Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber tries to stop Guneet’s engagement

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber thinking face and intention are hidden by the people in real life and….He recalls Baawra mann messaging him that she will have orange color scarf. He gets up and goes to window. He sees Guneet standing standing and stares her, before pulling the curtains and covering the windows. Guneet is surprised. She gets Anurag’s message that he is waiting for her. Nia thinks of Amber and goes live on her blog. She says don’t know if she helped Dad or put him in problem. In the morning, Rukh jaana nahi song playing in the house. Amber wakes up and hears the song. He comes out thinking Guneet played it. Nia greets him and says good is ready. He asks about the song? Amber switches off the tape radio. Nia asks what happened with the lady. Amber says nothing happened, everything is fine. Nia asks why did you look up thrice. She asks if Guneet and Pummy have done something. Amber says no. Nia says they are leaving the house and that’s why you will miss Guneet for doing so much for us. Amber asks what did you make with eggs. Nia tells that dishes name. They sit and have dinner. She says she will take off today. He says today is your performance review day. Nia says I can’t hide anything from you and asks again if he is hiding? He says nothing and asks her to go to office. Nia says ok and asks him to take rest at home tonight.

Anurag calls Guneet and says if we are meeting tonight. Guneet says yes and says we can go anywhere. He asks if she is fine? Guneet says she is having headache. Anurag asks her to get well before evening and then they can decide. Guneet says she is fine.

Randeep comes to Guneet’s room. Guneet asks why didn’t you go until now. Randeep says I couldn’t go without seeing you. He asks how are you? Guneet says I am a big foolish girl to think that I will meet someone online and he will be so good and make my life good. She says she is so good. Randeep says you are so good as you believe on everything. She says you need strength to live the way you wanted and salutes her. He asks her not to let her Guneet special smile never go away. He says many nodramaplz will come, but you are baawra mann and will not get affected. Amber opens the cupboard and takes out the sarees. He goes out and hangs the sarees to the ceiling making the roof. Guneet and Randeep see that. He says I didn’t do any mistake.

Nia is in the office and tells that she has given her best in the last 2 months and tells that her dad is her life and that’s why she left US job. Kajal asks if she felt bad when she is asked how she felt when her colleague overtook her position. Nia tells that felt bad at first, but she is giving her best and Shri is a good team leader. She is called inside for the review by the management.

Shanti’s son mixes salt in sugar’s bottle. Shanti scolds him and asks him to study silently. His son cries. Amber comes there and sits on the dining table. He hears the song and cries himself. Shanti thinks why he is crying? Later pummy brings the decoration stuff and calls guneet. She asks why did the curtains are hanged? She says Roka decoration needs to be happened? Amber says there will be no roka here and asks her to do it outside the house. Pummy says this is our house too. Amber tells that he has given him 1st floor on rent and not his house. Guneet comes and says roka will happen here and shows the contract in which it is written that they can use the lawn for any family function purpose. Pummy asks Guneet to calm down and says we will make him understand. Guneet says he don’t understand the nice language and tells that they shall talk to him in the language he understands well. Decoration guy asks Pummy to solve the matter. Pummy asks Decoration guy to decorate the house. Amber threatens them to go. Guneet asks them to decorate the house and asks Amber to pull off the curtains. The decoration guy leaves. Anurag comes there. Guneet asks Amber what happened, why he can’t see others’ happiness. Anurag comes there and asks if all ok. Pummy asks him to come from outside stairs. Guneet says she was cleaning the mess as it was stinking. Amber says I am garbage and you are chameli. He asks her to tell where did she go on valentine’s day and asks her to tell everything to Dr. haddi. Anurag asks what do you mean? Amber tells that Guneet is hanging on two ships at once and asks Anurag if he don’t understand.

Precap: Guneet tells Anurag that they are not chatting now. Amber tells his doctor friend that she is getting engaged. doctor asks why he wants to stop her engagement.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Verma4

    Amber , you are a f**ken sore looser and a wanker. You do not deserve any woman in your life .

    1. He is a very flawed character. Never understood his extreme hatred of Guneet. But the actors are so good that they are making the story believable. And there is so much potential in their story. What he did to Guneet today though, assassinate her character in front of Anurag was a super mean thing to do.

    2. Verma4

      Varun’s a great actor. love his work

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