Mere Angne Mein 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya asking Shanti to get Sarla inside the house. Shanti looks at everyone and ask them to get Sarla inside the house. They all get glad and run outside. Sarla shivers. Shivam asks her to come. Sarla cries and says I won’t come till Shanti comes and calls me, and Shivam why did you come, your wife is responsible for this. He requests her to come inside. Sarla refuses. Nimmi says please come, I want my old Bua with whom I can fight. Shivam tells Sarla that he will lift her and take her. Sarla scolds him.

Kaushalya asks Sarla to come, and make a start. Sarla says no, I won’t come. Shanti says wait, I will show you, and brings a stick to beat Sarla. Sarla hugs Shanti and cries. Shanti asks her to stop crying. Kaushalya gets aarti and welcomes Sarla at home. Sarla sits on the swing along Shanti and is very happy to be back in Shanti Sadan. Riya tells Rani that she is making tea. Rani helps her and asks her to be careful now, as Sarla is back with Shanti. Riya laughs off and takes her words light. Rani says your problems doubled. Riya says I m very happy that a mum got a daughter, my fight is not with anyone, its with morals. Rani says fine.

Sharmili and Mama drink the bhaang milk. She says I m very sad and feeling hungry. She eats samosas. She says I did so much to get property, I got Pari trapped by Vyom’s help to get Pari married to Sujeev, but this Pari is so clever that she trapped Sujeev and Vyom. She cries. He says you found your bahu right. She says I just have her pic, don’t know where did she hide. He says you will get her. Preeti and Shivam smile seeing Sarla. Sarla tells Shanti that she will get Preeti married soon. Shanti says yes, its necessary. Sarla asks Preeti not to go out, they lost their name. Nimmi and Preeti go to their room. Sharmili says I won’t let Sujeev’s child get born, I will give Vyom’s child to Sujeev and get his property. He says I did not understand your plan. She says you are innocent, we will give Sunehri to jail for cheating everyone, we will prove Sujeev is mad and put blame on Pari.

She says then we will rule, but our sorrows did not end till now, Sujeev should not get a child, so I have to control Pari and make her away from Sujeev.

Sujeev is sleeping. Pari comes out of the cupboard and sees Sujeev. She hides and thinks to sleep in cupboard itself, as Sujeev is mad. Shanti tells everything to Sarla, on how she tackled Riya till now. Sarla says I m waiting for chance. Shanti says I know to make chances. Riya hurts me like a needle. Sarla says don’t worry, I will be your strength now, Riya made you do my Visarjan, see how I make her Visarjan done in Sarla style. Shanti says Riya will not be in my house. Sarla says yes, daughters are parents’ backbone, else bahus ruin everything, we are back together and see Riya now. Shanti says my connection with Lord is good, I will make Riya leave. Sarla says I got peace here in this house and acts sweet.

Kaushalya makes pakodas and asks Sarla to have it. Sarla says its not tasty. Kaushalya says yes, right, I m glad that you both united, but if Preeti’s life got better, food would have been much tastier. Sarla says Shanti will manage, your problem is you left trusting Shanti. Kaushalya says I trust Shanti blindly. Shanti says don’t lie, these days Kaushalya asks questions and thinks a lot.

Sarla says I did a big mistake. I did not take Riya’s permission. She asks Riya can she eat this pakodas. Riya asks her to eat, why is she asking. Sarla cries and says don’t make me away from my Amma. Kaushalya says I will get tiffin for you. Sarla says but this house is of Riya now. Kaushalya says forget everything now. Sarla says fine, if you say. Nimmi comes and says Riya scared Bua. Riya says no Nimmi, what fear in relations. Sarla asks Riya to leave her job, and give pravachan, she will get good earnings. Rani tells them about Ashok working at food stall, and food comes home from it. Sarla says everyone is not lucky like Kaushalya, Ashok has to do something to run home. Sarla sends Rani with tiffin.

Kaushalya asks Riya to sleep for some time, as she has to go office. Sarla says you worry for your bahu a lot. Kaushalya says I will call Raghav and give this news. Shanti says I will give him surprise.

