Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber and Guneet go on a separate date

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 20th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal telling Nia and others that uncle’s date is here, we were searching outside unnecessarily. Shri says even I like her. Kabir says I like her from day 1. Nia tells that Amber Sharma and Guneet sikhha and tells that whenever they come infront of each other, they fight. She says both are mismatch for each other. She says her dad’s life partner shall be like my mum, if he gets angry then she shall make him understand with love. Kabir jokes that she will fight with yamraj. Nia throws something on him. Amber comes there and asks didn’t you go? Kabir says we will go in sometime. He says we will get you ready. Amber says I am trapped. Guneet tells Pummy that her phone’s screen broke. She tells that she is going to repair the phone. Pummy asks her to go to parlour and threatens her saying if she don’t meet Dr. Anurag then have to see her dead face. Guneet comes back.

She will go here, but before that she will go to the repair centre. Pummy asks her to meet Anurag. Randeep comes to the ladies parlour and calls Guneet. The parlour employees asks him to go and says this is ladies parlour. He calls Guneet. Guneet comes there. The lady asks what are you doing here? Randeep says I will not see anyone and puts cucumber on his eyes. He gives her phone to her and tells that he gave money to the repair centre and got it. He says since I met you, I am thinking about you. Everyone looks at them. Guneet says he is younger than me, we met 2 days back. Randeep says your voice is echoing in my ears, that I am in love. Guneet says we shall do rapid fire round. She questions him, if he will get a chance to go to US then what you will do. He says he will be with Nia. She asks him to go to her. Randeep says what I will do? Guneet tells that she is going on a date set by mum. Randeep says I will help you and asks her to come out of parlour. Guneet asks Parlour lady to take off the mask.

Kabir, Kajal and Nia show the clothes to Amber. Amber messages Baawra mann asking to help him in selecting of clothes. Nia asks him to try his shirt. Randeep and Nia come home. Pummy tells Randeep that she asked him to take her fast and says you slept. Guneet asks if he wants to have coffee? Randeep saysyes. Pummy says doctor might be waiting for her. Randeep says we won’t let her go until he is ready and convinces Pummy. Guneet says you knows how to charm the ladies. Randeep says but can’t charm a girl. He asks Pummy to make tea and takes Guneet to help her. Guneet shows the clothes which she has in her wardrobe. Pummy brings her saree and asks her to wear it with the jewellery. She asks her to wear it.

Amber tries the shirt, but they don’t like him. He tries many more clothes. Guneet also tries many clothes. Randeep finalizes her clothes. Amber messages her, but her phone hang again. Randeep takes it to get it repaired. Amber tells them that he is not getting ready.

Later he gets ready wearing suit. Randeep finalizes her clothes. Guneet comes wearing a saree. Amber looks at her. ek hasina se….plays….kabir, Kajal and Shri compliment her. Pummy tells that she is looking nice, but not wearing the saree given by her. Nia gets emotional and looks at Anjali’s pic. Kabir asks are you okay? Nia says yes. Kabir says Anjali must be proud of you. Amber waits for baawre Mann’s message. Shri and Kajal come to Amber. Shri says they will trim the beard. Kajal says shoes shall be best. Amber sends her to get his shoes. He sends Shri too.

Kabir comes to Amber and says you’ re looking handsome. He asks shall I help you with the chat history. Amber says Nia sent message to someone which I want to remove. He asks which color shoes to wear. Kabir asks him to focus on the date. Amber asks if he gives gyan since childhood. Kabir smiles and says time to go. Amber says I like you. Kabir says I know how much you like me. He says best of luck. Amber gets ready with trim hair and beard.

Guneet also comes ready with Randeep and gets down from the stairs. Amber asks how did he enter my house. Guneet says he is my guest and came to meet me. Nia asks Amber to come to side. Guneet tells Randeep that kids have fixed date and tells that the date will run away. Amber says so let her run. Randeep asks her to come. Guneet steps on the stairs and is about to fall. Amber sees her falling and puts chair on her way. Guneet falls on the chair. Randeep asks are you fine? Guneet tells Amber that her mouth would have broken and have an argument with him. Kabir sees Nia and Randeep talking. Nia asks Amber not to spoil his mood and gives him a paper. Amber sits in the car. Nia asks him to smile all evening. Amber says I don’t know who is that lady? Nia asks him to relax and says she will come there if needed. Guneet is also going on a date.

Precap: Guneet and Amber come to the same place. She sees him and says you…Amber looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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