Mere Angne Mein 29th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 29th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya asking Shanti to do anything. Riya asks Nimmi to prepare for Raj tilak, I will first sit on swing and then go to court, else fine, I have movie tickets, anyone can come with me, I have extra ticket. Shanti says you are using my helplessness, I will apply thumb impression, sign on this, I don’t trust you. Riya sends Nimmi. Shanti asks Shivam to promise he will take revenge of her insult.

Shanti applies thumb impression on papers. Riya signs on affidavit. They exchange papers. Riya sits on the swing. Shivam holds Shanti. Shanti asks Riya to swing as much as she wants, but she promises to not let her be in peace. Riya asks will you not do my Raj tilak. Shanti refuses. Kaushalya says I will do it, else our fate will change, sorry. Kaushalya does Riya’s Raj tilak. They all look on shocked.

Sarla’s lawyer comes to fight case. Shanti asks who is this lawyer. Sarla says I did not call you, we have imp work, go. Lawyer says I took new shoes thinking I got case. Rani tells Prabha that Sarla went to court, I did not see such woman before. A lady comes and says your family is very clever.

Rani asks who are you. Babloo says she is my mummy. Rani gets shocked. The lady says I m Naina. Pari comes and asks what are you doing here. Naina says its good you identified me. They argue. Amit comes and asks what are you doing here Naina, you got married somewhere. Naina says you cheated me and run away. Amit says you got a rich guy and run away. She says no, you did not marry me and had to marry someone else, then I got to know I m pregnant with our child. Rani gets shocked and cries.

Naina says I did not had option to go anywhere, Sarla had beaten me and made me leave, and Pari had beaten me too. Pari says don’t blame me, Sarla would have done this, what’s proof that this baby is of Amit. Naina says I have proof, Babloo is my and Amit’s son.

Naina shows the reports which proof Babloo is his child. Rani gets shocked. Shanti and everyone are on the way to court. Riya slips and Shivam holds her. Shanti asks Riya to come fast. Riya gets behind. Goons kidnap her. Shanti and everyone get shocked. Shanti asks Shivam to see they have taken Riya. Riya bites the man’s hand. They throw Riya on the road and leave. The man says we had order to throw her on road. Shanti tells Raghav that someone kidnapped Riya. Raghav asks who were they, you all reach court, I will see her.

Shivam comes to Riya and asks her to get up. Shivam gets a call and tells Shanti that the goons have thrown Riya, we are coming court, don’t worry. Amit tears reports and says its fake report. He asks Naina who will she proof Babloo is her son. Naina says I have many copies of reports. Lallan asks Rani to say now, after she played with his emotions. Rani slaps Amit and scolds him for doing wrong with so many people. Naina smiles.

Shivam gets Riya to court. Sarla says Riya has done this, Riya’s goons have done this. Shivam says Raghav will just come. Rani apologizes to Babloo and Naina. She asks Naina to stay here as Amit’s wife, I m leaving this house. She gets disappointed and cries.

Raghav reaches court. The case hearing starts. Lawyer tells judge that Srivastav family are not accepting they killed Riya, but Raghav feels his family has done this murder. Shanti and everyone get shocked.

Judge says if its not proved in 15 days that this is Riya Srivastav, then Srivastav family will be arrested. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What? I thought lawyer was fighting their case to clear of blame? Why is he saying this? What’s there to prove now? I also think this naina is lying about babloo. What will sarla do now?

  2. y riya is Behaving like dis

  3. @charry to find out whose doing wrong with the family.

  4. What will shanti do now, how will they prove Riya is alive and why judge not accepting that riya is alive? Is babloo really amits son or is it a plan by lallan?

  5. That babloo is lalan son………
    Also raghav and shivam are somehow involved in the plotting of the matter …… 😛
    May b someone knows about riyas pregnancy also may b rani too is pregnant……
    Sarla well she deserves this bluff………… 🙂

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