. taking his Garland.
Ishu: k bye Raman.
Raman: what bye ?
Ishu: u r not going ??
Raman: where??
Ishu: ur home !
Raman: r u mad..?? We r married yaar.. now y to stay away.
Ishu: Raman.. what do u mean?
Raman: means… Today is our first night na.
Ishu: itni jaldi ??
Ramna: itni jaldi shadi Karli… Par first night ke liye kyun nahi ?
Ishu: Raman.. those two r different from each other.
Raman: but as much as I know… Shadi ke baad first night hota hai.
Ishu: Raman.. plz go yaar.
Raman: ishu… What’s this… It’s like having license nd not driving the car.
Ishu: raman this not the right time to do such things.
Raman: yaar..
Ishu holds his cheek: plz go na..plz .
Raman smiles: ok I will go. But..
Ishu: what?
Raman: u ve to kiss me then I will silently go.
Ishu then pulls his cheek nd kissed.
Raman: this not kiss… Kids will kiss like this.. but we r adults moreover husband nd wife… We need something strong kiss na.
Ishu keeps a face nd pulled him closer.
Ishu: u r such n idiot na… I’ll show u later who am I.
Raman: acha teek hai.
She kissed him harder… Harder nd harder…. Raman pulled her more closer. She suddenly leaves him nd pushes him out of the door.
Raman: yeh hui na perfect kiss !!!
Ishu: k then now go.
She closes the door.
Raman shouts: this is not fair ishu..!!
Ishu shouts from​ the other side of the door: every thing is fair in love nd war my dear husband.. no go nd sleep. Bye.
Raman: how will I sleep yaar.
Ishu: u ve to.
Raman: chal teek Hai. Bye.
Ishu: luv u.
Raman smiles nd leaves. Ishu also goes to bed.
Later in INDIA…
Shagun goes to Mr. Bhalla.
Shagun: papa..
Mr bhalla: yes beta.
Shagun: I wanna talk to u abt Abhishek.
Mr. Bhalla: shagun.. there’s no need to talk abt it. U know business is a very big world of competition. Here we ve to make everyone in support of ours.. orelse they may become our rival… They will spoil our company’s name. So it’s a simple logic that if anyone come for our support we must provide it. U don’t know these.
Shagun: but I think Abhishek is not that guy to trust papa. Firstly he did tat drama now came for our support, don’t u think it’s fishy.
Mr. Bhalla: y to think like that… Think positive.
Shagun: but papa…
Mr. Bhalla: shagun it’s better u don’t talk abt it.
Shagun: k papa. I’m sry.
She leaves. Jst then she gets aakash’s call.
Aakash: r u busy Ms. Shagun??
Shagun: no it’s not like that.
Aakash: y do u sound like that… What happened?
Shagun: nothing yaar.
Aakash: by the way who’s that guy ??
Shagun: Abhishek.
Aakash: y did he came ??
Shagun: he came for bonding again with our company.
Aakash: but y?
Shagun: he said he felt sry for that misunderstanding nd wants to become a part of our board members
Aakash: that’s strange…as much as I know him, Abhishek he won’t step down so easily.
Shagun: yeah that’s what I was saying to papa.. but he’s not listening to me.
Aakash: it’s ok leave it. I know ur dad won’t make any wrng decisions.
Shagun: hmm.. even u r right. K leave it.
Aakash laughs: ha ha .
Shagun: what’s so funny.. y r laughing?
Aakash: u r so cute yar… While think so much like this.
Shagun: excuse me.
Aakash: k excused.
Shagun smiles: akhi..!!!
Aakash: hmm vaise did Raman or ishu called u??
Shagun: no yaar… Vaise when r u coming??
Aakash: ah.. after two days..!!
Shagun: ohh that’s get.. then we can work together in office na.
Aakash: hmm.. that’s so cool. I’m so much excited.
Shagun: k I’ll call u later.
Aakash: arey, wait…ab kaoun aagaya??
Shagun: papa… K bye.
Mr. Bhalla: shagun.. I’m going home u complete ur work nd come fast beta.
Shagun: ji papa.
He left.
Aakash: hlo.. he left na…
Shagun: yeah.
Aakash: so now talk to me.
Shagun: hmm had ur dinner.
Aakash: it’s lunch yaar.
Shagun: k did u ve?
Aakash: hmm.. now eating.
Shagun: what r u eating?
Aakash: sandwich.
Shagun: how’s it?
Aakash: did u make it?
Shagun: no…how can I make it akhi?
Aakash: then y r u asking abt it ??
Shagun: this is called care Mr. Aakash… Where u r eating healthy or not I need to know na. U don’t want to care u?
Aakash: k Meri maa.. care as much as u can.
Shagun: k. Vaise eat gud ha..
Aakash: ok fyn. I will eat 2 sandwiches​ k ?
Shagun: as much as u can.
They laugh.
Aakash: shagun, mom is calling I’ll call u later. Bye.
Shagun: k bye.

Shagun: bhai.. where r u??
Raman: in office. Y?
Shagun:  nthng… bye.

She cuts the call. Later Raman gets shocked seeing Shagun there in his office.

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  1. Awesome ishra finally got married..poor puttar expecting so much…

  2. Zaira

    The episode was awesome …it was a very romantic update ….I loved it ..the romance of ishra was very cute ..but ..I didn’t like is ..y did u make them married ???every writer when writes a part has something in mind I juz wanna ask what made u write marriage sequence of ishra without the permission of raman’s parents ….n Raman also didn’t oppose much ……I juz had this query…
    Rest every thing was juz awesome… I think abhisgak has a evil eeye on shagun….
    Precap is super confusing …did shagun get to know abt ishra marriage ??

    1. Zaira

      N yeah ..don’t feel discouraged when u get very lass comments …but keep writing g ….

    2. Lasya Priya K

      Actually I jt wanna end this soon … moreover I ve another story line for the next ff… so kept this … nd as much as I imagined jaanvi ‘s character she’s a silent killer she jst hate ishita nd don’t want her happiness so she will definitely won’t make ishra unite , as ishu know abt it… she’s afraid of loosing her love. Nd coming to Raman’s parents, Toshi loves ishita nd mr. bhalla will accept ishita as his bahu as she is well mannered. nd in many serials hero nd heroin marries without parents permission. Hope u njoy this too

  3. Superb update…… hope everything will be fine with their marriage….. continue

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