Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Nia confronts Guneet

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 5th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guneet asking Amber what does he mean? Just then he sees the gate door falling and looks at Guneet. Guneet says it seems to be weak. Amber says how did it fell down. Guneet says you said that we can’t come inside until Nia comes and tells that she has brought her mother here. Amber says just 2 mins. Guneet says I will ask my mother to give chair to her as she is unwell. They turn and see her mum talking to Shukla and his wife. Amber asks if she is your mum? Guneet says my mum said that until she is alive, she will be cheerful. Amber says lamp flickers before it is goes. He says you can come inside. Guneet asks her mum to come inside. Upadhya asks Shanti how Amber agreed to let them stay. Shanti says don’t know. Guneet’s mum comes inside and tells that the house is beautiful. Guneet says you are unwell and asks her to walk slowly. Amber asks the guys to bring the stuff slowly. Shukla aunty brings tea and tells that she told Pummy that she will bring food for her. She is about to keep the tea on sofa. Amber says no. Shukla is about to keep the stuff on Guneet’s stuff, but Guneet says if tea falls then her stuff will get damaged. She tells Amber that she will keep her stuff for some days in hall. Amber says no and thinks where is Nia? Nia greets Guneet and asks upadhya to keep the stuff in the room. Amber asks Guneet to check other option and asks if her mum can step down. Pummy asks what do you want? Nia hears Pummy telling Guneet that the old man shall sell the house to them and go to America to stay with his daughter. Guneet asks her to have patience for that. Nia gets upset.

Later Pummy comes down. Amber asks if she is fine and calls her aunty. Pummy says your hairs are more white than mine. Amber tells that he don’t use hair dye. Pummy tells that she will make halwa to thank god for giving us roof. Amber asks her not to work in this age. Pummy asks if he is like this or became like this after your wife’s death. She says it is good that we came here, Nia is leaving and soon you will go. Amber switches off gas and asks if she will light the fire, calls Nia.

Nia thinks of Guneet’s words that they don’t have any shelter and where she will take her mum. She recalls their conversation. Pummy says Amber is also irritated. She grinds the almonds on the kitchen slab. Amber says this slab, kitchen, gas is mine. Pummy says it is also mine, we are tenant and not refuge. Amber says halwa will not be made here. She asks him to eat it too. Amber shouts calling Nia. Nia goes to Guneet. Guneet thanks her for letting them stay here and says Maa is very happy. Amber shouts calling Nia. They go downstairs and see them fighting. Guneet says she will talk to Maa for sometime and tells about house rules. Pummy says rules. Guneet is about to take her. Amber tells Nia that he can’t let them stay. Nia says she will speak to them. Guneet tells Pummy that it is their house and they shall not do anything. Nia comes there and tells that she heard everything. Guneet says she doesn’t know that her maa will go down. Nia says I know your plan. Guneet takes her down and asks her to tell. Nia says I came in your talks, Dad was right. Pummy says I want to make halwa. Guneet says I did this after planning with you. Amber calls Nia.

Nia takes Guneet to her room. Guneet says she is saved. Nia says you are caught and asks what you was planning to kick my dad out. Guneet says it is a misunderstanding and tells that her mum was not willing to shift from that old house, that’s why she lied to her that her Dad will sell house to them and go to America with her. Nia tells that KK matter might be fake too. Guneet says KK has ruined her life and asks her to go to Police with her. She tells that it is very difficult to handle such parent. Nia believes Guneet. Guneet hugs her. Nia says I understand you and tells that if Dad had heard you then you would have been out. Guneet says we shall handle our respective parents. Amber comes and knocks on the door. He tells Nia that they shall kick the mad women. Guneet says he called me mad. She sneezes. Amber asks who is inside? Guneet asks Nia to tell. Nia says Guneet is with me. Amber asks what is she doing with you. Guneet says ladies problem. Nia comes out. Pummy comes out and brings the sweater for Amber to be worn in US. Amber thinks she gave it for Nia. He thinks he can’t handle them.

Precap: Amber comes home and sees many neighbors at his house. He asks them to get out and tells Guneet that he will give 3 months rent to them. Pummy says they will not go, but you will go and sell this house to us.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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