Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kabir realizes his hidden feelings

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 12th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir asking how is the prediction? Nia says RB and me. She says he is a nice guy and have changed since he returned, but..She asks Kajal to come and handle her Dad’s marriage. Kabir asks Shri if he is enjoying and making fun of his feelings. Shri tells that it was just his imagination, tells that you can’t bear Nia with someone else and asks if this is right. He asks her to change his present if he wants to have Nia in his life. Kabir tells that he is commitment to Swara and hurried in relation with her. He should have waited for Nia’s answer. He tells that Swara was waiting for him and he agreed. He tells that he had confessed his feelings to Nia many times, but she didn’t reply to him. He says he lives in reality and Swara is his reality. Shri asks if Swara is in his heart and tells that girl is ready to leave her career for you and you are…Kabir is upset. Amber comes to Nia and tells that Guneet left him and tells about their conversation on call. He tells that Guneet told that everything is over. Amber asks kabir what to do. Nia asks him to relax and says Guneet is a very understanding person. RB comes and asks can I help you. Nia goes to RB and tells about Guneet and Amber. RB signs her to clean some stuff from her face and he himself cleans it. Kabir gets jealous and upset. He goes to Nia and says you was blushing during the imagination. Nia says no and tells that RB’s first floor is empty. Nia teases him for his imaginary family and tells that even he enjoyed, just dog was left in the family. She says Shri is the one stable among them and may be he will be the same after 10 years. Kabir says I am not Charismatic, perfect etc like RB and expresses his jealousy with words. He then says sorry.

Amber comes to Nia. Nia asks him not to say anything and tells that she will call Guneet. She calls Guneet and asks how is she feeling now? Guneet tells that she is having some headache. Amber says headache and gets up. Nia asks her to tell if she has any problem? Kabir and Shri hold him. Guneet signs Nia if Amber is there and she pretends to get angry on Amber. Nia asks what did Dad do? Guneet says she can’t say whatever he told her. Nia asks her to forgive him. Guneet tells that she will never forgive him and ends the call. Amber asks Nia what did she say? Nia says your love needs God’s blessings. Amber scolds her for ruining everything and tells that he will talk to Guneet.

Amber, Nia and Kabir throw the handmade walky talky in Guneet’s room, with Amber’s message. Guneet reads his message. Amber asks Nia and Kabir to turn to other side and says sorry to Guneet. He asks her to check her mobile and tells that she will get married here and asks if she is hearing the shehnai sound. Guneet smiles happily. Amber asks her to get well soon and come home. Guneet asks whose house? Amber says our home. She coughs. Amber asks Nia to call Pandey. Guneet says it was just cough. Amber asks Guneet if she forgave him. She says yes. Amber gets happy and asks everyone to go. Nia asks Guneet to have fun. Amber says now we can talk. Guneet asks about his intentions. He says neither bad nor good. He says I will call you, atleast I will get to see your face. Saathi song plays….

In the morning, Amber asks Guneet how is she now? He asks her to take steam. Guneet says no. He says he has been waiting to marry her. Guneet asks if he will surely marry her and will not elope. Amber asks her to punish her for that. Guneet gets thinking.

Precap: Amber’s old date comes to meet him and tells that he has invited him for her birthday party. Amber is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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