Amit gets Sarla’s call. He asks why is she calling now, did Shanti die. Sarla says great, I was not at home and you did not try to know where I m. He says Rani called me and told me that you are dying, I did not take tension, I knew nothing will happen to you. She tells him everything. He gets glad. She says I got entry in Shanti Sadan. He says I will make that Sarla Sadan, we have to kick out Riya first. She asks him to freshen up and ends call.

Sarla talks to Shanti. Shanti says I missed you a lot. Shivam comes and tells about his boss. Sarla says its private job, and this happens. Kaushalya says I m going to call bhajan mandali people. Shanti says yes, call them, I want to show we are with Sarla. Kaushalya asks him to take railway job. Shivam says I don’t need and leaves. Sarla says I will also leave now. Shanti asks her to come tomorrow.

Shanti asks Nandu where is he going. He says I m going to office, and leaves. Shanti thinks he should leave her house soon. Nirmala brings food tiffins to Sarla’s house. Rani talks to Nirmala. She asks Amit to have food. Amit says I don’t want to eat now. Rani insists. Amit asks Nirmala when does she open the stall. She says 5am. He says what, 5am… Rani gives him tiffin and he leaves.

Nirmala says Rani loves Amit a lot. Rani says yes, I want him to love me. Nirmala says true love never fails. Rani says I know that. She compliments her saree and asks from where did she buy it. Nirmala says don’t know, Ashok gifted me. Ashok comes there. Rani tells Ashok that saree is nice. Nirmala says I will leave now, and takes empty food tiffins. She leaves.

Ashok asks Rani to promise one thing, you got saree bill which I bought for Nirmala, her state was bad, don’t tell this to Sarla. Rani says fine, I will not tell Sarla. Sarla comes home and sees Nirmala leaving. She argues with her. Prabha is glad and says I would want to make Nirmala my Rani’s saas. Sarla scolds Prabha and says I control Ashok. She asks Nirmala not to bring breakfast at home, and sends her. She scolds Prabha too.

The ladies gossip about Preeti and Kaushalya. Kaushalya comes in bhajan mandali and asks the ladies to come to her house. The ladies refuse and tell about Preeti. Kaushalya defends Preeti and asks them to leave all this. She says Sarla has come back home, Shanti and Sarla united again, its good news, so she wants to organize bhajan, come in evening. The lady asks is this good news, they will trouble you. Kaushalya says no, Sarla is still a kid, she was lying on arthi all night, I m glad Sarla and Shanti are together. The lady says we can’t come, your family has lost name, my husband told me not to meet you. Kaushalya says yes, its true, everyone see other’s clothes’ stain first, my daughter Preeti did love, not any wrong thing. She asks them not to come at her house, and thanks them. She says I will sing bhajan alone. The lady says we will come and ask Kaushalya to make snacks. Kaushalya smiles and says I will cook everything.

Riya asks Bunty to finish work, then they will go out. She says I will give you treat, its all fine at home. Bunty asks is this her lottery. Riya says yes and smiles. Shanti talks to Sarla on phone and says you are my lottery, I want Riya to leave from my house. Riya tells Bunty that family is happy, Shivam is happy too and we will get time for romance. Bunty says great. Sarla plans to trouble Riya. Riya says things will get better slowly, and then Shivam and I will go on honeymoon. Shanti says I will send Riya to her dad’s house.

Shanti talks to Amit on phone, and asks him not to do anything wrong with Riya. Amit has some medicine with him. He waits for Riya anxiously and has some plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Riya don’t trust rani she is very cunning she is provoking u and time comes she spoils ur name to protect her like last time use ur brain and slap kausalya

  2. This now is the end of MAM for me. Did not care to read the above update even. The moment Sarala sat on the swing and after Riya saying something like “I am against wrong principles and not people” I changed channels. The disgust of everyone’s stupidity is so much that I have decided never to watch MAM ever.

  3. ya u r right

  4. Ohh..Nimmi is so much interested in just Riya is nt enough for her…also …Riya knows well about these plz Riya..mahaan banne ka koshish chodo…concentrate in your own life..else you will suffer

  5. Sooooooo boring serial I have ever seen in my life is mam

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