Mere Angne Mein 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with lawyer lying that Raghav believes that his family killed Riya, I have proof for this. Raghav gets puzzled. Lawyer gives some papers and says Sarla was not in city when this happened, her family went on tirat yatra, Raghav signed on this paper. Raghav’s lawyer objects and says Raghav signed to prove that Sarla and her family is not related to this. Lawyer says but this paper proves Raghav believes this incident happened and entire Srivastav family is involved in murder. Shanti says I told you not to sign on paper, you got us trapped, you are making us go jail. Raghav says this was not written on it.

Shanti asks judge to leave the papers, Riya is alive, she is sitting here. Judge asks her to talk when they ask, else she will be sent to jail to stop court proceedings. Rani angrily packs her bags. She scolds Amit. He asks her to stop threatening to make him confess anything. She says I don’t want you to accept anything, atleast give rights to Naina and Babloo, I m going so that they get a family, I can’t take sin to ruin someone’s home, let me go. He asks her to think well with a calm mind. He stops her and says I agree Babloo is my child, its my mistake, stop drama now. Pari says mads peoples in the houses. Amit asks Rani to listen.

Amit says its Naina’s mistake also, she got to know I have no money and ran away to marry a rich guy, she came back to take my name for Babloo. Rani asks won’t you give name to Babloo. He says I m not so bad, I will give my name. He asks Babloo to take his name. Babloo asks are you doing favor, I don’t want your name, my mummy name is enough for me, we don’t need Amit. Amit gets shocked.

Lawyer says Srivastav family killed their bahu. Raghav’s lawyer says Riya is Shivam’s wife, she is present in court, I would like to call her in witness box. Riya goes. Lawyer asks are you Riya Srivastav. Riya says yes, I m Riya Srivastav, I m Shivam’s wife, everyone know this, Shivam and I worked in same office and we got married, when I m married, why are you blaming my inlaws for my murder, how is this case made. Shanti says judge its all clear now, what proof you want, Riya is alive. Judge asks her to sit silently, else you will get punished. Raghav asks Shanti to sit quiet, don’t talk much.

Defense lawyer questions Riya and asks her proof that she is Riya Srivastav. Shanti interrupts and says she is Riya Srivastav, what proof do you want, we have many people to confirm this. Judge says be silent, I said order. Raghav asks Shanti to sit quiet.

Babloo says I will stay with Lallan. Naina says no, you always asked where is your Papa, so I gave sent you here, else I did not wish to make Amit your father, I will raise you alone, come. Amit stops Rani. He asks Babloo to take name. Babloo refuses. Lallan says shame on your life Amit, your son rejected you. Naina, Lallan and Babloo leave. Amit asks Rani to listen, if she goes once, she can never come back. Rani says I came by my wish and will go by my wish, I thought you love me, but my illusion broke, you don’t deserve anyone’s love. Rani leaves/

Judge gives last warning to Shanti. Raghav asks Shanti to be quiet. Shanti asks Raghav to leave her and scolds him. She takes judge’s class for not believing Riya and doing injustice, our crime was not proved and police arrested and beaten us, police did not find Riya, when we got her, judge is asking if Riya is real one, now Riya is asking for my swing. Judge asks what swing. Raghav asks Shanti to be quiet. Shanti says see what’s happening with me, Riya is alive and case is on us, this is problem of my house, if we get saved from jail, I have to give swing, I will decide, Riya is alive, no case as she is alive, we all got free. Lawyer says then I m Amitabh and you are Rekha. She says no, everyone calls me Hema Malini and my husband Dharmendra. People laugh. Judge asks Shanti to stand at corner. Shanti argues a lot. Raghav asks Shanti to be quiet. Sarla smiles and thinks this is not Shanti Sadan that Shanti is taking decision.

Pari says everyone is gone, good days have come. Amit says no, my wife left me and now people will defame me, days would be good if I made Rani leave house. Pari says fine, I will get Rani, then you kick out Rani with legs, then people will praise you. He says stop it, go and defame Rani before she defames me. She asks how. Amit says tell people that Rani used to beat Sarla. Pari asks him to lie what people can believe. Amit says tell them that Rani got mad and used to beat me, you are expert, say anything. Pari says yes, I will say she has stolen things from home.

Rani cries and sits outside the house. She calls someone. Shanti says this is big plan against me. Defense lawyer asks Riya what proof she has, any voter id card or anything. Riya says I don’t have it now, I will get that from home. Sarla says Riya did not get any proof knowing this case. Lawyer says this girl is fake, she has no proof that she is Riya Srivastav, this family is wasting courts time, arrest them soon. Shivam says my family is innocent, I have proof, I can get it. His lawyer asks Shivam to wait. He asks judge to give them a chance, law can’t punish innocent. Judge says fine, next hearing is after 15 days, prove she is Riya, you are bailed at 10000rs price, till its proved that she is Riya, Riya is dead for the court, if this is not proved in 15 days, then Srivastav family will be taken in custody. They all get shocked.

Sarla says if Riya takes revenge and does not get papers, what will we do, you all will go jail. They worry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t understand why writers are giving importance to sarla and making everyone believe what she says. SS members are educated, at least nimmi, Shivam and raghav. Why aren’t they shown to be using their own mind and thinking whose behind all this.

    As for rani, I hope she doesn’t come back and no one believes pari’s lies about rani. Sarla’s shown to be interfering in SS but can’t be shown to take care of her own house. Where’s Ashok?

  2. ok, so the court has said that Riya is dead, and that they need proof that she is Riya, Do indian courts not require a death certificate to say someone is dead?! Not once have I heard that they have proved that she is dead!

    1. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

      and also. wouldn’t the court need the srivastav family to identify themselves with ID.

  3. Lol?this serial is a joke. How does Riya proves she is alive n kicking. Shanti acting like a hooligan in court. If she cant respect a judge…then she will respect no one. The show ridicules lawn in India. Will justice ever prevail.? MAM shud be cancelled bring back DABH…where law was respected.

  4. Maybe sarla’s paid the judge too. Lol. Agree @Chhaya and angeleyes

  5. Where is Sarla’s other daughter – Sonal? Does anyone has any clue??

  6. Sarla has so much bitter thoughts about her family all she want destroy shant shadan; doesn’t she has any shame what level she can go go down I can’t believe she still think bad for her mother and saved herself by signature by r agav such selfish character she is as of now I don’t like her character so selfish lady

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