MERE DIL KI DUNIYA – part 17 and 18

Hi everyone…. Hope u guys didn’t forget me. OK well I’m here with a big episode of my ff. Hope ull enjoy nd plz do comment.

Recap: ishu fools shakash on fools day. Jaanvi came to know abt shakash’s relationship. Aakash challenges ishu to fool Raman where she left Raman broken with her trick.

The episode starts with Raman going to the college…. The gang was sitting in the canteen.. He went there…. He saw ishu talking to them..just ignoring her,
Raman: what yaar akhi.. U said u’ll b in class… But y r u here.
Aakash: r u mad, it’s break time yaar. Nd where the hell r u till now. U said u’ll come by second period..?
Raman: actually… (He looks at ishu with n sad tone) I was not in mood to come.
Ishu: y what happened…?
Raman: ( looks at here but avoids, ishu felt bad) shagun, mom said to come home earlier… Jaanvi aunty wanted to meet you.. She called.
Aakash: what really…..!!!????!!!!
Raman smiles: ha.
Ishu: that’s grt news Raman.
He stopped smiling… Ishu looks at him.
Shagun: vaise… Akhi I’m so happy… ( she hugged him)
Aakash: yeah I’m also…. But Raman, ur mom got to know abt us..?
Raman: ha.. Ur amma said it seems, Nd as expected she was happy too. Even mom said she’ll convince dad too.
Shagun: that’s good… I’m so much excited for today… Nd even nervous akhi… Will ur mom accept me.
Aakash: yaar… If she don’t like u y will she step to meet u. She just had some doubts which she could get clarified by u. So don’t b nervous.
Raman looks at them nd smiles… Just having a drop of tear in his eyes. Ishu looks at Raman.
Ishu thinks: y is Raman ignoring me… Is he still angry with me..? Need to talk.
Raman: akhi.. I think we r getting late.. Shall v move, u can talk to her later come.
Aakash: yeah let’s go… Bye baby.. Nd don’t wry everything will b alright.
Shagun smiles nd nods.
Kavya: y did u ignored her..?
Raman: don’t know… May b I was angry with her… No its like upset.
Kavya: then how did she responded to u, How did she react..?
Raman: kavya… Will u let me say or ask questions like this…???
Kavya: Sry Sry plz continue.
That eveng toshi is preparing kheer for jaanvi, arjun nd Aakash’s arrival. Shagun came there getting ready.
Shagun: maa… Am I looking gud.
Toshi looks at her: haaye main mar jawan… My shagun.. U look so pretty in this saari.
She hugs her.. Shagun smiles. Raman came there saying..
Raman: maa I ve brought all the things u said… Fruits sweets nd all.
Then he sees shagun.
Raman: arey what’s this..?
Shagun: y what happened?
Raman: u wore sari…I thought some aunty came to see maa.
Shagun beats him… Toshi laughs.
Shagun: u r laughing maa… Just now u said I’m so pretty.
Raman: who said u r not pretty. U r pretty…. But pretty aunty..!!
Shagun: awaahhhh…!!! Raman I’ll kill u.
She came to hold his throat.
Toshi: oye u both stop fighting like kids.
Shagun: first he started.
Raman: kk I’m Sry. But shagun.. I’m just kidding. U r really beautiful.
Shagun: u just get lost… I don’t wanna talk to u.
Raman: k thank u… I’ll get relieved from head ache for sometime.
Shagun beats him again.
Raman: k I’m Sry again… Don’t beat. (He hugs her) u r looking like my small sister.. My gorgeous sister.
Shagun: hmm… That’s like my bro.
Toshi smiles seeing their fight nd love after the fight: its too high… U r going to have a big decision of ur life… I still don’t believe my daughter is that much big..?
Raman: now maa u don’t get emotional. This devil is not going anywhere now… Just fixing her marriage that’s it.
Mr. Bhalla: arey toshiji… Come out na… Arjun ji nd jaanvi ji r coming.
Toshi: ha coming…. Shagun u come with these tray later OK. I’ll go nd receive them. Nd Raman u come with me.
They received them nd all sat for a casual talk. Shagun came with the tray nd gave kheer to jaanvi, arjun, Aakash, nd Mr. Bhalla. Aakash was surprised seeing his girlfriend in a sari. Ishu was looking at Raman… Whose talking with his mom she goes to them… Nd takes toshi’s blessings.
Ishu: hello aunty.
Toshi: jeethe raho beta. Raman… U talk to her… I’ll go to the kitchen.
She goes.
Ishu: Raman… I need to talk to u.
Raman looks at her nd goes from there.
Ishu: hadh hai… Here I’m talking to him but he went away..?? How to solve this prblm.
Later jaanvi nd shagun had a saas bahu talk nd jaanvi agreed for them. All r happy with this. Moreover shaakash were happy. That night Aakash decided to party this moment.
Shagun: that’s gud akhi…we need to celebrate.
Raman: u guys go… I won’t come.
Aakash: y u won’t come… Arey u r ladki wale… My saarle u must attend this party of mine.
Shagun: ha bhai… Come na.
Aakash: see I called that raj nd mohit also for the party. Shagun’s frnds r joining too, u r coming nd that’s final.
Raman: but…
Ishu: y won’t u come Raman…what’s the prblm..? R u upset with anyone..?
Raman: akhi.. I’ll come. I don’t ve anything prblm with anyone.
Shagun: that’s my bro. Then come its already late.
They all went to a disco club. The attire changes from traditional to western.
Raj: yaar akhi… Congrats !!!!
Aakash: thanks raj.
Mohit: u now have license to date with ur girlfriend na.
Aakash: ha ha.
Raj: arey Raman what happened to u… Y r u like that..?
Raman: no no… I’m fyn. What will happen to me.
He sits nd drinks. Ishu saw him but stops seeing raj nd mohit near him.
