Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber practices to go on a date with Guneet

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber talking to Anjali’s pic and tells that whatever I am going to do is quite difficult, but you will be my first love always, asks her to remember this always. Guneet comes to Pummy and asks if she slept. She hugs her and says I will meet that doctor. Pummy asks when you will meet him? Guneet says anytime. Pummy says she will make the arrangement, have to fix the parlour appointment and make the clothes ready for you. Guneet asks her to do in the morning else Amber will wake up. Pummy says I will make gajar ka halwa and will make him happy. She says you are my life and I want you to be settled. Guneet says I know.

Amber comes to Nia and keeps coffee. Nia says she will drink and is about to sip it. Amber says it is hot, asks her to wait till he brings his coffee. Nia says ok. Amber brings his coffee and asks Nia to close the laptop. He says cheers. Nia looks at OK made on the coffee and asks what do you mean? She asks if he is ready to go on a date. Amber nods his head. Nia gets happy and asks if he is sure. She drinks coffee happily.

Next morning, Nia tells Amber that today she don’t want to go to office and wants to be at home. Amber recalls kabir’s words and gets up. He brings the photo album and shows her pic on the swing. He tells a story behind it. Nia says mom and you used to trust me. Amber says you have to win the world’s trust, says Nia is brave and says if you run from yourself then it will be known to yourself. Nia asks him to pack her paratha. She gets ready and comes out to take tiffin. She asks if he is ready to go on a date. Amber nods. Nia says Nia bahadur’s dad is not afraid and scared, he will fight and win. Amber says your father will win the war and smiles.

Shri comes to Nia. Nia says yes boss. Shri says don’t say that. Nia says everything is fine. They talk casually. Kabir teases Shri. He asks Nia if she can come for 2 mins. Nia asks Shri if she can go and laughs. Kabir says Opera, Steve and Amitabh Bachchan was fired from their jobs at first, but later they were successful. He asks her not to give up hope. Nia says she was motivated by her dad early morning. She says she will make a good and successful App. Nia says you will be punished for this and asks him to help her dad go on a date. Kabir says ok, as you say.

Nia comes home with Kajal, Shri, Kabir and surprises Amber. Amber asks if she told them. Nia says they came to get you ready. Kabir says girl shall know that you are Amber Sharma. He says you are going on a date after a long time. Guneet asks who is going on a date. Amber says I…he says he got married in an arranged marriage and fell in love with his wife later. He says he is going on a date at 50 years of age. He asks if she wants to make fun of him and asks Nia to make the announcement in the neighborhood. Guneet says it is good that you are going on a date, you haven’t done a big thing to be announced. She says she is also going on a date. Nia says she is proud of him. Kabir says even me. Amber asks why? Kajal says you will be dude Amber Sharma by the time we make you ready.

Nia asks Amber to sit and says you can’t go with stick on a date. Kajal acts to the girl who came to meet her. Amber asks how is office going on beta? Nia says she is Sweety. Kajal talks to him and says I like old men. Amber says I am of your father’s age and will break your teeth. Nia says we shall think something else. Kabir sits with dupatta on his head and says hello Amber, I am sweety. Amber says he is not Sweety, but Sweeta. He asks them to send someone else on date. Nia says this is not happening. Shri says I have an idea. He shares with Nia and others. Guneet is made to sit on the girl’s place. Nia thanks Guneet. Guneet says I can’t do this. Amber says she said right. Kajal says there is no age and gender problem now. Nia asks them to imagine that they are meeting for the first time. She says Guneet’s name will be Kriti and asks Amber to imagine. Amber asks Guneet if she has kids.

Guneet says who says this at first meeting? Amber asks her not to give birth to any kid and says I have a daughter who makes me dance hearing her damru. Nia asks him to close his eyes, imagines a woman wearing a beautiful saree and Kishore Kumar songs are playing in the background. Guneet smiles. Amber imagines and then sings the song kaun ho tum…..Guneet looks at him in surprise. Everyone cheer for him. he asks for an award. Guneet says she will go and asks him to prepare for the songs. Amber tries to stop her and her phone falls down from her hand. Nia checks her phone and says display is gone. Amber says scores settled, you broke my phone in office. Guneet says she is habitual to hear his bitter talks and goes.

Precap: Kajal, Shri and Kabir tell Nia that they were searching date for uncle outside, but the girl is in the house. They all choose Guneet for Amber. Nia looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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