Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 20th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Dr. Anurag asks Amber to speak to Guneet

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 20th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Doctor telling Amber that Guneet has stolen his baawra mann. Amber scolds him for saying that. Doctor says if there is nothing like that, then why you want to stop her engagement. Amber says you couldn’t identify animals, don’t know how you have become doctor. He goes. Nia calls him and tells that she has so much work and will come late. She is in Amber’s office. Randeep says I will drop you home and tells that he came for some work. he asks if Kabir has done something. Nia says she has to complete her work in 24 hours. Randeep gives her pillow etc. She says she has pain in the legs. Randeep asks her to do work silently. He gets Guneet’s message and goes. Amber switches the channel. ….mujhe pyaar karo song plays….Randeep comes there silently and sees Guneet lost in thoughts. He closes the window and comes to Guneet, asks what is she doing? Guneet takes the burning kadai off the stove. Randeep says Amber Sharma is still awake. Guneet tells that Anurag asked her what would have happened if that NDP had come there. She says she couldn’t answer him. Randeep asks do you still have feelings for him. Guneet says no and tells that she has so much anger for him, and don’t know how to take it out. Amber switches off the TV. Guneet tells Randeep that she knows that real relations can’t be left due to online relations. She says she couldn’t keep him out of mind and says even she doesn’t know what to answer Anurag. She herself is confused. Randeep asks her to burn all the stuff related to NDP. He asks her to bring saree and put it on the plate.

Randeep asks what else which reminds of him. Guneet says scarf. Randeep asks her to burn it and say om no dramaplzam, get off of my lifeam. Guneet laughs and says that. She puts the dalchini in the fire. Randeep asks how you are feeling now? Guneet says it is foolishness, but I feel that it is ended. Randeep says whatever you don’t want, just burn it. Amber thinks of the lady’s words. Guneet sees curtains catching wire and shouts. Amber brings the water bucket. Randeep asks her to hide his bag and sets off the wire. Amber comes there and asks where is the fire? He throws water on her from the bucket. He says water can keep the hatred off. He asks where is that chuchundar/Randeep and asks him to come out. Guneet says this is my house, I pay you the rent. They argue. Anurag comes there and pushes Amber. Amber asks him to leave Guneet and handle his life. Anurag asks him to leave and tells that if you had not helped Guneet then your bones would have been broken by now. Amber goes. Anurag asks Guneet to change her dress else she will get unwell. Guneet goes to change her clothes.

She comes back after changing her clothes and says she always does mistake with relations, and hopes this is her last mistake. Amber tells Doctor that he opened his heart for her and let her know his feelings. Guneet says she was scared and tells that he was a blank paper. She tells that she has not taken decision in a hurry. Anurag says even I have done mistake, but I am trying to change myself and fulfill my promise, but commitment is not one way. Doctor tells Amber that not her truth, but his heart is stopping him and is not ready to believe that Anjali’s place is taken by someone. He asks are your ready to tell her. Amber says I am ready to play her band fully. Doctor says you are looking like a daily soap saas. Anurag asks are you ready? Guneet says yes. Anurag holds her hand and says lets start again.

Later Pummy searches for Nia’s number and tells Guneet that she will tell her what her father is doing? Guneet says if anyone can handle him and asks her not to trouble Nia. Pummy says why he is after us. Guneet asks her not to call Nia and takes her phone. Pummy says Anurag’s mummy is coming, we have to make breakfast for her. Guneet says will make or order something.

Doctor comes to Amber’s house and asks why did you buy this? Guneet comes there and greets Doctor. Doctor congratulates her for roka tomorrow. Guneet says if someone lets, and invites him. She asks Amber to come as well and says mistake is of both, she asks him to come with Nia. She asks him to be away from her maa and hold the book rightly while reading, laughs and goes. Doctor also laughs. Amber asks did you see how she laughed and tells that he didn’t see such a woman before. Doctor says I have seen how you watched her. Amber says he was looking with hatred. Shanti brings Mooli/Radish and asks what he has to do.

Precap: Kabir and Nia are in the office. Kajal whispers something in her ears. Nia runs out of office.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    I hope that Guneet agrees to marry Anurag because Amber is a wanker.

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