Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 21st November 2019 Written Episode Update: Guneet meets Amber in the travel agency

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 21st November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Pandey asking Nia if Amber was worried about something. Nia shows the reports and tells that Dad must have assumd that reports are not good. Dr. Pandey says he has high BP and Cholesterol and says no pizza for him now. Nia says she can’t stop him for having it. Dr. Pandey asks her to take him to a new place. Amber gets discharged and comes home. She says I am sorry. Kabir says its ok. Amber also says its ok and asks why did you say sorry to him. Nia asks shall I say sorry to you. Amber says nothing bad will happen now in this house and asks Kabir to go. Nia says please go. Amber asks did you listen? Kabir is about to go. Nia tells Amber that she is asking him to go. Kabir says I will go. Nia stops him and says sorry for shouting at him. Kabir says its ok, I understand and asks her to call if needed. Amber tells Nia that Kabir is waiting for his death and asks her to make him understand nicely. Nia gets upset and goes to room. He goes behind her. Nia asks who does this kind of thing and says if truck comes from front or if someone dies under his car then what would have happen? She says you would have died today. He says he was practicing/drill for emergency. He says you will not be here, so I was preparing myself to take myself to hospital in case of emergency. Nia looks sad. He says I have to learn to reach hospital without you in such case and tells that he had tied a heavy weight so he couldn’t reach the brake. Nia recalls Amber making her practicing to jump off the stairs. His wife Anjali says I will fall some day due to shock. Fb ends.

Nia comes to Amber and hugs him, says sorry. She hugs him and tells that Mamma was wrong, she married a mad guy. She makes him sit on the chair and asks what you would have change in life if you could. Amber says Anjali’s illness. Nia says you can live without me, but how will I live without you. He says I am your di]sease. Nia says my medicine too. Amber says she manipulates me like her mother. Nia takes him to bed and tells that she will bring haldi milk. He asks about his reports. Nia says BP and cholesterol are somewhat high. He says ok and tells that if she wanted then can get his test done again. Nia asks him not to sleep and thinks she scolds like Anjali.

Amber comes to do yoga class and feels pain in his back. Dr. Pandey also joins them. Shanti comes to work and sees Amber. She goes to kitchen and finds tea and Shanti written on the note. She is shocked. Nia comes there and asks what happened? Shanti tells that Amber made tea for her. She thinks what will happen today. Nia is impressed that he went for a walk today. She thinks he got better.

In the office, Nia talks to maddy via video call about their App. Her colleague asks about Amber. Nia says he seems to be new and made tea for Shanti. Shri says it is a false alarm and tells according to the study, if we don’t do anything for 21days then we don’t get habitual to do something. Kabir says he must be having short term memory loss. He shows her visa. They all get happy.

Guneet comes to Amber’s office and asks Ghanshyam and other employee to search that particular file. She gives costly perfumes for their wives. Amber comes there and hears her telling that the employee shall be fired who doesn’t know how to do filing on the computer. She says she will search the employee for them. Amber looks at her and asks who is she? Guneet asks what is written outside, tours and travels, you will get car. She asks Ghanshyam to ask him for tea or coffee. Other employee signs her and says he is sir. She is surprised and says hi. She tells that she needs to find about a number and his employees are helping her. He asks if this is your bag? She says yes. He asks her to pick her bag and leave. She asks if this is the way to behave with a customer and tells that she wants to know the name and number of the driver. He asks did you call some days back. She says yes.

Amber recalls their conversation. He refuses to give her information and keeps the file on the table. She says I am your customer and has right to get the info. He asks her to go to court and bring the orders from there. She says you are not giving a number and you are saying as if I am asking your property. He says if you had asked properly then I would have given, but not after the misbehavior. He shows her door. Ghanshyam gives her bag. She says she will take the number anyhow and is going out. He keeps file and phone on the table. She goes out. Amber turns towards other side. She runs inside and takes the file, while his phone drops down. Amber looks angrily.

Precap: Nia sees Amber crying seeing Anjali’s pic and saying first you went and now Nia.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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