Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber, Randeep and Kabir perform altogether in musical programme

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 28th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber seeing Guneet and Anurag coming downstairs. He thinks trouble is coming down. Nia says she called them. Kabir and Shri greet them. Anurag asks Guneet if she brought him here so that she don’t have to talk to him. Guneet says we have much chances of conversation here. Shri comes and gives them drink. He tells about her preference. Shri says you have 85 or 90 percentage compatible. Guneet asks him to make drink. A lady comes to Amber and sits beside him. He gets up and asks Shri why did they call all the girls? Shri excuses himself and sees ladies staring at him. Kabir asks for the file. Nia says she called Ghanshyam and upadhya, but they are not picking the call. Kabir says we shall go and bring the file. Randeep comes there and shows the file. Nia thanks him. He says today is your lucky day, if you had asked anything then would have got it. He is about to go, when Nia stops him and asks him to join them. Randeep says actually no, and asks them to carry on. Guneet calls him and says I didn’t know that you are about to go. Randeep calls her Guru ji. Amber comes and asks why did he come? Nia says he came to give office file. Randeep asks Guneet to go and give company to her date. Amber asks them to call everyone on the street. Nia says you shall be stand up comedian. Randeep asks Kajal what is between Kabir and Nia? Shri says Kabir is not Nia’s boss as I am her boss and Kabir is my boss. He asks if he wants to hear in short or in long. Randeep says I will tell in short and tells that if something have to happen between them then it would have happened by now and says there is nothing between them. Nia, Shri, Kabir and Kajal act as harmonium guy is not coming. Amber asks if they are done and says you didn’t call harmonium player. Nia says they are saying truly. Amber says he will bring harmonium. Kajal asks Nia why did she stop Randeep? Nia says she has no problem with him.

Kabir and Kajal call the first performer for the night. Amber comes there wearing kurta pajama and holding harmonium. Guneet recalls telling her chat friend that Indian men look good in Indian clothes. Amber is about to go, but Kabir, Shri and Kajal stop him. Amber sits down and plays harmonium while the other musicians play music. Amber sings song….Everyone claps for him. They all say once more. The younger musicians ask him to concentrate on singing and leave harmonium. Amber says I used to play harmonium infront of thousand people. They ask him to relax and asks Amber to join later. Randeep asks them to chill and asks if Indian idol audition is going on. He asks if everyone like and asks them to clap. One of the musician tells that there was flaw in beat. He says I will play guitar, even I don’t know it. Kabir says well said and tells that he will play dhol. Amber, Randeep and Kabir sing song and play music. They sing koi kahein kehta rahe….Anurag joins them. Guneet messages her chat friend that sometimes they get surprised seeing a different persona of a person. A lady comes and plays mouth organ. Everyone claps. Nia says you are just pro Dad. Amber says he used to be famous in college. Kajal says all aunties are your favorite. Randeep praises Amber singing. Kabir says you sang so well, that you don’t need other musicians. Randeep and kabir look at each other. The musicians say you all played music well.

The lady compliments Amber and says you performed well. Amber asks who is she? Randeep says fan moment. Amber thanks the lady. Guneet says when you said that you like rock and jack, I thought you will run away from here, but you sang well. Anurag says he tried to impress her and says he sings in group. He says it is romance to know something new about your partner. He says he will bring the chair. Guneet says I will bring. He says let me bring, I will feel good. Guneet says I have done my work by myself till now. Anurag says it won’t be same and says nobody saw your inner beauty, asks her to relax and don’t think. Guneet sits and smiles.

Later Kajal tells that they will divide in three teams and play music. Everyone picks their chits. Amber says he is in rockstar team. Guneet picks her chit and says rockstar…Amber keeps hand on his head shockingly.

Precap: Guneet sings song while Amber looks on. Later she messages him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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