Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: RB leaves Nia in dilemma

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 22nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber going out of the room in the night itself after covering blankets on pillows. Guneet thinks he might have slept and keeps pillows on her side of bed and goes out. Nia goes to the first floor. RB asks what is she doing, up and down. Nia says sorry and tells that she has forgotten some stuff here. RB says you shall not love much. Nia says actually I didn’t want to sleep in my room. RB says oh…you are giving space to the newly weds and tells that good days came, everything is going to change Sharma. Nia says how to prepare myself and asks him to suggest.

Guneet talks to Pammi and tells that she don’t get sleep on the new bed. Pammi asks her to drink one glass of milk. Dr. Pandey talks to Amber and asks him to take tips from Upadhya and says he is active. Amber says we both were tired. Pammi asks if bed is not fine. Guneet tells that they didn’t sleep. She says if I kick him with my leg then. Amber tells that if he snores loudly then what she will think. Dr. Pandey says both of you will know each other soon. Pammi says you are married and have to stay with him. Guneet ends the call. Amber sleeps while talking to Dr. Pandey and he snores. Nia and RB do exercise. RB says now you are tired and will sleep. Nia sleeps on sofa in the office area. Guneet comes to the bed and sleeps. Amber is still sleeping outside in the hall. Guneet falls down from the bed. She gets up and ties her legs with her dupatta and tries to sleep. Amber wakes up and comes to his room. He sleeps.

Later in the morning, he wakes up and says good morning. She finds clip on his nose and asks who keeps pillows between. Amber looks at the pillows. He asks why did you sleep at the corner? She says even you was sleeping at the corner. Amber goes to the washroom. Guneet asks if marriage is this, how will life spend? Nia comes out ready and calls Amber.

Nia comes to RB and says you said that there was some good news. RB says first thing is that no Sir and secondly it depends it is good for whom. He tells about the project which is good for you. Nia asks what? RB says ‘wenet’ management decided to sell the company as they suffered losses last year. He says I have bid for it and I will get it as far as I know. Nia asks Kabir, Swara and Shri will work under you. RB says if they stay in company and asks her not to tell them. He says this is professional matter and asks her to keep it separately from personal life. He says he needs her help. Nia gets tensed. RB says I know that they are good and I will not fire them, but it is their decision to stay in the company or not. He says you will be the New CEO of wenet..Nia says I will get the file. RB asks her to smile. Nia says ya.

Amber comes out of bathroom and asks her to use it. Guneet asks did you take your clothes inside and changed in wet place. Amber says there is a dry section inside and says I thought you will feel strange if I change my clothes here and that’s why changed there. Guneet says you felt strange, it is good that I am leaving. He is shocked and says it is a small matter. She asks why did why he kept pillows between them. Kabir comes to Nia and asks how was the first day after bringing Dad ki Dulhan? Nia says it didn’t register in her mind. Kabir asks are you slow? She says she slept in the office alone. He says uncle worked on full speed. Nia says Dad is very happy now. Kabir asks her not to adopt Dad’s wife now. Nia says you knows well, what I think and do. Kabir says ofcourse, nobody can know you better than me, except Amber Sharma, as I am your bestfriend. Nia asks why did he come? Kabir tells that he is thinking that he will get promotion and tells that old people are leaving and new people joining, a major changes.

Amber says even you was sleeping at the corner. Guneet asks him to say first. Amber says I didn’t have the habit to stay with someone since 8 years and tells that he had gastric trouble and was afraid. He says I had clipped my nose, but what to do with the gastric problems. Guneet laughs and says I slept at the corner as I am not habitual to sleep on any other bed, Maa was not here and I kick while sleeping. Amber laughs. Guneet says Maa catches my legs, but you are not habituated and I was sleeping with tied legs. Amber laughs and tells that he will take tax from her some day. she asks what? He says I will tell later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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