Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update: RB informs Nia about Amber

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nia asking her friends how did this happen? She says I asked you all to keep eye on Dad and asks whose mistake is this? She asks who was on the main gate, who? Shri says I was in the kitchen. Nia asks who was near the gate? Kabir says Kajal. He says I was in hall, but didn’t see her. They all argue. Nia asks them to think and says if we blame each other then Dad can’t be found. She says Guneet ji is sitting there as Mumtaz and asks what she will tell. Kajal says Guneet ji will be alone in sangeet. Shri says wedding. Kabir says wedding night. Nia says we shall search Dad. Kabir tells that they shall delay the sangeet somehow, tells Nia that they have to go back to Sangeet else they will get doubtful. He asks Nia to go and search Amber. Pra ji is talking to Dr. Pandey and others. Kabir takes Dr. Pandey to side and tells that Amber has eloped from home. He asks Dr. Pandey to keep the ladies busy so that they forget the groom. Dr. Pandey asks what to do? Kabir says anything to keep them hooked. Ghanshyam comes up with an unique idea. Kabir announces the performance of the oldies. Dr. Pandey dances wearing saree while Ghanshyam and others dance with him. Pra ji and bua looks happy. Guneet and others enjoy the sangeet too. Nia searches for Amber. Guneet gets mehendi applied on her hand. Nia thinks where did Dad go? Kajal asks if anything is found. Nia says no call or messages. Jhanvi asks mehendi designer to write Guneet’s husband name initial. Guneet tells that he will not search it. Lovely says Pra ji was asking where is the groom? Shri says if groom comes the nobody will see us. Kajal says we will entertain the bride too. He says this performance is for Guneet ji. Guneet smiles. Shri and Kajal dance on the song….yaane pyaar hogaya…..

Nia asks Kabir if Dad is in danger. Kabir says I fear that he has changed his mind about marriage. Nia says don’t say that. She goes to first floor. Amber comes out of house through back door of RB’s house. He comes out of the house and looks at Guneet who is applying mehendi to her hands. Nia cries. Kabir says sorry and says you asked us to keep eye. Nia says I should have taken care, but I had left for meeting. She says what to tell Guneet, she is so happy and tells that she can’t tell her. She cries. Kabir tries to pacify her with a hug. RB looks at them.

Nia cries and tells that she don’t want Guneet to get upset again. RB sees Nia crying and walking towards Guneet. RB comes to Nia and asks her not to worry, as he knows where is her Dad. Nia asks if he is fine? RB says he is fine physically, but he ran away from his marriage. He asks her to go out and catch him, he must have not gone far. He asks Nia to give a chit to Amber if he agrees to stay back and other chit if he refuses to come. Nia comes out of the house. Guneet sees her running out. Jhanvi tells that Amber is missing. Nia comes infront of Amber’s cab. Kajal informs Guneet that Amber is missing. Guneet is shocked. Nia asks what is this? Amber tells that he can’t do this. Nia asks her to tell what happened? Amber says I can’t do this. Nia asks what happened? Amber says I was asked to dye my hairs. Guneet asks what happened? Kabir tells that uncle ji’s clothes are missing which he is supposed to wear today. Guneet asks did you check in bathroom or under the bed. Kajal says shri checked it everywhere. Guneet says Amber ji must be stubborn to wear the same clothes. She says she will talk to him. Kabir says Nia is talking to him and she will make him understand. Guneet goes with Jhanvi. Kabir asks Kajal, why did you tell her? He says Guneet will be shocked to know that Amber is missing. Amber tells that very soon, he will get wrinkles as he is 10 years older than her. He tells that she likes dancing which he doesn’t want. He says he don’t want to change her. Nia says Guneet ji loves you so much. Amber says even I love her a lot. He says hatred is developed after some days and I don’t want her to hate me. Nia hugs him.

Precap: Guneet messages Amber asking him to come. Nia asks Amber to decide if he don’t want to marry. She says she will go inside and tell everyone, let them shout at me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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