Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kriti returns in Amber’s life

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhakti asking Nia to make her friends’ understand not to keep the kitchen messy. Nia tells Bhakti that this is marriage house and such things will happen. She asks Shri to do the work. Shri finds cake and tells Nia. Nia says don’t know when marriage will happen, but cake will get spoiled. Nia and Shri play Daler Mehendi song. Kabir and Swara wake up from sleep and start dancing. Kabir says lets go home, marriage is cancelled. Nia says not yet, just paused. Kabir sits to have sandwich. Swara says we didn’t go home since many days. Kabir says once Guneet ji’s report come then we will think, till then we are quarantine here. Swara says ok. Nia asks them to go home and come. She says she will call them when Guneet’s report comes. Kabir says lets go then and asks Nia to manage everything alone. They count all the works which they had to do. Kabir says Nia will do all the work. Nia says I can’t do this alone and asks if they are going surely. Kabir says you was managing everyone’s crisis, so who will manage yours. They all have a hug altogether.

Later Nia’s friends tease Amber. Kajal says uncle has just Guneet ji’s number in his mobile. Amber throws bracelet on Kabir and asks him to get it polished as Guneet wants to wear it on marriage day. He tells that he is making healthy food for Guneet. Nia says she is in quarantine. Amber makes the food and tries to take it, wearing PPE and head mask. Nia says she is in quarantine and asks him to wait until the reports come. Amber takes the food for Guneet and argues with Pammi. Pammi asks him to go and tells that she has made the food for Guneet. Guneet calls him. Amber picks the call and argues with Pammi and tells that he had immunity booster food. Pammi says she made parathas etc and asks him to go. Guneet tells that she don’t want breakfast and asks them to go. Nia comes there and asks Amber to come. Shuklayan tells that they all are with her. Amber says I need to be here and asks her to understand. Ghanshyam comes there and tells that he didn’t get the report yet. Amber asks if he is saying truth. He tells Guneet that he is her would be husband and it is his right to take care of her.

Amber and Nia come home. Decorator tells that he will take 35000 extra. Nia says decoration will be taken out when my Dad ki Dulhan comes. Amber says all our calculation will stumble. Nia says we do only love calculation dad…Amber opens the door to go to Guneet, when he sees the lady, whom he met on date. He calls her behenji and asks what are you doing here? The lady says you called me at home, to celebrate my birthday. Amber asks did I call you? He thinks he is getting dangerous dream. She asks do you get my dreams? She says since you came in my life back, I get dreams thinking about you. Amber calls Nia. Nia comes out and says hi to the lady, asks who is she? The lady asks if she is Nia? Nia says yes. The lady says I would have identified that she is his bacchu if you had not told me. Nia asks who is she? Amber says I don’t know her. The lady reminds that they had met in restaurant. Amber says once. The lady says I am Kriti. Kabir says you had went on a date with her. Kriti says yes, once personally, but seems like we know each other since years. Amber says I never met you after that. She shows his profile pic and says you was nodramaplz. Amber says he is not chatting now. Kriti says we are in touch since the first day and reached touching each other. Amber says she is talking vulgar things.

Nia checks and tells that message has gone from your account though. Amber asks her to check. Kriti tells Amber that she has deleted such messages. Amber asks what? Shri checks and says message is sent from your account. Kriti says if he didn’t message me then how did I come here. She asks Amber to confess. Amber asks her to leave. She asks how are you talking to me? Amber says he will sweep broom on her love. Kriti says now I understood you and feels ashamed on his behavior. Amber says she is a stubborn woman. Nia says there is surely a misunderstanding. Amber says she is a cunning, stubborn and evil woman. Kriti says you have used bad words for me, now see what I do with you. She says I will tell about you in your neighborhood and on social media. Amber says I am not on social media. Nia says dad didn’t do this. kriti says what I thought that I will celebrate birthday with him, but….he..They all sing happy birthday to you. Kriti smiles.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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