Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Nia gets upset seeing Swara and Kabir’s closeness

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nia getting upset seeing Swara wearing Kabir’s clothes in his house. Kabir tries to talk to Nia. Nia leaves from there. Amber tells Manjiri that Nia is not picking his calls. Manjiri says she will try. Amber says when she is not picking your call, then why she will pick your call. He gets Guneet’s call. He comes out and takes her call. He tells her that Nia went somewhere, he did a mistake. Guneet says I knew you had done something. Amber ends the call and comes inside. Manjiri tells Amber that Nia will call. She gets Kajal’s call and tells that she doesn’t know about Nia, after her fight with her. Amber tells that Kajal and Nia had never fought with each other. RB comes and asks for salt. Amber tells that if he doesn’t find his daughter then he will make him eat excess salt. He pours salt in his bowl. RB tells that Nia left him. Amber asks what do you mean? He gets Nia’s message asking her not to call her. He says I will go and search her. RB asks him not to roam like a house fly around her. Amber gets Guneet’s call again. RB sees her name flashing on the screen and smiles. Guneet is coming to his house. He signs her to stop and comes out. He signs her to come behind the car. She comes there and asks him to say. Amber tells that he can’t tell her and turns her. He tells that he wanted to talk to her. Guneet says where did Nia go? They think of the place and both get an idea. Amber gives her a flying kiss. Guneet asks what is this cheap thing. Manjiri comes to the office and asks Nia to open the door. Amber and Guneet coming there. Amber asks her not to go infront as people will think that he is following her. Guneet says then what you will do, if you will walk infront, as people will think that I am following you. They walk together. Guneet and Amber come to the office. Amber pretends to see her and asks what is she doing here? Guneet says she came to get her stuff. Nia asks Amber to go and is sitting under the table and crying. Amber asks her to open the door. Guneet asks what is this drama, open the door. Nia opens the door and tells that this is her dad’s office. Guneet says she has to do her work and gets inside. Nia asks why didn’t you go till now. Guneet asks didn’t your dad tell you that I am not going from here and will stay back at Shukla’s house. Nia gets upset.

Guneet tells that she doesn’t cry like her sitting under the table. Nia throws Guneet’s stuff and tells that she has ended the problem. Guneet asks if she was crying because of her. Nia asks her not to give her importance and tells that Kabir…Amber says what did he do? Nia tells that Swara was wearing Kabir’s tshirt in his house and tells that he had claimed that he loves me, but didn’t think before moving in with Swara. Amber tells that Swara..Nia asks him to give her space and leaves from there. Amber appreciates Guneet for handling Nia. Guneet takes Amber’s phone and saves her number as loser. She says you don’t need to hide my call now. He asks with which name she will save his number in her phone. Guneet asks him to go home. Amber tells that he will go to someone to handle him. Guneet thinks what is he going to do.

Manjiri makes Nia have food. Nia is upset. Manjiri gives her Amber and Anjali’s example and tells that they were happy. Nia tells that she will not cry and asks why guys are such. Amber comes to Kabir’s house. Kabir asks if Nia is fine? Amber pushes him and gets inside. He throws the things and tells that I will smash your bones. He is about to break the vase. Kabir says it is of Swara. Amber keeps it back. Amber finds the bra there and says Nia might have seen such things and got upset. Kabir tells that he had gone to Nia and confessed his love to her, but she didn’t tell him anything. He says then he accepted Swara’s proposal and tells that now he is committed to her. He asks him to tell if he is wrong. Amber goes out.

Precap: Amber asks Guneet to let her hair free. Guneet lets her hair free. Later she asks him if he told Nia about her. Amber says no.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nia must leave kabir now and should not beg for friendship like before.kabir looks so foolish with swara.he already knows nia also loves him but he didnt wait for her and commited to swara.but it’s not late he can still change his decision bec they are not engaged and not married. And swara must understand that she should not come in between kabir and niya but she was very jealous from beginning and she wanted to win kabir so she thinks it’s her victory. She is very possessive. Nia is immature but she is not selfish like swara. She was confused but it happenes it’s not her fault. But now kabir’s character is also spoiled as they both have started living with each other I dont understand this. Kabir forgot nia in one day and started loving swara so much in one day ?so cheap story. It’s good for nia to forget kabir now and concentrate on her career.i liked nia kabir pair their friendship love everything but swara ‘s entry in kabir’s life has spoiled everything. So now want to see mature confident strong nia.and show more eligible partner for her.

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