Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber takes a stand for Guneet

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 27th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guneet saying sorry to Ruhi and going to her room. Pummy cries. Anurag tells Pummy that Guneet will repent in her life later. His mum scolds him, says you lied to me for her. She says such people don’t have any value to live a good life. Amber asks her to listen. Nia comes home and finds Kabir sitting outside her house. He asks why you was not picking my calls. Nia asks what you are doing here, why you didn’t go inside. Kabir tells that family function is going on inside. She says she was in Dad’s office. He says you met Randeep there. She says he met her accidently. Kabir asks her for a walk and says I don’t want to talk about your love life. He says do you know that you have left a good job and tells that if she knows what is the value of the company in the market. She asks if the company sent him. He says no. He says whatever you have done with the company is not fair. He says you are doing career suicide and asks her to come to office tomorrow. He says I will make everything fine. Nia asks if whatever happened with me was fair. Kabir says I don’t know, but we have to accept the reality and asks her to grow up. Nia says now I need to grow up. Kabir says I have to be strict in office being project head, I am your friend here and can’t let you jump in the valley. Nia says sorry and tells that she will jump in the valley. Jo tum na ho…..plays…Nia goes inside.

Amber says you must be feeling sad, but don’t say all this, it won’t look good. He says be in limits. Anurag says it is a family matter, don’t interfere. Amber says you have interfered when we were talking. He says today I am right. He tells that it is not a good feeling and we can’t take back what we had said. Anurag tells Pummy that he will thank Guneet before going and calls her. He thanks Guneet for the wonderful hospitality and says I am saved, you left me and I am thankful to God, I am out of your boyfriends’ list. He says you have an online guy whom you have given your heart and other side is Amber, who fights with you often, but rescuing you today and lecturing me. He says thank god, I am out of this family. He says sorry to Pummy and leaves. Nia comes inside and stands shockingly. Pummy cries. Amber says I can understand your pain, but don’t cry. Pummy says what to do, this foolish girl has given fire to her happiness. She says my destiny is bad and goes inside. Amber looks at Nia. Nia goes to her room.

Amber recalls all his wrong doings and feels bad. He thinks to tell Guneet that he is nodramaplz and thinks to apologize to her, but then thinks she must not be in a position to hear. He stops on the stairs. Guneet comes to the balcony. He signs her if she is fine. She nods her head with teary eyes. Amber climbs down the stairs and goes to his room. He looks at Guneet and closes the door. Meri bheegi bheegi si plays…..

Amber comes to Nia and tells that he was stressed since he had gone to meet that lady. He asks Nia about her job and asks if she will get increment in her job. Nia cries and tells that she left her job. Amber asks if this has happened because of him. Nia says no and says sorry. She says I know your business is not going well, I should have thought before quitting. Amber says no and blames himself. He asks her to sleep and covers blanket on her. He sings lullaby for her.

Amber tells Guneet that when he saw her in the restaurant, he legs got frozen and he couldn’t understand what to do. Guneet asks are you nodramaplz. Amber tells that he was that fool who left her in the restaurant. He apologizes to her for trying to stop her roka and all the wrong things. She repeatedly asks if he is nodramaplz. He says yes. Guneet is shocked.

Precap: Amber knocks on the door and calls Guneet. He calls on her number, but the number is switched off.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Verma4

    Great episode today. What an actors Varun and Shewta.

  2. This show is on a different level. Hands down Shweta and Varun.

  3. Naia gets upset for kabeer don’t do likes this so try to understand that kabeer such behavior I don’t like it now keep it your mind see kabeer I told you we should not do like that be careful Naia you don’t make upset now please Remove that upset now itself be cool down ? and safe okay .
    Kabeer you can love for Naia don’t leave him okay see Naia you can Meeting for Office so I am telling to you Naia don’t leave the Job Now now please you stop it okay

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