Shagun: hey akhi… This is ria, Sowmya, preethi nd shalini. My classmates… They wanna meet u.
Aakash: ohh hi everyone.
Preethi: hi sir… U r so handsome. I’m a big fan of urs. U r the hero in our college.
Aakash: thank u…. Nd u r also beautiful.
She blushes: that’s so sweet of u sir.
Shagun: Akhi its OK u can stop joking.
Preethi: arey shagun… Y r u saying its a joke..? Is it a joke?
Aakash: no no… U r really…
Shagun: girls .. U just enjoy the party… Go go nd dance.
She sends them away.
Ishu: I think akhi… She is jealous.
Aakash: ha
They laugh.
Shagun: u both don’t laugh.
Aakash: OK OK… U don’t spoil ur mood. Shall we dance…?
He asks for her hand… She give him nd they went for a dance. Raj nd mohit also joins with the girls. Ishu goes to Raman.
Ishu: Raman… I need to talk to u.
He tries to go but she stops holding his hand.
Ishu: plz Raman… Once listen to me plz..
He stopped.
Raman: there’s no need to talk ishita.
Ishu: y r u angry with me…??? Plz forgive me na. I’m Sry… Really so sry.
Meanwhile raj came there for a drink… They stopped.
Raj: Raman come na we shall dance.
Raman: no yaar, I’m not in a mood Sry.
Raj saw ishu: OK u must be busy…
He went.
Raman: see ishita… I’m not angry with u. I’m just being in my limits… Not like before.
Ishu: but y Raman. U r just ignoring me… Not at all looking at me. Y???
Raman: u just go from here… I’m getting headache. Plz go…!!!
Ishu looks at him worried: u r not in condition to listen to me. I’ll talk to u later… When u r normal.
He drinks more. Ishu turns to live but mohit stops her.
Mohit: arey ishita…. What happened… U d Raman had a fight..?
Ishu looks at him: its not like that.
Mohit: arey it is like that. The get lovers of college r not talking to each other not coming to canteen together… Then what else it might b….?
Ishu had a thought in her mind. Raman sees mohit talking to ishu…. He gets furious nd drinks more. He leaves frm there. Ishu sees him leaving nd follows him.
Ishu: Raman wait. Where r u going?
He goes on somewhere.
Raman: y r u following me..??? Plz go away…. Go nd talk to that mohit. U both look gud.
Ishu: what r u talking Raman…? What do u mean by it..?
Wind blows heavily….
Raman: plz ishita go from here… No need to come.
He goes from there… Ishu stood there stunned by his words. Rama not in a condition to stand properly goes to cross the road… A vehicle come to hit him…
Ishu: Raman…..!!!!!!
She goes nd drags him they both fell down. Rain starts falling.
Raman: y do u always make me fall. Physically nd mentally.
Ishu: r u mad .. I saved u from accident. U r too much drunken. Come with me.
She holds his hand for him to balance.
Raman pushes her: I don’t want ur support OK… I can handle myself.
Ishu: its raining Raman. U r not able to stand properly… Now will u come with me .?
Raman leaves her hand nd tries to move nd is abt to fall ishu catches him.
Ishu: said u but u won’t listen to me. Now u come here. U r draining in the rain.
She takes him to a bench under a tree, nd makes him lye. He soons sleeps there.
Ishu: oh god… He’s so stubborn. What to do now… I can’t leave him like this…. I’ll call akhi. No he’s in a party mood na. What shall do now ?
Meanwhile Raman ‘s mobile rings. She searches nd finds it in his jacket. She takes it out… With that a chit falls down. She took the chit nd attends the call.
Ishu: hello…
Toshi: hello ishita puttar…. Where’s Raman..?
Ishu looks at him: Raman…. Aunty he’s with Aakash… He’s enjoying the party.
Toshi: oh k. … By which will u come beta.
Ishu: we’ll be there soon aunty don’t wry.
Toshi: ha OK then… Take care. Bye.
Ishu: bye aunty. (Ends the call) thank god. Let this rain stop I’ll take him home. (She then looks at the chit) what is this…? Shall I open…? Its OK no prblm… Let’s see what’s this…!
She opens nd reads out the letter.
” To my love….
The very first moment when I saw u, I just had a strange feeling at the corner of my heart, with a bright smiles on my face, glowing. I didn’t realize it then. Y do I get excited nd make my room mess when I receive ur msg, my pulse rate keeps on increasing when u r near or I feel u. I don’t know the reasons behind. I searched for them where we used to meet, sit nd talk for long.
And when came to my realisation… I can’t even take off my eyes from u. My thoughts, my feelings all my everything is for u nd only u. Dont know how many time i had been called by others when i was busy thinking abt u. I think, this is love. Yes ISHITA, I LOVE YOU…!!!!!! I love u to the core. I can’t say I much I do love u… But till my last breath I’ll b urs… Nd will love u so much. I promise u that I’ll give u all the love u deserve. I will take care of u like ur mom…. Plz ishita do accept my love.
With love.”
By the end ishu had tears nd was stunned at the letter.
Ishu: Raman loved me…. This much???? I can’t believe it. That’s y he was so much hurt. (She cries) I’m Sry Raman…. I’m so Sry.
Meanwhile Raman who’s in sleep talks holding her hand.
Raman: I love u, ishu. Love u so much.
Ishu was so much surprised at his behaviour.

Ishu: Raman I need to talk to u will u come out.
Raman: there no need to talk ishita. I don’t want to talk to u.
Ishu: OK then I’ll come in.
Raman: no no…. OK I’ll come.
They end the call.

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