Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 25th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Nia resigns her job, Amber sends apologetic message to Baawra Mann

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 25th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandey asking Amber if Guneed lied to you on chat? Amber says no? Pandey asks did she tell that she wants to meet you. Amber says yes, 2 times. Pandey asks did she hide from you about her engagement. Amber realizes she never hid anything from her. Pandey asks why she rescued you from police case today as she is Baawra Mann. Amber realizes this and immediately downloads the heart to heart App.

Kabir asks Nia if she is sure that she will leave the job. Nia says I can’t work here. Kabir asks her not to be impulsive. Nia says whenever I get enthusiastic about my work, this thing happens with me. She says now I can’t work and can’t give my 100 percent. She says it is better if I leave from here. She takes her bag and stuff and is about to leave. Kabir asks her to keep everything on the desk. Kajal asks what are you saying? Kabir tells that we all have signed a contract and that whenever we leave the job, we have to handover, designs and everything related to the company. He says you can’t use the designs anywhere. Shayad tum mere khayal…..plays…..Nia recalls their moments and meets all the colleagues. She comes to Kajal and Kabir and leave from there. She gets Amber’s message asking for forgiveness. He says he will drop her daily if she says and knows how much important, her work is for her. Kajal looks at Kabir. Kabir tells that it is boss orders.

Pummy calls many guests for the engagement. She asks Guneet to see the sarees. Guneet asks why did you call many guests. Pummy asks her to think that she is getting married to a nice guy. Anurag calls her. Guneet picks the call. Anurag flirts with her and then asks her not to feel bad, but don’t tell his mum that her mum will stay with them after marriage. Guneet asks why? Anurag says I know that my mum will have problem. Guneet says my mum is not a problem. Anurag asks her not to take tension and ends the call. Guneet gets tensed. She gets ‘No drama please’ message on the App and is shocked. She stops herself from checking the message and recalls that she couldn’t send him message as he deleted the profile. She then checks his message and it reads that he apologizes to her for his doings and that he has understood that she is far more good than him. He is thinking that she will forgive him some day, even if she don’t talk to him. He then messages her that he prays for her that someone loves her baawra Mann and don’t try to change her and let her be, as she is…She gets emotional and teary eyes. Amber looks at her from his hall…Saathi song plays….He calls someone and looks at Guneet.

Pummy asks Guneet to get ready and tells that Anurag’s mum said that they left from there. She sees Amber and thinks she will make him feel jealous. Amber asks Ghanshyam to keep the pillows as guests will be coming. Pummy comes to Amber and says if he is planning something then she will not hesitate to call Police. Amber asks her to concentrate on her daughter’s roka. Ghanshyam compliments Pummy for the decorations. Pummy gets emotional and tells that her daughter will soon get married. Amber gets upset.

Guneet is sitting upset in her room. Pummy dances with the guest ladies while the song plays….tu meethi meethi bol. Amber comes to his room and looks on. Guneet gets ready and thinks of NDP’s message and Anurag’s words asking her not to tell his mum that her mum will stay with him after marriage. Anurag comes with his family and gets welcomed by Pummy. Amber also greets Anurag. He hears the beep sound and checks for the message. Anurag says may be message is on my phone. He checks the message in which Guneet asks him to meet her. He goes there. Guneet tells that she can’t lie to his mum. Anurag says my mum will not be here for many days and tells that it don’t look nice if she goes out door to door after marriage. He asks her to take a break. He says once his mother goes, he will open a boutique for her. He says every person wants to grow in life. Anurag’s mum sends Amber to call him. Amber comes to Anurag and Guneet and tell him that his mum is calling him. Anurag asks Guneet to come and he goes. Amber tells Guneet that she has a good quality that whatever she does is from her heart and enjoys doing it. He asks her not to lose this quality. Guneet asks him to come inside. Amber comes inside hesitantly. Guneet looks at him and says I want to say you something.

Precap: Guneet tells Amber that she doesn’t want money, luxury, home and car. She just wants a life partner who loves her, with whom she is compatible. Amber tells her that he will love her and will keep her happy. Guneet looks on surprisingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Verma4

    Nice, nice . Loving this serial and great actors which is recipe for a great show. Guneet is so pretty . I hope it’s not Amber’s dream because Guneet doesn’t know who is on the other side of Baawra Mann .

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