Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Guneet gives wedding planner’s duty to Nia


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 14th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber getting upset seeing his marriage functions. Nia comes there and asks what was it outside? She asks since when you are thinking about marriage? Amber says 3-4 days. Nia tells that Guneet ji is thinking about marriage since she was 14 and has written every detail in her scrap book. She asks him to think about Guneet’s happiness and tells that Pammi’s words doesn’t matter as you are not going to marry her, but Guneet ji. She asks him to come out and see Guneet’s condition. Pammi asks Guneet to listen to her. Guneet cries. Kabir tells Guneet that just like he is allergic to dust, uncle is allergic to people and he got angry and scared. He says uncle can’t show his fear and that’s why showing anger. He asks her to understand him and give him some time. He says everything will be fine.

Nia comes to Guneet and asks her not to worry, tells that she will handle both Amber Sharma and Pammi Sikhha. She tells that she don’t want her to have any bad thought whenever she thinks about her marriage and tells that they will workout. Amber comes there. Guneet wipes her tears and says thank you…and sorry. Nia says don’t be sorry, I don’t want. Guneet says but I do and tells Pammi that she knows that you have many dreams about my marriage, tells that a good wedding planner is the one who shall think about both bride and groom’s choices and wishes. She tells that they will keep the wedding planner, but the outsiders can’t plan their wedding like Amber and I wanted. She tells that Nia will plan my wedding. Nia gets touched and says ofcourse. She hugs Guneet. Guneet tells Amber and Pammi that if they love and care for her, then they shall do as Nia says, and nobody shall interfere in her work and shall not say anything. Pammi agrees. Nia says I don’t have idea, you have to guide me. I will plan just as you wanted. Pammi smiles. Guneet looks at Amber and goes out of the house. Amber comes out and asks her to listen. He thanks her for telling that for Nia. Guneet looks at him and is going, when Amber says sorry. Dilbar mera kab tak mujhe tadpawo ge plays….Amber says you knows me well. Guneet is about to go. Amber comes infront of her.

He is about to hold her hand. Nia tells that wedding planner’s rule is that nobody shall stand with sad faces. She says she has scolded Dad and asks Guneet to smile. Guneet smiles. Nia asks Amber to smile as well. They smile. Nia pushes Guneet on Amber. Guneet smiles and hugs Nia. Amber hugs them. Nia says I didn’t see anything. They laugh. Guneet goes to her house.

Nia talks to the Pandit ji online and asks him to take out mahurat. Pandit ji tells that there is no mahurat for marriage this year, and there is a good mahurat in January. Amber says we shall not hurry up for marriage. Pammi says we shall wait for January. Amber asks Nia to get him married tomorrow itself, being upset with Pammi. Nia asks Pandit ji to take out early mahurat.

Pandit ji says next mahurat is good. Pammi tells that how she will invite the guests so soon. Nia asks who are those guests? Amber tells that he will marry her daughter only and asks if she will stay till then. Pammi tells that her relatives wants to see Guneet’s husband via video call and tells that Praji, Sweety and other friends. Guneet gets tensed.

Kajal asks Nia, how she will manage her work now. Nia says what I will tell RB sir. Kajal says you have overloaded yourself and tells that she would have get the marriage done in January. Nia says that would be late, tells that until then Dad would be yearning for Guneet ji.

Nia and Kajal call the boutique salesguy and he shows bridal clothes to Guneet. Guneet waits for Amber and asks when he will come. Nia says he will come. Amber comes home, hearing something. Guneet asks him to select the dress for her. Amber asks her to decide. Guneet says if you hesitate then I will change my groom. Amber says he likes light color. Guneet says how bride will look in light color. Amber tells her that she should have looked Anjani in lavender color dress. Guneet looks on.

Precap: Amber comes ready to meet Guneet’s relatives on video call. Pra ji asks if he is your groom…seeing Amber’s sherwani tearing when he sits on the chair.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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