Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Amber’s writes 70 rules for tenant Guneet

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 9th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber telling Guneet that it is his right to kick the liar and cunning tenant out of the house. Guneet tells that they will not leave the house and goes. Amber says she is threatening me. Nia asks him to punish Guneet and her also, as she insisted to keep the tenant. Amber says do you think me as fool and supporting those women. Nia says Guneet lied to her mum. Amber says she wants to buy my house. Nia says if she wants to buy the house, then will ask you, you have to sign. She says if you throw her out then I can’t go to America. Amber says you call me stubborn, but you are stubborn yourself. Nia goes to make dinner. Amber is angry. Nia makes noodles for them. Amber comes to kitchen and makes something for himself. Guneet comes and sits on the dining table and starts peeling the vegetables. Amber sits beside her and writes A on the potatoes and chops on the same chopping board. Guneet takes her potatoes back, shifts Amber’s cooker to the nonworking stove and keeps her cooking vessel on the working stove. Amber comes to kitchen stove and shifts her vessel to non working stove. Aa Dekhe Zara plays…Nia takes her vessel. Guneet keeps her vessel. Amber sticks the note that Gas usage 150 Rs. per hour. Guneet reads it.

Upadhya and Ghanshyam asks Amber to get the paper work done for the tenant. Amber looks on. Kajal asks Shri if they are going today. Shri says yes. Kabir asks if they are going somewhere? Kajal says only shri and me. Nia says first you all used to take me? Kajal says we will make our own plans now. Amber calls Nia and tells that she will be proud of him. Nia asks what you have done. Amber asks her to come and see. Kabir comes to Nia and tells that he has a plan. He tells her that they shall go on a date. Nia says we have discussed earlier also. He says this date is something else. Nia says whoever troubles me, Dad goes behind that person. Kabir says he is already after me and asks her to attend 2 days orientation training in Delhi. Nia says I have to go in 4 days and 2 days will go in orientation. She comes home and reads 70 rules written by Amber. She asks if he is underworld don. Amber asks her to get their sign on it else leave the house. Nia calls Guneet and tells that she wants to talk to her. Guneet comes downstairs and asks her to say. Nia looks at Amber and tells that they are some rules, actually contract which she shall read.

Guneet keeps clothes on the swing beside Amber. Amber moves it away. Guneet says 70 rules to stay in the house and starts reading it. She asks what is it? Amber says I came to know that your car hit my gate. Guneet reads all other rules and asks if there is anything. Nia asks her to write something if she wants and asks her to sign. Amber whispers to Nia that Guneet is not looking worried, we have forgiven something. Door bell rings, Guneet signs and asks him to sign. He signs and opens the door. He finds courier guy bringing Guneet’s stuff and asks him to go to first floor through the outside stairs. Guneet stops him and signs. Amber asks Nia to add one more point that their stuff will not be brought here. Guneet says contract is done now, can’t add more points now. Courier guy asks what is inside? Guneet says medicines for my mum. Courier guy asks Amber to have it too. Guneet tells Amber that she will take her stuff later, as nothing is there in the contract about it.

Amber talks to someone and tells that he will give the money to him. The guy ends the call. Kabir and Nia come to a restaurant and finds the special arrangement, champagne etc on the table. Kabir asks Nia if she did this. Nia says no and asks the waiter. Waiter says someone has done this. They enjoy the champagne. Kabir says we are working together since 3 years and I am your boss since 2 years, but I couldn’t tell you something. He tells that she looks stupid when she laughs on her stupid joke and laughs. Nia says Kabir. he says you leave me alone in the park, never comes with me to a party and always sits on my head with your Papa’s problems. he says if I don’t meet you in a day then my day doesn’t go off. He takes off something from the pocket and asks her to return his friend Nia. He asks can you forget that poetry and asks her to say yes. Nia says yes and hugs him.

Precap: Pummy asks Nia when she is going to America. Nia says after 4 days. Pummy says others will go soon. Amber asks for security deposit.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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