Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 21st February 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber creates problems for Guneet and Nia

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 21st February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti bringing 10 kgs radish and says she brought it from outside the market. Amber asks her to cut it. Shanti refuses. Amber asks her not to come for work. Shanti goes. Amber tells Pandit that they shall cut it together. Kabir asks Shri to help Nia and says she is our friend. Shri says I got this opportunity as she left and tells that he can’t help her. Nia says Shri is very professional and tells that she let him be with her, as she was soft. She says she will prove to the management that she is the same Nia who had launched heart to heart. Pandey tells Amber that the house is stinking with radish smell. Pummy comes there and asks Amber why is he making so much radish. Amber says he will make all radish stuff. Just as he moves, Pummy takes the radish utensil to her house and locks it in the cupboard. He asks her to give keys. Pummy keeps the keys inside her clothes. She says Anurag and her mother are coming now and sprays the room freshener. Nia asks her colleague to do coding. Pummy calls her and informs something. Nia rushes home. Pandey tells that he will make tea although the tea is stinking. Pummy brings the chefs there and asks to make the list of things. Amber asks the chef to make radish. Nia comes there and calls dad. She asks why did you do this? amber asks who told you and makes excuses. He goes inside.

Anurag’s mum comes to meet Guneet and gives her jewellery and clothes. Pummy says I have brought halwa. Anurag’s mum asks her to wear saree and jewellery afer marriage. She then asks her not to do her marketing job as it won’t look nice. She says we feel that…Guneet asks if Anurag also thinks like that and asks if they don’t like her as she is? Anurag comes there and tells that he has to take mum to give medicines. Pummy says I made halwa. Anurag asks her to pack it and says he will take mummy home and then will come to take the halwa. Nia asks Amber to come out and says she is going to office. Amber comes out. Nia asks him not to do anything and tells that she has an important presentation today in office. Amber sees the congratulations board of Guneet and Anurag’s name written on it and says he won’t let anything happen. Nia asks did you hear what I said? She tells again about her presentation tomorrow. Pandey asks Nia to go and tells that he will be here.

Anurag tells Guneet that mom will not be here, so agree to her saying and then do what she wants. He says mom will not stay with us. Guneet says this will be lie, like you have hidden about your online friend. Guneet asks are you taking revenge and is about to go, when Anurag holds his ears and do sit ups. Guneet forgives him and says we will not force each other for anything. Anurag says yes, but we shall make some adjustments. Guneet smiles. He asks her to come. Amber tells Pandey to look at their decoration taste and says they want to make me jealous. Pandey asks do you want to do roka, no then why you are worrying. Chef asks him to taste the gulab jamun, says Mata went out. Amber asks Pandey to taste it.

Pandey asks him to taste and says I will handle being your doctor. Amber says size is not same and asks him to show all the lot. He takes the gulab jamun stuff out and says neighbors will decide how is it? Chef asks him to stop. Amber asks the neighbors to eat and says how is it? Pandey tries to stop him, but in vain. All the chefs go out. Amber tells that they will do party now and dances switching on the music system. Pandey says I will switch it off. Amber continues to dance and stops him. He goes to Guneet’s portion and gets the door locked. Pummy comes back and asks why they are standing out. The cooks tell that Amber kicked them out. Pummy knocks on the door and tries to go to their portion, but it is locked too. Guneet comes there and asks Amber to open the door. Pandey asks Amber to open the door, but he stops him. Nia gets ready with her presentation. Kabir sees that and says this is top class. Pummy threatens to call Police. Pandey opens the door and asks Amber to say sorry. Guneet says lets go inside. Amber closes the door and Pummy’s hand get stuck and hurt. Pummy cries saying that her hand is broken.

Precap: Nia is giving her presentation. Kajal comes there and says there is urgent message for Nia. Nia rushes to the Police station.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Verma4

    Amber is really a dick. No etiquette at all.

  2. Silvan Desouza

    The serial is very identifiable perhaps lack dramatic then most serials.
    great acting by varun badola and all.

  3. Khushali Shah

    Amber’s behaviour is so cheap

  4. Take it easy guys .. Amber’s character supposed to be like this , If you read the character traits or the features of the show , you will understand and might not get offended by his actions.. Good acting and skill will affect the viewers perception.

    1. Verma4

      agreed, acting 10/10. I said it earlier on that he is total class.

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