Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Amber decides to let Nia go to US

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 13th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nia asking the lady if she didn’t doubt KK chaudhary. The lady says she trusted him and thought that God made their Jodi. She says I don’t have the sense to judge people. Nia says he was a conman and must have made fake problem. Amber’s office employee calls Nia and tells that he is ringing the bell and her dad is not picking the call. Nia asks him to check from the window. He checks from the window and sees him fallen down, shouts Saab ji. Nia tells Kabir that she has to go as Dad is not opening the door. Kabir tries to stop her, but in vain. Nia leaves from the office. The lady asks Kabir how she can go without helping her. Kabir asks her to leave her contact number and says they will contact her. She says if you don’t do that, then I will file case against your company. He asks her to tell Nia Sharma not to take her lightly. Servant tells Nia that her Dad is on floor unconscious. Nia is leaving from office and tells her colleague that she shouldn’t have talked about going to US. She reaches home and asks Ghanshyam what happened? Ghanshyam says he is not opening the door and was on floor. They go inside. Nia calls him and finds him sitting on the swing. She hugs him and cries.

Ghanshyam says today I would have got a heart attack. The neighbors come there. Shukla’s wife asks him to see Nia’s condition and says she came here running from Noida. Nia asks him if he got electric shock and scolds him. Amber says that electrician couldn’t do the work properly. Nia says do you know what could have happen. They go to kitchen. Nia says she will make tea. He peels ginger and tells that your mum used to say that ginger tea is a treatment for many things and she also used to say that when a person does mistake then the other person shall not scold him, but shall hug him. Nia hugs him and asks why you do this. Guneet’s mum scolds her and tells that KK didn’t come since 2 weeks. She asks what did you say to him? Naina says you are lucky to have such a daughter. Mother asks about KK. Guneet says she is happy and tells that KK went out of Delhi. Nia tells Amber that other electrician will come tomorrow and asks him not to talk to him. She asks why did you fire Ghanshyam. Amber says he is a liar. Nia says he is loyal, you had fired him 20 times, but he comes again. He says everyone is liar. Nia asks who is liar? Amber says you told me that you will not go until I permit you, but you sent peon to take your passport. Nia says she didn’t send Peon, may be Kabir sent him. She says I will never go until you permit me. She says he shall understand that the training is important for her. He says it is your wish. She says she lost her freedom when mummy left them. He thinks of her words and goes to repair the electricity box. He repairs it and the light comes back.

Kabir comes home and greets Amber. He tells that Nia has forgotten to sign Visa application and asks where is she? Amber says she is not at home. Kabir says she said she is going home. Amber says I locked her in the cellar and asks him to check. Kabir says may be I came at wrong time. Amber says time was right, but it became wrong with you. Nia sees and stops him. She asks him to come inside. Kabir asks her to sign. She says she needs sometime and has to prepare dad to stay away without her for 2 years. Kabir says he will talk to her. Nia says he calls you yamdood. Kabir says seriously. He asks her to think, decide and sign. He leaves.

Nia writes an email to the American company and sleeps while writing. Amber thinks of her conversation with kabir and comes inside. He reads that she couldn’t take up this learning opportunity due to personal reasons. He looks on thinking.

Next morning, Nia asks Amber about her laptop. He says it must be in your room. Nia says it was in my room last night. Amber says I don’t touch it. Nia says who checks my browsing history. He asks her to check on sofa. She finds a box on the sofa and asks him about it. He says I am going to America and bought this phone to talk to you. I will not waste money on ISD calls. Nia hugs him. He says he is making dal. She says she likes Shuklayan dal. He says even Shukla don’t like it and that’s why he is on dating side. Nia hugs him. He asks her to leave him and goes to kitchen sadly. tum se judi hain zindagi song plays…..

Precap: Nia asks her dad to make Pasta, but she don’t come home and attends party thrown by friends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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