Mere Angne Mein 8th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 8th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya protesting. Ashok calls Sarla. She asks where is he and asks him not to tell anything to Shanti. She apologizes and says she can do anything what he says. He asks her to come to railway station right away and he won’t tell anything to Shanit. Shivam sees his sports award and certificates. He says I lost everything, I could not complete studies and make a good career, I will not lose and will do something. Riya tells Sinha has ego and is framing Raghav. Sinha asks am I trapping Raghav, and shows Raghav and Sarla’s pic. Raghav says but this is..

Ashok says no need to say, I have an answer for this waste proof. He asks Sarla to come. He says she is my wife and Raghav’s sister. He asks Sarla to tell everyone does she give rent to Raghav or not. Sarla says

I don’t pay rent to Raghav, he runs my home, we are one family. Officer asks whats in this pic, its seen you are giving rent to Raghav. Sarla says this is my pic. Sinha says truth has come out. Sarla says its not true, this is Rakshabandhan pic, don’t you know, sister ties rakhi and brother gives shagun, he was giving me 500rs. Everyone protest in favour of Raghav.

Kaushalya and Shanti pray. The neighbour ladies come and ask Shanti to see the tv. Shanti asks them to go. The lady says Riya is on tv. Shanti asks what, Riya is coming on tv. She goes to switch on tv. Shanti sees Riya and asks Kaushalya to see. Kaushalya says how did Riya go. Shanti says maybe by window, both Nimmi and Riya run away. She asks Kaushalya not to sit and pray standing on one feet. Ashok and Riya protest against Sinha, and say they won’t let any train go. Officer stops Ashok and apologizes to Raghav. He says I decided Raghav is given his job back with respect. Everyone get glad. Officer says whatever Sinha decided till now is nullified, Ashok is given his canteen back. Shanti smiles. Raghav thanks officer and says this happened by your tries.

Officer announces enquiry on Sinha. Everyone lift Ashok and make him wear garland. Riya says our leader should be like Ashok. Raghav says Ashok came as angel for me. Ashok says this happened because of everyone, I could not do anything alone. Riya says this happened because of Ashok. Nimmi goes to inform Shanti. Riya says Shanti will happily dance knowing this. Nimmi calls Shanti and says Raghav got the job. Shanti says I know. Nimmi says Ashok got canteen back. Shanti says I know everything, you come home.

Shanti is glad and asks Kaushalya to stand well on two feet now, as Raghav got the job. She allows the neighbour ladies to watch SRK movie with her. She asks ladies on sit on the ground. Everyone make Raghav wear the garlands. Ashok thanks everyone and says I m sorry for the time you all wasted here, I want everyone to go back to their work, thanks. Sarla apologizes to Raghav. He says no need to apologize to me, you apologize to Ashok. Sarla says I apologized to Ashok, he has forgiven me, now you and Amma forgive me. Raghav says I will forgive you, but I can’t guarantee about Amma. Riya asks Ashok and Sarla to come home, Kaushalya and Shanti are waiting, its big day today and Shanti may forgive Sarla. Ashok asks Sarla to come. Sarla says fine, I will go and try. They all leave.

Kaushalya and Preeti make rangoli. The ladies say congrats Amma ji, Raghav got the job, Amma ji came back to help Sarla. Shanti asks them did they come to bless or curse. The lady asks Shanti to do all her duties till she is alive. Shanti scolds the ladies and sends them. Kaushalya waits for Raghav. Raghav and everyone come. Shanti stops Raghav and makes him wear garlands. Shivam comes from room and looks on. Shanti does aarti of Raghav and blesses him. She says all problems went, we will celebrate now. Raghav says its because of children.

Shanti says Riya and Nimmi should go by doors, not by window like thieves. Ashok says its my mistake, I told them to come without telling anyone. Shanti asks him not to spoil anyone, and calls him useless. Raghav says Ashok is not useless, he did big thing and got my job back. Ashok says no, it happened because of Riya and Nimmi. Riya says no, credit goes to Ashok, he got idea and called me there. Kaushalya thanks Ashok. Shanti says you did duty to be my son in law, Kaushalya do Ashok’s aarti, apply tika to him.

Kaushalya does aarti and tilak. Shanti asks Kaushalya to make Raghav’s fav food, and even Ashok can have food. Nandu gets sweets and congratulates Raghav. Shivam smiles seeing everyone. Nandu asks Preeti to distribute sweets. Riya asks Preeti to take box. Preeti gives sweets to everyone. Sarla says no one will look at me. Shanti stares. Kaushalya asks Shanti to forgive Sarla as happiness returned after long time. Ashok asks Shanti to forgive Sarla. Riya asks Nimmi what does she think. Nimmi says don’t know what will Dadi do, but I don’t want Shanti to forgive Sarla.

Shanti says if you all say so much, I will forgive Sarla. Sarla gets glad. Shanti asks Sarla not to come inside, make Nirmala leave from home till Dussehra, you have 9 days of Navratri to do so.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why do serials celebrate festivals after they ended in real. Navratri is nearly over and yet in this serial it’s just beginning.

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