Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Nia gets excited about Guneet’s pregnancy news

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber asking Guneet if she wants to talk to him. Guneet signs yes. They sit. Guneet tells that everything happened between them so fast, they met, fell in love and got married. She says we didn’t get time to talk. Amber says we talk a lot. She says we didn’t talk work related matter. Amber asks if she wants to join Anjali’s tours and travels. Nia comes there and tells that she is going on dinner with RB sir. Amber says you will not go on date with anyone without asking me. Nia says she is just going for dinner. Amber goes behind her. Nia gets ready to go out and finds Guneet sleeping on the chair. She smiles and is about to go. When she finds report peeping out of Guneet’s purse and reads it. She is shocked to read about Guneet’s pregnancy and have mixed reactions. She cries and sits in her car to leave.

Swara wakes up from sleep. Kabir asks her to sit and tells that he has done wrong with her. He says sorry. Swara says so you can’t leave Nia. Kabir tells that he tried, but can’t go away from Nia. He says I can’t lie neither to Nia nor you and have realized that I can’t love anyone like I love Nia. He says I am sad that I didn’t realize this before, I didn’t have the intention to hurt you. He says sorry for giving her false hopes.

Swara thanks him for his concern and says you packed my bags too. Kabir tells that this is my bags. He says this is your home too. H says he is shifting to Shri’s house for few days and tells that he can’t hurt her more. Swara says I can’t even hate you and cries. Kabir holds her hand and kisses on her forehead, before leaving. Swara cries.

Nia cries in the car. RB tells that he is waiting for her since 25 mins. He says girls cry after dating me and not before that. He sits in the car and gives her tissues. Nia says she is fine, it is about me, I don’t know why am I feeling this? RB asks shall I put the tissue papers back. Nia says yes. RB tells that it will not fix like it was in the box before. He tells that life teaches everyone with bad experiences and asks her not to think of him as tissue. Nia laughs and thanks him.

RB tells that it was not date, but not that bad. Nia says it is good. RB asks then? Nia says two persons shall be together when they love each other, but they don’t have love between them. She says you are special to me, my mentor, friend etc, but not anything else. RB asks if she is sure and tells that this is the only chance. Nia says I know and tells that it is her big loss.

Nia talks to Kajal and asks her to give her some ideas. Kajal asks her to call someone who ends all her conclusion. Nia says they must be sleeping. Kajal says this thing is allowed in such situation. Nia calls Kabir and asks where is he? Kabir tells that he is in Shri’s house. Nia asks if he fought with Swara? Kabir says her parents came. Nia tells that she talked to Kajal who advices her to talk to him. Kabir asks her to tell. Nia tells him everything. Kabir gets excited. Nia tells that she was crying, but not upset. She asks if she is jealous of baby. Kabir tells that the little Nia inside her is feeling bad, but you have understood well. He asks her to cry and vent out her feelings. Nia says you knows everything about me inside and outside. He says he has Nia’s vision. They continue talking.

Guneet is keeping clothes on the ropes for drying. Nia comes there to help her and tells that it is not good for you to bend down. Guneet says ok and tells that she doesn’t have back pain. Nia says sometimes one needs help in some situation and shall ask others. Guneet asks if anyone needs help and asks who? Nia asks her to tell. Guneet asks what? Nia tells that she cried for 2 hours, but didn’t understand why was she crying? She couldn’t go on a date with RB also and tells that she is very happy. Guneet asks what happened? Nia tells that she had seen her reports when she was sleeping and is very happy to become Didi. Guneet asks really? Nia says yes, she is happy at heart. Guneet hugs her and tells that there is a problem. She is worried about Amber’s reaction. Nia says we will make him understand and tells that she is very happy to be called as Nia Didi. Guneet gets happy.

Precap: Nia and Guneet show milk bottle etc to Amber. Later Amber calls Guneet inside the house. Nia, Kabir and Guneet go inside and see something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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