Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Nia gets doubtful about Guneet and Amber’s love

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber telling Guneet that he is sure that if she goes then will return to him only. Guneet asks him not to let her go then. Amber says he is not letting her go. They see Nia standing in her balcony. They get down from Guneet’s balcony and come out on road. They hide from Nia behind the car like a teenagers would do, but the car goes. They hide behind the tree. Nia sees a slipper on the road and gets doubtful. RB talks a lawyer and tells that it is not his mistake fully. He says she didn’t want to meet me. RB says if my mother wouldn’t have loved you then I would have killed you right here. He falls down on the road being drunk. Nia thinks of Amber’s words that relations can’t be broken fully. Guneet comes out of her house and sees RB unconscious. She calls Amber and they bring RB home. Nia comes to hall and asks what happened to him. Guneet tells that Dr. Pandey is coming. Dr. Pandey comes and checks him. Nia tells that she will take him to hospital. Amber says he is fine, I didn’t ask him to drink wine. Guneet asks what are you saying? Dr. Pandey tells that he is fine, but they have to check him. Guneet says so let him be here. Dr. Pandey asks to get the tests done. Amber says then they shall not go to Bangalore. Guneet says we had talked that Nia can take her own decisions. Amber says but. Guneet says Nia will decide. Nia sees them talking casually. Amber goes to bring medicine. Dr. Pandey leaves. Guneet asks Nia not to worry and tells that he is fine. Nia thanks her for bringing RB home. Nia asks did you talk to Dad about my Bangalore trip? Guneet says she heard when Amber was telling someone. Amber comes back to take his phone. Guneet goes with him.

Kabir asks Swara to hear him and understand what he wants to convey her and then answer him. Swara asks why are you scaring me. Kabir says you are again reacting and asks her to accept Nia if she wants him to be in her life. He says that he loves Nia, but his love will not come in between them. Swara says that if she has to bear Nia forever. She says she is okay. Kabir says I love you and kisses on her forehead.

Guneet tells Amber that she feels that Nia knows that they are meeting and tells that she is not a small girl anymore. Amber says no. Guneet tells that she is not a mother, but knows that they shall become friend of a child when they grow up. Amber tells that Nia scolds him like his mother. He says you will not understand as you don’t have any child. Guneet says do whatever you want, I will be with you. She gets down from his car. He also gets down and tells that he heard someone saying this that she is with me and trusts me. He says Nia also says this. Guneet asks did you feel good that I stopped arguing. Amber says I like as you argued with me. He says where there is no love, there is no argument. He holds her hand. Nia looks at him from the balcony, but doesn’t see Guneet. She comes downstairs and sees them standing holding hand. Guneet tells Amber that she is not feeling pain anymore. Amber says he will call Pandey. Guneet asks him to call Pandey. Amber says may be some vein is hurt. Nia looks at them and tells that she will go and check RB sir. Amber and Guneet sign each other.

Nia calls Amber. They go home and see RB sleeping on sofa. Amber checks him and tells that he is alive. RB opens his eyes and asks what is going on? Nia says she will make turmeric milk for him. Amber says he will drop him to his room. RB tells that he doesn’t need their help and goes to his room. Amber tells that he doesn’t deserve their care and tells that turmeric milk is saved. RB comes to his room. Nia comes behind him and tells that she found this painting on the road so brought it. RB asks her to go. Nia says it is of Naina and asks him to tell if he needs anything. RB asks what is your problem? Nia tells that she should have left him unconscious on the road and tells that he is proving her Dad’s words come true. She tells that Sharmas don’t change and they care for everyone. She says Rishi Burman was found alone on the road and says you are alone only. RB looks on.

Kajal comes to meet Nia. Nia tells that something is going on in her mind and recalls seeing Guneet with Amber etc. Kajal asks if their affair is going on. Nia says she is not sure. Amber brings cake and gives to them. Nia asks Amber to taste it. Amber says it is tasty, asks her to enjoy with Kajal. Kajal asks Amber why is he looking more handsome and asks if something happened? Amber tells that he was smart from the beginning. Kajal tells that his 100 volts smile has become 500 volts smile. Amber smiles hearing this? Nia and Kajal get doubtful.

Precap: Nia comes to Amber’s room and finds him missing. Amber tells Guneet that she has taught him love again. Nia climbs up Guneet’s house and finds Amber and Guneet talking romantically in the latter’s house. She gets emotional and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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