Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber gets upset seeing the lavish arrangements


Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber coming out of his room and sees his marriage arrangements going on in his house. He thinks what is that marriage registrar…? Nia makes all the arrangements and asks Shri to order namak para, shakkar para etc. She appreciates Swara for the decoration. Amber tries to talk to Nia and thinks why they are doing so many arrangements. He wanted a simple marriage. All her friends get involved in the arrangements. Guneet takes out a saree and recalls Pammi keeping bangles box for her. Pammi talks to her friend and tells that she has started marriage preparations and the marriage will be grand. Jhanvi comes there and hugs Guneet happily. She congrats her and says finally marriage is happening. She says I knew from day 1. Guneet says you have antenna. Jhanvi says aunty seems to be happy. Guneet says finally Maa is convinced and tells that may be she has forgotten who is the groom. Jhanvi asks her to sit and asks if she is happy. Guneet says she knows that she wants to settled down with him, but getting nervous, tells that she had many dreams when she was 24-25 years of age. She tells that she waited for 15 years for marriage, when she is getting married, dreams changed but…still there is nervousness. She tells that Amber and Nia love each other a lot and says she is afraid and thinks if she will make place in their house. Jhanvi says definitely, asks her to remove fear from her heart and enjoy her marriage. She sees the scrap book. Guneet tells her about it. Jhanvi takes it secretly in the box.

Amber asks Nia what is happening suddenly. He asks why they are getting so much arrangements and says he wants it simple. Nia asks him to wear the clothes. Kabir tells that they have informed everyone to stay away from him. Amber hugs him and asks if he would like to get insulted infront of his girlfriends. Kabir nods no. Amber tells that he don’t want this lavish arrangements. Swara says this is second time for uncle and that’s why….Everyone looks at her. Swara says I am so sorry, I didn’t mean that. Nia says chill, you didn’t say wrong. Amber takes Nia to side and asks her not to do the decorations. Nia asks him to think that this is first time for Guneet and says let it be for her. Amber says I will find out from Guneet. Kabir thanks Nia for the understanding. Nia says its ok. Guneet comes there and hugs Nia. She asks her to give her goldway’s things to her relatives as they like it. Amber calls her and asks where is she? Guneet asks him if he called to say I love you. Amber says he wants to talk to her. Guneet pats on his shoulder and asks him to talk. Nia tells that they don’t have experience. Guneet says even she doesn’t have any experience. Amber says I want to talk to you. Kajal finds the Guneet ki marriage book. Guneet asks how did it come here? She looks at Jhanvi. Everyone read the book. Guneet tells that she wanted her marriage to be like this. Amber tells that they will take in account both of their preference. Jhanvi tells that she will call DJ. Kabir tells that phoolon wali chaadar for bringing the bride to mandap. Nia asks about her favorite song. Guneet says London thumakda…Kabir says food will be of Amber’s choice. Guneet gets emotional and tells that marriage is happening with her choice. Amber gets up and asks where am I?

Nia says you will be everywhere, you will be dancing in sangeet and mehendi and will be singing kishore kumar’s song. She says you will be with the bride in the mandap. Guneet says we will keep phirni in the sweets and asks if he likes it. She finds Amber lost and says you wanted to say something. Amber says no. Nia comes and says bride’s wishes are more in marriage. She asks Kabir to make Amber ready, and asks Guneet to get ready too. Guneet asks are you ready? Amber says yes. Kabir asks Amber to come.

Amber gets ready in kurta for his engagement. Kabir says you are looking good. He says tell me your shirt size, I will get other kurta for you. Amber says I will wear this only and tells that everyone will joke on him as an old man is getting married to a young woman. Kabir asks why are you thinking all this and says you are looking good. He tries to take his pic. Amber says no photo. He comes out. Nia and others compliments him. Kajal says thooo…to take off the bad sight. Amber gets angry with Kabir. Kajal says she is taking off your bad sight. Nia gets emotional and applies kajal behind his ear and takes off evil sight from him. Nia and her friend take selfie. Amber sees a guy planning the decorations and asks who is he? The guy congratulates him. Amber asks who are you? The guy says he is Rocky, your daughter’s wedding planner. Amber asks him to sit and says I am the groom. Rocky says marriage in this age, great. Amber asks who called you here? Rocky says he got the call from them. He tells about the package. Amber asks him to tell who called him. Pammi comes and tells that she has called him.

Precap: Guneet and Amber exchange the rings. Guneet says why are you nervous? He says he don’t make everyone wear ring daily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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