Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber and Guneet’s marriage stops

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 7th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nia asking Amber to wear the kurta kept on his bed. She asks Kabir, Shri and Kajal, why are they sad? Amber asks did you get much work done by them. They show the paper to Nia. Pammi comes there and asks if all the arrangements are done? Nia gives the paper to Pammi. Pammi asks how they can cancelled the venue, today is their marriage. Amber says they are not our relative. Kabir says we shall postpone the marriage and search another venue. Shri says I will talk to decorator. Amber nods no. Nia says marriage will not be postponed. She asks Amber if he wants to marry today. Amber says they shall do registered marriage. Nia says no and asks him to get ready, till then she will think of an idea. Kabir asks what do you mean that you will do, will you do magic. Swara says how we will get the venue at this time. Nia says here. Swara says house is spacious….Kabir tells that they will get the lane cleaned and decorated. He says Guneet ji wanted her marriage to be special. Nia says Mandap will be in the centre of the house. Kabir notes down and organizes the decoration on the street. Nia gets Pammi’s call. Pammi asks where the marriage will happen? Nia says marriage will happen and that too lavishly. She asks Kabir to look at the entrance and goes inside. Later she comes down and looks at the arrangements. Shri asks if the decoration is fine. Nia gets emotional. Kajal asks what happened? Nia says do you people know what you have done? She says you never let us feel alone, you all are our family. They all get emotional and happy.

Kabir and Nia bring Amber and make him see the marriage decorations. Amber likes it. They show the message, Gunnu se Amber Ka Paris Wala Biha. Kajal asks Amber not to take tension and say this house will not look ordinary as everything is done professionally by us. Dr. Pandey comes there and appreciates the decorations. Amber asks when to get ready? Dr. Pandey says there is a bad news. He says Jhanvi and Guneet….Kajal asks if they eloped. Dr. Pandey says Guneet and Kajal had gone to a parlour where a worker was COVID positiove so they inform everyone who visited them. Amber asks if Guneet is COVID positive. Dr. Pandey says she will get the test done. Nia says Guneet ji takes many precautions and nothing can happen to her. She asks him not to think much. Amber says why did she go to parlour, she looks good without make up. Nia asks him to relax.

Swara tells that they shall search solution. Amber tries to run and go to Guneet, when Pammi comes there and tells that Guneet is undergoing tests. Lovely tells about a relative who cancelled the marriage after marriage was delayed. Amber tells that he wants to meet her once. Nia says no, you can’t go. Lovely says your son in law is not going, Guneet might change her plan. Amber panics.

Later sees everyone busy and tries to escape through the back door. He goes to her house, rings the bell and calls Guneet, but nobody opens the door. He then knocks on the door. Pammi comes there and says you have come here? Amber says please Pammi mummy, let me meet her. Pammi says I can’t let you meet her, she is in quarantine and tells that people will say that Guneet has made the groom unwell. Amber says I will see from far. Pammi says no and closes the door. He tries to climb up through the window and falls down. Nia asks Amber not to worry as she will be fine. Amber says she is not picking my call. Kabir brings the mobile and says Guneet is on call. Nia goes out and thanks Kabir. Kabir says I called her. Amber asks Guneet how is she? Guneet says she is afraid. Amber says nothing will happen to you as you washes your hands multiple times and takes bath 4 day in a day. Guneet says why this has happened with me and says she is feeling bad. Amber says he will come there. Guneet asks him not to come there and says she is a positive person, if Covid comes positive then. Amber says it will be negative and cries to share her pain. Guneet smiles. Amber says lets start again and tells that he will make a video call. He calls her and she looks at him smilingly. Amber smiles and says you are looking good. Guneet and Amber continue to talk. Saathi mil gaya….plays….

Precap: Kajal and Shri act. Amber is seen as old aged guy and talks about Nia’s marriage. Kabir looks aged too and says Nia has 3 companies now and wants a suitable partner.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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