Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber’s date with Kriti don’t go well

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 22nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guneet sitting with Anurag. Amber comes back, looks at Guneet and walks towards his table. A singer sings the song….chu kar mere mann ko……Kriti asks Amber to tell about himself and asks if he didn’t fall in love after his wife’s death. She says you might be feeling lonely. Amber says no and tells that she has a daughter, who is 24 now. Kriti says she might be settled now. Amber says no. Kriti says if he didn’t think of marriage. Anurag asks Guneet if he can say yes to Pummy, as she called him many times. Guneet says she needs time and will tell him. Anurag asks her not to take much time.

Kriti tells Amber that people like them needs to move on. She touches his hand, he resists and then asks her to move her hand back, says she was looking good, but why she is touching him. Kriti asks what’s wrong with him, why is he misbehaving with her. She says she is searching life partner. Amber asks her to stay far and talk. Kriti says I came on a date and didn’t come to sing bhajan. She asks him to say sorry to her and gets up. Guneet and Anurag hear them. Anurag says they must be husband and wife. Guneet says he is my house owner and she is his date. Kriti asks him to apologize. Amber gets upset and rude with her. She asks him to get him treated and calls him psycho. She leaves. Amber also goes. Guneet sees him going.

Nia asks Randeep what he wants to say? Randeep says I can say, but I know your reaction. Nia asks him to say? Randeep says ok, I will say. He tells that actually…Kabir comes there in his car. Randeep says I will leave and says I came to give phone. Kabir says he has forgotten his key inside. Nia asks Kabir if he is upset with her. Kabir takes his keys from the sofa. She tells that it is her mistake that she shall tell him. She says that the guy is Randeep Mehndi Ratta. She says she met him in US and hang out, then he returned and she thought that they will never meet, but they met here. Kabir asks what is here to hide? He tells that they are friends and he don’t want to lose their friendship. Nia asks if he is cool? Kabir says yes, I am cool, sits in his car upset and goes.

Anurag offers to drop Guneet. Guneet insists that she will catch taxi and will go. Anurag goes. Guneet comes to Amber and asks can I come in your taxi, when we are going to the same place, then why to take two taxis, I will pay the money. Amber nods his head. They sit in the taxi. Amber recalls what Kriti told him. Guneet thinks of Anurag’s words that she can become a good wife and mother and he will give her best of happiness. They come back home. Guneet comes to Nia. Nia gives her phone and says Randeep gave it. Guneet asks her to take Amber inside and says he is not coming inside. Nia goes out and sees him sitting sadly.

He says one person was written in his life and she is gone. He says he can’t meet someone else and can’t give her compliments again and again. He says I can’t do this. He tells Nia what happened to me, why I get angry and cry often. He asks if he gets hormonal changes. Nia says you are playing both mom and dad’s roles. She says you made me walk before running and asks how did I forget this? Amber says your internet sea is not for me. Nia says there is also goodness in internet chatting and says this is new to you, and that’s why having problem. Amber says I was about to drown. He says I will make profile for you and will write all my demands, one guy, cook, ghar jamai..and who loves kishore kumar and shall have his own car. Nia asks if he is searching Servant or husband and what about car. Amber says I won’t let him touch my car. Nia says Mamma who you bear him? She says she has to do something in life, wants to give her 100 percent on APP. Amber says your mum was 22 and I was 24 when we got married. Nia says she is not ready for marriage, asks him not to force her for marriage. Amber says you only force your decisions on me. Nia says I will not force you and asks how about his date? Amber says lady was ok, but she touched him much.

Pummy asks Guneet if she liked Anurag. Guneet searches for her phone charger and tells that she will decide. Pummy asks when she will decide and tells that Anurag must be having lines of girls. Guneet says if he likes me then he will wait. She says she will marry if she falls in love. Pummy says if you get married then it is a big thing. Guneet says she will meet him. Amber comes to Nia’s room and covers her with blanket. He goes out and checks his phone.

Precap: Guneet starts feeling for her chat friend and messages him that she is feeling important for him and herself. Amber sees her message and smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Verma4

    What a legend Kishore Kumar. that voice suits any singer, pity. Dam . Amber and Guneet make a solid couple

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