Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber’s friend makes him realize the truth

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 19th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber telling Anurag that Guneet is sailing in two boats at a time and you don’t know. Anurag looks at her surprised. Amber asks Guneet if she didn’t tell him anything. Guneet says you know whom I went to meet yesterday and asks why is he interfering? Pummy asks Guneet not to argue with him. Amber says this was certain. Guneet asks Amber to show himself to Doctor and says you have no right to interfere in my life. Amber asks her to stay away from her house. Anurag is shocked. Pummy takes Anurag to their floor. Nia tells the management about her decision to leave US for her dad. Boss says Kabir has written everything in the report. Kabir tells that he wants to talk to him. Nia tells that she is not fully ready with her progress. Boss says Shri has submitted the blueprint already. Nia and Kabir are surprised. Boss tells that Nia can’t handled it again. Nia says she will submit the designs soon. They give her time to submit the design by tomorrow else.

Pummy tries to hear Guneet and Anurag’s conversation. Guneet says I am sorry Anurag. Anurag says I promised you three things and expected the same from you. Guneet says I hid something from you. Anurag asks why? He says I came to know about this from someone. He says he is helpless to doubt her. Guneet says I never thought that I have done something wrong. She says she chatted with someone online, befriended him and thought to meet him, but he didn’t come to restaurant to meet her. Anurag asks her to say, what she would have done if he had come? Guneet is speechless. Anurag says you don’t have an answer. He says I have to think about my answer. Guneet says now we are not chatting. Anurag says I really don’t care about whom you meet or chat, but I am surprised that you have hidden from me. He says if he had come then what you would have done. He asks her to say. He says our roka is decided, but I can’t do it right now seeing the situation. I need sometime and I think even you shall take time before moving on. He gets teary eyes and comes out. Pummy says you are right, I can’t stop you. He touches her feet and goes.

Nia comes to Shri and asks what did you do? Kabir comes there and asks them to come to his cabin. Kajal asks what is wrong? Shri says I have done my work. Nia says it was my App and why did you send my designs. Kabir asks why didn’t you go behind my back and submitted the blue print. Shri says you are always biased. Kabir says I never favored her wrong doings. Shri says he can’t wait for her to sort out problems. He says I can’t ruin my career for friendship. Kajal says I am pretty sure that he doesn’t mean it. Nia tells Kabir that she has 24 hours for the new designs and tells that she don’t want anyone to blame him for her.

Pummy tells Amber why he couldn’t be quiet for 2 mins. He says this relation would have changed everyone’s lives. She asks, what he got by breaking the alliance. Amber asks if the roka is cancelled. Pummy says if it is cancelled that she will curse him, never to get happiness in his life. Amber sits down.

Amber meets his friend outside the house. His friend tells that he had told Nia that love is impossible for you. Amber says you spoke to Nia. His friend says Nia spoke to me, says lets go to my house and talk. They go to his house. Doctor says you loved online and hate in reality. He asks who is she? Amber says I don’t know her. Doctor asks for her name? Amber says Deepika and tells that she is a liar. I thought she is Saraswati, but she was fraud. He says he has deleted his account. Doctor says she couldn’t know that you was her online friend, you both went on their own ways. Amber says she is getting engaged, but he don’t care. Doctor says you should have told Guneet. Amber says if I show the chat for what she has written. He then realizes that Doctor understood her name. Doctor says it was written on your face. He says you couldn’t tell the story properly. He says you couldn’t describe Deepika or Guneet’s character well. He asks him to understand what he wants in life. He asks him to think, why is he restless. Amber gets angry. Doctor says she didn’t lie and was same, but you wanted her to be someone else. He says you hate her in real life and the truth is that Guneet stole your baawra mann. Amber refuses. Doctor asks if this is not truth then why you want to stop her engagement.

Precap: Randeep asks Guneet to burn the memories. Guneet burns her saree and scarf. She says this is the end. Just then the fire catches the curtain and they shout. Amber takes buckets to go there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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